Proverbs - F

Term Definition
f Fiddlers, dugs, an fleesh-flees comes aye to feasts uncaad.
f Fanned fires an forced love ne'er dae weel.
f Far awa fowls has fair feathers.
f Fat hens is aye ill layers.
f Favours unuised is favours abuised.
f Feather bi feather the goose is plucked.
f Farthest frae the kirk aye suinest at it.
f Fair exchange is nae robbery.
f Fair words winna mak the pat bile.
f Fire is guid for the fireside.
f Fair maidens wear nae purses.
f Forgotten pain, when follows gain.
f Fire an watter is guid servants but ill maisters.
f Farther east the shorter west.
f Fancy wis a bonny dug, but Fortune teuk the tail frea't.
f Fast bind, fast find.
f Fools is aye fond o flittin, an wise men o sittin.
f Fools maks feasts an wise men eats them.
f Forbid a fool a thing, an that he'll dea.
f Fools' haste is nae speed.
f Feed a cauld, but hunger a colic.
f Folly is a bonny dug, but a bad ane.</ </font>
f Force wi'oot foresicht aften fails.
f Freendship canna stand aye on ane side.
f Fools is aye fortunate.
f Freedom's a fair thing.
f Fresh fish an unwelcome freends stinks afore they're three days.
f Fou o coortesy, fou o craft.

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