Proverbs - E

Term Definition
e Efter cheese, neathing.
e Easy learned suin forgotten.
e Every man can toot best on his ain horn.
e Eat in measure an defy the doctor.
e Eagles catches nae fleas.
e Enough's as guid as a feast.
e Every man's blind to his ain cause.
e Every man's tale's guid till anither's tauld.
e Every man thinks his ain craw blackest.
e Every man's no born wi a silver spuin in his mooth.
e Every man to his taste, as the man sayed when he kiss'd his cou.
e Eagles flees alane, but sheep herds thegither.
e East or west, hame is best.
e Eatin, drinkin, an cleanin needs but a beginnin.
e Every man can guide a ill wife weel but him that has her.
e Every flow has its ebb.
e Easy keepin the castle that's no besieged.
e Early maister, lang servant
e Every sou to her ain trough.
e Evil words cuts mair than swords.
e Every mibbie has a mibbie no.
e Every bird thinks its ain nest best.
e Every man deas his wirk efter his ain fashion.
e Every man for hissel, an God for us a'.
e Every shoe fits nae every fit.

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