Proverbs - N

Term Definition
n Nae carrion will kill a craw.
n Nae plea is the best plea.
n Nae fools like auld anes.
n Nae great loss but there's some smaa 'vantage.
n Nae freend like the penny
n Nae man can baith sup an blaw at ance.
n Nae butter will stick to my breid.
n Neathing comes fairer to licht than what heas been lang hidden.
n Nane but fools an knaves lays wager
n Nature passes nurture.
n Nearer the bane, sweeter the fleesh.
n Nane kens whaur a blister will licht.
n Naithing comes oot o a close hand.
n Naithing is got athoot pains but a ill name an lang nails.
n Naithing is ill sayed if it's no ill taken.
n Naithing to dae but draw in yer stool an sit doun.
n Nane can play the fool sae weel as a wise man.
n Near the kirk, but far fae grace.
n Never dae ill that guid micht come o't.
n Need maks greed.
n Nae wonder ye're auld like, ilka thing fashes ye.
n Narrow gethered, widely spent.
n Nearer e'en the mair beggars.
n Need maks the naked quean spin.
n Never coont the lawin wi a tuim quaraw it easy back
n Never pit a sword in a widman's hand.
n Never mairy a Widdae, unless her first man wis hanged.
n Naething like bein stark deid.
n Necessity's the mither o invention.
n Need on, but lauch in yer sleeve.
n Never speak ill o the deil.
n Never spend guid silver leukin for bad.
n Never strive against the stream.
n Never speak ill o them whase breid ye eat.
n Need maks a man o craft.
n Necessity has it's ane law.
n Never ower auld to learn.
n Never say gea, but gang.
n Never's a lang word.
n Naither fish, fleesh, fowl, nor guid red herrin.
n Nou-a-days truith's news.
n Never tak a forehammer to brek a egg.
n Never shaw me the meat, but the man.

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