Proverbs - W

Term Definition
w Walk as yer shuin will let ye.
w Want o cunnin's nae shame.
w War's sweet tae them that never tried it.
w War maks thieves an peace hangs them.
w Wealth, like want, ruins mony.
w Wealth maks wit waver.
w Welcome's the best dish in the kitchen.
w Were it no for hope the hert wad brek.
w We are boond to be honest, an no to be rich.
w We can live athoot oor kin, but no athoot oot freens.
w What we first learn we best ken.
w What's yours is mine, what's mines is my ain.
w When poverty comes in at the door love flies oot at the windea.
w We are a' life-like an daith-like.
w Weddin an ill winterin tames baith man an beast.
w When drink's in wit's oot.
w When the craw flees her tail follows.
w Wide will wear, but tight will tear.
w When ye christen the bairn ye should ken what to caa't.
w Wide lugs an a short tongue is best.
w When the hert's past hope the face is past shame.
w Weemin an wine, dice an deceit, maks wealth smaa an want great.

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