Proverbs - A

Term Definition
a A fool can earn money, but it taks a wise man to keep it.
a A groat is ill saved that shames its maister.
a A guid tale's no the worse o bein twice told.
a A guid word is as easy sayed as a ill ane.
a A bark frae a teethless dug is as guid as a bite.
a A black hen can lay a white egg.
a A careless watch invites the thief.
a Ane word afore is worth twa ahint.
a A leaky ship needs muckle pumpin.
a A bald heid is soon shaved.
a A's no thieves that dugs barks at.
a A craw will no wash white.
a A dear ship lies lang in the harbour.
a Ane guid freend is worth mony relations.
a A guid peymaister never wants hands to wirk.
a A hungry louse bites sair.
a A mither-in-law is best in the kirkyaird.
a A fair offer is nea cause o feud.
a A man wis ance hanged for leavin his drink.
a A muffled cat wis never a guid hunter.
a A midgie's as big as a mountain, amaist.
a Ale-sellers shouldna be tale-tellers.
a A hungry man smells meat far.
a A man is a lion for his ain cause.
a A pennywecht o love is worth a pund o law.
a A puir man's debt maks muckle din.
a A crookit stick will thraw a crookit shadow.
a A drink is shorter than a tale.
a A ill servant never made a guid maister.
a A penny in my purse will gar me drink when my freends winna.
a A silverless man gangs fast throu the mercat.
a A smaa leak will sink a great ship.
a A's fish that comes to the net.
a A man's hat in his hand never did him ony herm.
a A short grace is guid for hungry fowk.
a As the auld cock craws the young cock learns.
a A Scotsman is aye wise ahint the hand.
a Aa the speed's no in the spurs.
a Auld wifes wis aye guid maidens.
a As lang as ye stand ye dinna stay.
a A wise lawyer never gangs to law hissel.
a Anger's short-lived in a guid man.
a A wise man wavers, a fool is fixed.
a Auld fowk is twice bairns.
a A tree's no a mast till its hewn.
a Aither prove a man or a moose.
a Aither live or dee wi honour.
a Aathing has a end, an a puddin has twa.

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