Scottish slang word Definition
ya bam pot yae Silly
Ya Bas You Bastard.
ya pure mad dafty you really stupid idiot
Yahoorsur A Fife exclamation, usually at the start of any given sentence. A bit like the Weegie 'by the way, but' tagged on to the end of sentences. Doesn't actually mean anything, more like a verbal tic.
Yer Maw a common insult. can turn any question into an insult;

"where wur you las nigh'?"
"yer maw"
"you dae anyhing yesterday?"
"aye, yur maw"

Yer Maw cares. Meaning--Who gives a shit.
Yokit Started work (as in yoked up like an animal)
Yonks Years - ages - an awfy long time
Nah ah huvnae seen Raffy fur yonks he wis last seen round Saughton way no telling ony tales mind.
Yooz Everybody standing in front of you when you are drunk, you feel oppressed ...

What are yooz looking at? Never seen a daft wee keelie in a bunnet buckled before?

Yopper a clype
Yopper (2) A young person employed in the early 80's under Mrs Thatcher's Youth Opportunities Program, taken literally from the YOP acronym.Later replaced by YTSers (Youth Training Scheme, somehow a vast improvement on YOP), who were no smarter, only younger.
A modern equivalent of slave labour.

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