Proverbs - Y

Term Definition
y Ye canna preach oot o yer ain pulpit.
y Ye hae fasted lang, an worried on a midgie.
y Ye hae guid mainers, but ye dinna bear them aboot wi ye.
y Ye'll hang a' but the heid yet.
y Ye'll dae onything but wirk an rin errands.
y Ye'll get yer heid in yer hands an yer lugs to play wi.
y Ye'll get as muckle for Ane wish this year as for twa fernyear.
y Ye'll tak mair in yer mooth than yer cheeks will haud.
y Ye micht be godly, but ye'll never be cleanly.
y Ye can be heard whaur ye're no seen.
y Ye're a guid seeker but a ill finder.
y Ye're as daft as ye're days auld.
y Ye can end him, but ye'll never mend him.
y Ye're a man amang geese when the gander's awa.
y Ye're feared for the day ye never saw.
y Ye're aye in a hurry, an aye ahint.
y Ye're a day efter the fair.
y Ye're like the lambs-ye dae neathing but sook an wag yer tail.
y Ye're nae chicken for aa ye're cheepin.
y Ye seek grace wi a graceless face.
y Yer mind's aye chasin mice.
y Ye wad marry a midden for the muck.
y Yer breid's baked, ye can hing up yer girdle.
y Yer fortune's comin wi the blind carrier.
y Ye need a lang spoon tae sup wi a Fifer
y Ye'll sleep yer brains inta train oil.

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