Proverbs - G

Term Definition
g Gentle servants is rich men's tinsel.
g Gie is a guid fellow, but he suin wearies.
g Gang farther an fare waur.
g Glesses an lasses is brittle ware.
g Gie a thing, tak a thing, an that's the ill man's ring.
g Gie yer tongue mair holidays than yer heid.
g Gie ye meat, drink, an cleas, an ye'll beg amang yer freends.
g Girn when ye knit, an lauch when ye loss.
g God help the rich, for the puir can beg.
g Gie a beggar a bed, an he'll pey ye wi a loose.
g Gie the deil his due, an ye'll gang to him.
g Gie yer hert to God, an yer alms to the puir.
g God never measures men bi inches.
g God send ye mair sense, an me mair silver.
g Glib in the tongue is aye glaikit at the hert.
g God shapes the back for the burden.
g Gratitude preserves auld freendships an begets new.
g Great pains an little gains suin maks a man weary.
g Great barkers isnae biters.
g Gress growes na green in the common road.
g Greedy fowk heas lang airms.
g Guid fowk is scarce, tak care o me.
g Greed is envy's auldest brither.
g Guid advice is never oot o season.
g God send ye readier meat than rinnin hares.</ </font>
g Guid watch hinders herm.
g Guid wares can come frae a ill mercat.
g Guid words cost neathing.
g Guid will should be tean in pairt peyment.
g Gut nae fish till ye get them.
g Guid health is better than wealth.
g God sends meat an the deil sends cooks.
g Guid wares maks a quick mercat.
g Guidwill never wants time to shaw itsel.

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