Proverbs - C

Term Definition
c Caa me what ye like, but dinna caa me ower.
c Cast a cat ower the hoose an she'll faa on her feet.
c Call again: ye're no a ghost.
c Careless fowk is aye cumbersome.
c Come wi the wind an gang wi the watter.
c Chairity begins at hame, but shouldna end there.
c Claw me an I'll claw thee.
c Coont again is no forbidden.
c Cripples is aye better planners than wirkers.
c Clippet sheep will growe again.
c Choose yer wife on Setterday, no on Sunday.
c Courtesy is cumbersome to him that kens it na.
c Confessed fault is half amends.
c Cats eats what hussies spare.
c Corbies an clergy is kittle shot.
c Corbies dinnae pike oot corbies' een.

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