Scotch Myths

Scotland is a country rich in myths, monsters, mysteries, legends and folklore.

Here are just a few of FirstFoot's favourite tales of the fantastic.

So, for all the inside leg measurements of The Speculative Society of Edinburgh, King Arthur (he of the Camelot ... no, not the lottery people), Boleskine House and the very spooky Aleister Crowley, Bonnie Prince Charlie (otherwise known as a stuck up drunken Italian ponce), The Linton Worm, Selkies, Banshees, Thomas the Rhymer, Sir William Wallace (aka Braveheart Gibson), Nessie, The Big Grey Man of Ben MacDhui, Morag, Archie's Rock, the Gates of Traquair, Redcaps, Brownies and the Fairy Flag .... read on.

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