Proverbs - L

Term Definition
l Lang tarryin taks aa the thanks awa.
l Learn young, learn fair learn auld, learn mair.
l Lay a thing by an it'll come o use.
l Lend yer money an loss yer freend.
l Let a horse drink what he will, but no when he will.
l Law's a deidly distemper amang freends.
l Laziness is muckle worth, when it's weel guided.
l Leave a jest when it pleases ye best.
l Leave aff while the play's guid.
l Leave welcome aye ahint ye.
l Law licks up aa.
l Let him that's cauld blaw the ingle.
l Let never sorrow come sae near yer hert.
l Little fowk is suin angry.
l Listen at a hole, an ye'll hear news o yersel.
l Little dugs haes lang tails.
l Love me little an love me lang.
l Little to fear when traitors is true.
l Little wit in the heid maks muckle traivel to the feet.
l Like the wife's tongue, aften better meant than timed.
l Little an aften fills the purse.
l Lock yer door, that ye mey keep yer neebors honest.
l Live in measure, an lauch at the mediciners.
l Little kent, the less cared for.

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