Proverbs - M

Term Definition
m Mair than eneuch is ower muckle.
m Mair nice than wise .
m Marriage wad tame the sea, if a match could be got for her.
m Mairch comes like a lion an gangs like a lamb.
m Mak Ane pair o legs worth twa pair o hands
m Mist in Mey an heat in June mak the hervest richt suin.
m Marry yer son when ye will, but yer dochter when ye can.
m Malice is aye mindfu.
m Man proposes, God disposes.
m Money's like the muck midden, it deas nae guid till it be spreed.
m Meat feeds, claith cleeds, but breedin maks the man.
m Mills an wifes is aye wantin.
m Mebbie's a big wurd.
m Mony a dug heas dee'd sin ye war whelped.
m Money maks an money mars.
m Mony ane kisses the bairn for love o the nurse.
m Mony a guid tale is spyled in the tellin.
m Muckledom is nae virtue.
m Muckle gifts maks beggars bauld.
m Mony weys to kill a dug tho ye dinna hang him.
m Mony words, muckle drouth.
m Muckle is nae measure.
m Muckle corn, muckle care.
m Muck an money gae thegither.
m Mony littles maks a muckle.
m Nae fleein frae fate.
m Muckle wi thrift can aye be mair.
m Muckle wad aye hae mair.
m My tongue's no ablo yer belt.
m Muckle heid, little wit.

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