Speculative Society of Edinburgh

The media across the UK had a wee outbreak recently about the influence of secret societies on Scotland's justice system.

Particularly about The Speculative Society of Edinburgh.

Robert Louis Stevenson
smoking a joint

The society, which has included Robert Louis Stevenson and Sir Walter Scott as past members, was criticised as being a secretive body which embraced Scotland's judicial elite and which may be stitching up deals behind closed doors, to the detriment of the common man.

In fact, according to ScoLAG (Scottish Legal Action Group)

"the Speculative Society meetings are, in the main, reactionary gatherings of over-privileged, idiot, boy students who enjoy pompous role playing. In this guise it is no more a threat to democracy and justice than other self-indulgent antics found among a minority of yahoo students at many universities."

"As to corruption of the justice system it seems that Masonic influence within the police is likely to be more of a threat. On judicial conduct and attitudes the continuing class bias in favour of the middle and upper classes and the influence of adherence to outdated religious doctrine in an increasingly secular society must surely be of greater concern."

A viewpoint we heartily endorse.

As to being a secret society. Well, if it was, it ain't any more. Here is the complete membership list:

Membership list of The Speculative Society of Edinburgh.

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