William Wallace

William Wallace
Big Willie but not a very nice man

Braveheart, the movie, fully deserves its place in the annals of Scottish myth.

Sorry, but in truth William Wallace was a complete and utter bastard of the first degree.

Sure, he rallied the people to arms and gave old Eddie Longshanks and his boys a whipping or two, but history shows that, far from the Super-Mel Freedom Fighter portrayed on screen, he was a tyrant who lived and ruled, perhaps by necessity, by the law of terror.

Beatings, executions and harsh reprisals, often exterminating entire villages, were common weapons in Wallace's War to win the hearts and minds of his fellow Scots.

In a modern scenario he would most certainly be labelled by the UN as a terrorist and would probably get bombed to buggery. Stuffed the English though, and that's good enough for us.

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