Proverbs - S

Term Definition
s Seek till ye find, an ye'll never loss yer labour.
s Sairs shouldna be sair handled.
s Scotsmen aye taks their mark frae a mischief.
s Seein's believin a' the warld ower.
s Seek muckle, an get something seek little, an get naithing.
s Shame faa them that think shame to dae theirsels a guid turn.
s She's better than she's bonny.
s Self-praise comes aye stinkin ben.
s See for love an buy for silver.
s She hauds up her heid like a hen drinkin watter.
s Set a thief to grip a thief.
s Silence an thocht hurt nae man.
s Short rents mak careless tenants.
s Shaw me the man an I'll shaw ye the law.
s Sayin gangs cheap.
s Shame's past the shed o yer hair.
s Slander leaves a sair ahint.
s Sins an debts is aye mair than we think them.
s Smaa fish is better than nane.
s She leukit at the muin, but lichtit in the midden.
s She'll keep her ain side o the hoose, an gang up an doun yours.
s She leuks like butter wadna melt in her mou.
s Short accoonts mak lang freends.
s Send yer gentle bluid to the mercat, an see what it will buy.
s Some fowk luik up, an ithers luik doun.
s Some heas little sense, but you're aye hearin.
s She's no to be made a sang aboot.
s Skill is nae burden.
s Sodgers, fire, an watter suin mak room for theirsels.
s Sober, neebor! The nicht's but young yet.
s Speak when ye're spoken to, an drink when ye're drucken to.
s Sorrow an ill weather come uncaad.
s Suin ripe, suin rotten.
s Slichted love is sair to bide.
s Stey nae langer in a freend's hoose than ye're welcome.
s Sorrow is suin eneuch when it comes.
s Sudden freendship's shuir repentance.
s Sunday wooin draws to ruin.
s Surfeits slays mair than swords.
s Speak guid o pipers, yer faither wis a fiddler.
s Sweet at the on-takkin, but soor in the aff-pittin.
s Spare when ye're young, an spend when ye're auld.
s Suppers kills mair than doctors cure.
s She spend's money like a woman with nay hands!!!

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