Proverbs - B

Term Definition
b Baked breid an broun ale winnae bide lang.
b Barefit fowk shouldnae tread on thorns.
b Because is a wumman's reason.
b Bees that has honey in their mooths has stings in their tails.
b Be a freend to yersel, an ithers will.
b Better alane than in ill company.
b Better a small fish than a empty dish.
b Better be the lucky man than the lucky man's son.
b Bairns speaks in the field what they hear in the hay.
b Better be envied than peetied.
b Better smaa fish than nane.
b Better be freends at a distance than enemies at hame.
b Better bend than brek.
b Better be happy than wise .
b Blind men shouldnae judge o colours.
b Be what ye seem an seem what ye are.
b Better have than want.
b Better half hanged than ill mairied.
b Better keep weel than mak weel.
b Be ready wi yer bunnet, but slaw wi yer purse.
b Better a dug fawn on ye than bark at ye.
b Be slaw in choosin a freend, but slawer in changin him.
b Better my bairns seeks fae me than I beg fae them.
b Better say here it is, than here it wis.
b Bonny birds is aye the warst singers.
b Better wade back mid watter than gang forrit an droon.
b Better never begun than never ended.
b Better sit idle than wirk for nocht.
b Better lang little than soon naithin.
b Better the barn filled than the bed.
b Better yer feet slip than yer tongue.
b Best to be aff wi the auld love afore we be on wi the new.
b Broken freendships can be soother'd, but never soond.
b Buy freendship wi presents, an it will be bocht fae ye.

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