Proverbs - K

Term Definition
k Ken when to spend an when to spare, an ye needna be busy
k Keep yer tongue a prisoner, an yer body will gang free.
k Keep yer tongue within yer teeth.
k Kent fowk's nae company.
k Keep a thing sieven year, an ye'll finnd a uise for't.
k Keep guid company, an ye'll be coont
k Keep yer mooth shut an yer een open.
k Kindness comes o will, it canna be coft.
k Ken yersel, an yer neebor winna misken ye.
k Keep yer ain cairt-grease for yer ain cairt-wheels.
k Kiss my fit, there's mair fleesh on't. >
k Kings an bears aft worries their keepers.
k Keep yer braith tae cool yer parritch.

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