Proverbs - O

Term Definition
o Of ane ill come mony.
o Of a' fish in the sea, herrin is king.
o Of a' sorrow, a fou sorrow's the best.
o Own debt an crave days.
o Of a' meat in the world the drink gaes best doun.
o Of a' the months o the year curse a fair Februar.
o Of little meddlin comes muckle care.
o On the sea sail, on the land settle.
o Oor sins an debts is aften mair than we think.
o Oot o debt, oot o danger.
o Oor ain reek's better than ither fowk's fire.
o O guid advisement comes nae ill.
o Ower mony grieves hinder the wark ower a fool's airm.
o O twa ills choose the least.

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