Orange Juice - Postcard from delirium

Edwyn Collins doing a screen test for Persil wash powder

This is an article that FirstFoot has been keen to write for ages and judging from the feedback that we get from from you'ze lot, it is an omission from the site that you have been keen for us to rectify.

It gives FirstFoot great pleasure to welcome to Good Scottish Pop, the greatest pop song writer that Scotland has ever produced, Mr Edwyn Collins, late of that sparkling wee band, Orange Juice.

In the pantheon of brilliant Scottish pop songs "Rip it up" stands proudly up there at the very top. At three minutes and forty two seconds of vocal hooks, melodies, jangly pop guitars and a sax break that makes the hair on the back of heid stand up, it is one of the defining pop songs of the early 1980's and still makes this FirstFoot old fart dance twenty years later.
Orange Juice - including dodgy haircuts
Orange Juice - including dodgy haircuts

At a time when 'Joy Division' and the stale odour of decaying post punk was pervasive, Orange Juice were a breath of fresh air. The independent spirit of punk was guiding the hand of the Scottish independent label, Postcard which released the vinyl (aye, we're talking pre-CD here).

Postcard also released output from less memorable Scottish bands that we may return to in the Bad Scottish Pop section some time in the future. Truly forgettable bands like The Fire Engines and Josef K (nice name but a shame the music was shite), made the output of the label brave, but inconsistent.

Some commentators attempt to lump Orange Juice in with the "New Romantics" which followed punk. Bollocks. Collins was independently minded then and remains so today. Too intelligent to be part of something as naff and transparent as Spandau Ballet, Ultravox et al.

Orange Juice disbanded in 1984 and Collins "enjoyed" a period of relative obscurity before re-emerging with the summer song of 1995 "A Girl Like You" from the "Gorgeous George" album.
Rip It Up - One of FirstFoot's fave singles of all time
Rip It Up - One of FirstFoot's fave singles of all time

Gorgeous George was a return to form with a vengeance with hardly a duff track. If you haven't heard it, get yer wallet oot and get it. It is a timeless album.

Collins's output since Gorgeous George has been variable but he still enjoys moderate commercial success, both in Europe and the USA.

He is a national treasure and FirstFoot nominates him as Culture Minister in a Parliament led by Tommy Sheridan.


Orange Juice were crap live and Edwyn Collins hasn't, after 20 odd years in music business, quite learned the art of live shows.

Note to Edwyn:
Yer web site is affy shite. C'mon Edwyn, you can do better than this .....................

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