Boleskin House

Aleister Crowley - Not the kind of chap
you would want to visit on Halloween,
or any other time come to that

Boleskin House, overlooking Loch Ness, was the home for many years of the most notorious individual associated with modern witchcraft, Aleister Crowley.

Although Crowley, who grandly claimed to be the Devil's representative on earth, died in 1947, the house continues to be the subject of some supernatural debate, with visitors there often complaining of feeling a strange and sinister atmosphere, filling them with fear.

Subsequent owners of the property, including Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page have described "an all-pervading aura of evil" around the house. One owner committed suicide for no apparent reason and, during his occupancy, Page's daughter died tragically.

Throughout Crowley's time at Boleskin, several strange occurrences were reported in the neighbourhood, and tales and rumours abounded surrounding Crowley's attempts to conjure up demons. One of these efforts ended up with the death of one of his followers, and Crowley being temporarily confined to a mental hospital.

Strictly speaking, Crowley was neither a witch nor a satanist, but rather an "explorer" of the occult. He dabbled in the rituals of many pagan religions, apparently in an attempt to discover some ultimate mystical revelation.

He and his followers did, however, adhere to certain practices of traditional witchcraft, and particularly those of a sexual nature. Cynics claim that Crowley's obsession with the supernatural was merely a convenient way of satisfying both his sexual appetite and a deep-rooted desire for notoriety.

Whatever the truth, Boleskin House is definitely not a place FirstFoot would spend the night in.

Nae chance.

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