Proverbs - D

Term Definition
d Dinna lift me afore I faa.
d Deid men are free men.
d Daith an drink-drainin is near neebors.
d Daith defies the doctor.
d Daith peys aa scores.
d Daith at ane door an heirship at the ither.
d Drink little, that ye micht drink lang.
d Dry bargains bodes ill.
d Dinna empy yer ain mooth to fill other fowk's.
d Dinna streetch yer airm farther than yer sleeve'll let ye.
d Diet cures mair than doctors.
d Dogs barks as they are bred.
d Dae the likeliest an hope the best.
d Dooble drinks is guid for drouth.
d Danger past, God forgotten.
d Dae on the hill as ye wad dae in the haa.
d Dae weel, an dout nae man. Dae ill, an dout aa men.
d Dae a man a guid turn, an he'll never forgie ye.
d Daylicht will peep throu a smaa hole.
d Dochters peys nea debts.
d Dae what ye ocht, an let come what will.
d Drunk at e'en an dry in the mornin.
d Dae weel an dreid nae shame.
d Death's guid pruif.
d Deid men dae nae herm.
d Ding doun the nest, an the rooks will flee awa.
d Dinna gut yer fish till ye get them.
d Drunk fowk seldom taks herm.

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