Proverbs - P

Term Definition
p Plaister thick an some will stick.
p Penny wise an pound foolish.
p Play's guid while it's play.
p Open confession is guid for the sowel.
p Ower soon is easy mended
p Patch an lang sit, build an suin flit.
p Pigs micht whistle, but they hae a ill mooth for't
p Pey-aforehand's never weel ser'd.
p Pint stoups heas lang lugs.
p Puir fowk's freends suin misken them.
p Pride's a ill horse to ride.
p Pride that dines wi vanity sups wi contempt.
p Poets an painters is aye puir.
p Puirtith taks awa pith.
p Possession's worth a ill charter.
p Puirtith's pain, but nae disgrace.
p Puirtith's better than pride, but less painfu.
p Pride never leaves its maister till he get a faa.
p Pride finds nae cauld.

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