Proverbs - I

Term Definition
I If mairages is made in hieven, you twa has few freends there.
I If I had a dug as daft, I wad shoot him.
I If ye had stuck a knife in my hert it widnae hae bled.
I If strokes be guid to gie they'll be guid to tak.
I If ye dinna see the bottom, dinna wade.
I If ye gang a year wi a cripple, ye'll limp at the end o't.
I Ill bairns is aye best heard at hame.
I Ill comes upon wars back.
I Never keep a cou when ye can get milk cheap
I Ill payers is aye guid cravers.
I It's dry tale that disna end in a drink.
I I think mair o yer kindness than it's aa worth.
I In a thoozand pund o law there's no a unce o l.
I It's a ill turn that patience winna owercome.
I It's bi the mooth o the cou that the milk comes.
I It's drink will ye, but no drink shall ye.
I It''s a shame to eat the cou an worry on the tail.
I It's a ill kitchen that keeps the breid awa.
I It's a ill cause that the lawyer thinks shame o.
I It' s folly to live puir to die rich.
I It's ill ale that's soor when it's new.
I It' s guid to begin weel, but better to end weel.
I It's ill takkin corn frae geese.
I It's no lost what a freend gets.
I It's no safe wadin in unco watters.
I It's no the coul that maks the friar.
I It's no the burden, but the owerburden, that kills the beast.
I It's past jokin when the heid's aff.
I It's weel that oor fauts is no written in oor face.
I It's ower weel hoardit that canna be fund.
I It's time eneuch to skriech when ye're strucken.
I I will add a stane to his cairn.

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