Proverbs - T

Term Definition
t Tak the readiest to serve the needfuest.
t Tak pairt o the pelf when the pack's dealin.
t That's a tale o twa drinks.
t Tak nae mair on yer back than ye're able to bear.
t The best laid schemes o mice an men gangs aft agley.
t The banes o a great estate is worth the pickin.
t The better day the better deed.
t Tak wit wi yer anger.
t That's for that, as butter's for fish.
t The biggest horse is no aye the best traiveller.
t The biggest rogue cries loodest oot.
t That's for the faither, an no for the son.
t The deil never sent a wind oot o hell but he sailed wi't.
t That's ill peyed maut siller.
t The cat kens whase lips she licks.
t The cause is guid, an the word's faa tea.
t The daith o ane bairn winna skail a hoose.
t The cure micht be waur than the disease.
t The deil's a busy bishop in his ain diocese.
t The day heas een, the nicht heas lugs.
t The deil's aye guid to his ain.
t The first dish is aye best etten.
t The clartier the cosier.
t The cou that's first up gets the first o the dew.
t The laird's brither's a ill tenant.
t The hauchty hawk winna stoop to carrion.
t The greedy man an the cook is shuir freends.
t The greatest clerk's no aye the wisest man.
t The king lies doun, yet the warld rins round.
t The laird can be laird, an still need the hind's help.
t The langest day heas a end.
t The less wit a man has, the less he kens the want o't.
t The puir man's shillin is but a penny.
t There are mair foxes than there are holes for.
t The post o honour is the post o danger.
t There never wis a bad that couldnae be wurse.
t There are mair knaves in my kin than honest men in yours.
t There's aye ill-will amang cadgers.
t There's aye sorrow at somebody's door.
t There's nae freend like the penny.
t There's nae remedy for fear but cut aff the heid.
t There's aye life in a livin man.
t There's naee birds this year in last year's nest.
t The snail is as suin at its rest as the swallow.
t The slothfu man maks a slim fortune.
t There wis never eneuch when neathing wis left.
t There's twa things in my mind, an that's the least o them.
t The wolf micht loss his teeth, but never his nature.
t They're a' guid that's far awa.
t They speak o my drinkin, but never think o my drouth.
t Thochts is free, an if I daurna say I can think.
t Traitors' words never yet hurt honest cause.
t Twa heids is better than ane, tho they're but sheep's anes.
t Twa blacks winna mak ane white.
t That canna gie will little get.
t There's nae poackits in a shroud

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