Proverbs - H

Term Definition
h Half acres bears aye guid corn.
h Happiness an moderate means in this warld are eneuch.
h Half a tale is eneuch for a wise man.
h Happy's the maid that's mairied to a mitherless son.
h Haste an anger hinders guid coonsel.
h Hang a thief when he's young, an he'll no steal when he's auld.
h He begs frae them that borrowed frae him.
h He comes o guid, he canna be ill.
h He cares nae whase bairns greets if his ain laughs.
h He gangs far aboot seekin the nearest.
h He gangs lang barefit that waits on deid men's shuin.
h He has left the key in the cat-hole.
h He'll gang nae farther than his tether's length.
h He'll get the puir man's answer, Na.
h He'll no sell his hen on a rainy day.
h He kens muckle that kens when to speak, but far mair that kens when to haud his tongue.
h He left his silver in his ither pootch.
h He'll never rue but ance, an that'll be aa his life.
h He struts like a craw in the gutter.
h Him that canna gie favours should seek nane.
h Him that deals in dirt has aye foul fingers.
h Him that has a bonny wife needs mair than twa een.
h Him that cheats me ance, shame faa him. Him that cheats me twice shame faa me.
h Him that eats but ane dish seldom needs the doctor.
h Him that has a wife has a maister.
h Him that has gall in his mooth canna spit honey.
h Him that lives on hope has a slim diet.
h Him that keeks throu a keyhole micht see what will vex him.
h Him that lauchs alane will mak sport in company.
h Him that never thinks will never be wise .
h Him that says what he likes will hear what he disnae like.
h Him that's born to be hanged will never be drooned.
h Him that lends money to a freend has a dooble loss.
h Him that shaws his purse tempts the thief.
h Him that's first up's no aye first served.
h Him that peys last never peys twise .
h Him that speaks to hissel speaks to a fool.
h Horns an grey hair dinna aye come o years.
h His room's better than his company.

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