Thomas (Tammas) Young

Thomas (Tammas) Young


Glasgow Hangman, Died 1887

The last Glasgow Hangman died at his house within the perimeters of Bridewell Prison on the 2nd November, 1887. Thomas Young, or Tammas as he preferred to be called, rarely left the confines of the prison walls except on official business. For some inexplicable reason he was concerned that the nature of his occupation might count against him with some sections of the greater population at large.

The occupation of hangman was not confined to merely looping knotted hemp around some poor unfortunate's neck, dropping them through a trapdoor and consigning them to eternity. Oh no, it was much more varied, interesting and socially exclusive.

The hangman also performed public whippings. Tammas has the additional distinction of having delivered the last judicial whipping seen in Glasgow, in 1822.

The flogging, with a cat-o-nine-tails, was administered to Richard Campbell, a weaver (and ex-policemen), and was of a particularly brutal nature. It was carried out in four different Glasgow locations, on the same day, with twenty lashes delivered at each site. Presumably this was to ensure that as many common folk as possible understood the consequences of stepping out of line.

The following are the names and crimes of the persons who had the privilege of being introduced to the hereafter by Tammas:

Name Crime Date
James Gordon Murder June 6th, 1811
Moses McDonald Housebreaking June 5th, 1812
William Higgins and Thomas Harold Robbery October 19th, 1814
John Sherry Robbery November 1st, 1815
William McKay Forgery May 28th, 1817
Freebairn Whitehill, William McKeelsnie and James McCormick Housebreaking and theft October 29th, 1817
William Baird and Walter Blair Robbery June 8th, 1818
and Simon Ross Murder and Housebreaking November 4th, 1818
Alexander Robertson Housebreaking and theft April 7th, 1819
Robert McKinlay, Hunter Guthrie, John Forbes and William Buchanan Housebreaking and theft November 3rd, 1819
John Buchanan Murder November 17th, 1819
Richard Smith Housebreaking May 31st, 1820
J Wilson Treason

Hanged and Beheaded
August 30th, 1820
John Baird and Andrew Hardie Treason

Hanged and Beheaded
September 8th, 1820
Daniel Grant, Peter Crosbie, John Connor and T. McColgan Housebreaking and robbery November 8th, 1820
William Swan Forgery June 5th, 1821
Malcom McIntyre, William Paterson and James Dyer Housebreaking October 24th, 1821
Thomas Donnachy Housebreaking and theft June 5th, 1822
Bernard McIlvogue, Hugh McIlvogue and Patrick McCrystal Housebreaking, rape and robbery October 23rd, 1822
John McDonald and James Wilson Housebreaking and theft June 4th, 1823
Francis Cain and George Laidlaw Theft October 29th, 1823
John McCanna and Joseph Richardson Forgery May 14th, 1824
William McTeague Uttering forged notes May 19th, 1824
John McCreevie Housebreaking and theft June 2nd, 1824
William Devan Murder July 21st, 1824
James Stevenson Highway robbery June 1st, 1825
John McGraddy Housebreaking May 26th, 1826
James Dollan Street robbery June 7th, 1826
Peter Moffat Murder July 28th, 1826
A Stewart and Edward Kelly Street robbery November 1st, 1826
John Kerr Murder June 6th, 1827
James Glen Murder December 12th, 1827
Thomas Connor and Bell McMenemy Assault and robbery October 22, 1828
James Anderson and David Glen Murder December 12th, 1828
Edward Moore Murder May 20th, 1829
John Craig and James Brown Not known October 26th, 1829
John Hill and William Porter Assault and robbery May 12th, 1830
William McFeat
Murder September 29th, 1830
D Little Not known January 27th, 1831
James Campbell Housebreaking and theft May 16th, 1831
James Byers and Mary Steel Murder October 6th, 1831
William Heath Housebreaking October 20th, 1831
Samuel Waugh Murder January 16th, 1832
Philip Carney Rape May 11, 1833
John Barclay Murder May 11th, 1833
Wiliam Lindsay Murder January 18th, 1835
John Boyd Murder October 27th, 1835
George Duffy Murder January 18th, 1836
Hugh Kennedy Throwing Vitriol January 29, 1836

Interestingly, no-one was ever hanged by Thomas Young in the months of February or March.
Too cold for a good hanging?

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