Mull Historical Society

Colin MacIntyre of Mull Historical Society - the Main Man Dude

If you haven't yet heard of them, don't worry, you will. At the time of writing, Mull Historical Society look set to become Scotland's next big thing and are FirstFoot's "ones to watch out for".

MHS are the creation of Colin MacIntyre, who, if you hadn't already guessed, was born and bred on the Island of Mull. They have released one album to date, written and recorded in Glasgow, called "Loss".

For a debut recording it is unusually polished, with sophisticated pop touches that in places, allied to MacIntyre's vocals, are almost Beach Boys-esque in sound. That said, MHS are hard to pigeon-hole, with an eclectic mix of style and content that no doubt stems from the fact that "Loss" is no overnight sensation, but the result of over 15 years of songwriting that has produced a collection of over 300 songs.
Colin MacIntyre of Mull Historical Society
Who knows what this photie is aboot. Allegedly the one on the left is Colin MacIntyre. But .... why?

Their first single "Barcode Bypass" received rave reviews across the board and, incredibly for an unheard of band, got the support of Radio 1 airplay and MTV who loved the simplicity of the low-budget video that accompanied the song.

Wholly original, it is our guess that Mull Historical Society will be around for a long time to come. Apart from anything else, even if Mr. MacIntyre never writes another word, they've still got 290 songs left up their sleeves.


Silly name or what? Mull Historical Society take their name from a song called "Mull Historical Society" which appears on the album and which was inspired by and written with reference to the (real) Mull Historical Society. Ask a silly question……

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