The Baxter

The Baxter Clan is famous for its legendary soup-making abilities, most particularly that most Scottish of soups, "Cock-a-leekie", a hearty broth made from fresh cocks and leekies.

Legend has it that, before the Battle of Bannockburn, Robert the Bruce had a tin of Baxter's Lobster Bisque with a few croutons and was so fortified that he thrashed the English Army against all the odds.

The Baxter family motto is "Nil inde potum fukit", which roughly translated means "If it will'nae go in the cooking pot, it's nae use to us."

Jim Baxter

The greatest Scots footballer
who ever lived.

  jim baxter - the greatest scottish footballer ?

Stanley Baxter

The greatest Scots comedian
who ever lived.

  Stanley Baxter - the greatest Scottish comedian ?

Glen Baxter

The funniest cartoonist who
ever lived.

  Glen Baxter - great cartoonist

Fort Baxter

The army base of Sergeant Bilko,
the funniest soldier who ever lived.

  Fort Baxter - home of Bilko

Audrey Baxter

The Managing Director of Baxters
of Speyside. In spite of having a chin (or two) that
would put Desperate Dan to shame, she still insists
on starring in her company's TV commercials and doing
the Baxters brand image untold damage, so has to be
the vainest soup maker who ever lived.

  Audrey Baxter - home of soup

The back stair

The way out into the back green
(garden) for anyone who's ever lived in a Glasgow tenement.

  Tenement back stair

Famous Baxters include;

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