Scottish slang word Definition
Wabbit Tired, worn out
Wallies Teethe.g. "Ah'll stoat yer wallies"(I'll punch you in the teeth)
Walloper n. The male member
n. A member of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party
Walloper A person who acts the goat
An individual who thinks they're funny but they're no.
Wally Dug An ornamental china canine figure, usually owned in pairs and placed at opposite ends of the mantelpiece. It is believed that the only known owner if this kind of twee shite was Maw Broon.
Wally Dugs False Teeth. Sometimes just known as "Wallies" Alludes to the material they were made from
Wanking Chariot Bed
wankpiece (noun) one's peniscommon glasweigan insult between friends
Wantae Want toAh wantae go tae ra gem
Wean A child - from "wee ane", where ane means one
Wean (2) No really a different definition - still means small child, but ah disagree wi the earlier derivation an until we agree a protocol fur modifyin entries, ah'll add anither one.

Wean - indicating a weaned child - no longer suckling.

Added by Scabby Doug 15/01/2002

Weegie Anyone residing west of the River Carron.
Weesint A small amount, a tickie [in common use in Ayrshire]"Gies a weesint mair."
Well skelped arse (of a face) Ruddy, rosy cheeked."Ah love thae skateboarders wi aw the metal an spiky herr an black claes wi skeletons, an tryin tae look right aff the wa', an here thiv aw goat wee fresh middle class faces wi cheeks like a well skelped arse"
wheech to do something at speed
Wheen A large amount (opposite of tickie)Fuxache, err's a wheen a fowk in here the night!
Wheesht Be quiet, stop talking/making a noiseHaud yer wheesht, ah'm oan the phone
Whirlypits, the The feeling, when lying in bed after consuming copious amounts of bevvy, that the whole world is spinning around your head.
White settler Incomer from outside Scotland who 'settles' in mainland Scotland. (Often perceived as a derogatory term). As in 'See Edimbra, it's ower run wi White Settlers'.
Winchin Courting, courtship.
Windae-hingin Leisure pursuit for ladies in tenements. The stance involves leaning out of the window, elbows on the sill, watching the world go buy. Also conversing with passers-by and other windae-hingers.

Thus Bud Neill's 'Mrs Tamson opens the Toonheid windae-hingin season'.

Windae-licker Feeble-minded, congenital idiot
Wine Buckfast, Four crown, Emva Cream, Eldorado, Lanliq, Old England, to name a few.
Wine bar Place frequented by wee yuppies an other delicate species, often called Torqil, Gregor, or Damian.

Do not confuse with wine SHOAP
That mistake could earn you dentures (Copyright Jack McLean Urban Voltaire)

Wine Shoap Emporium for the consumption of wine.

Natural habitat of a species of wee glasgow man that werrs a coat scarf an bunnet an highly polished shoes.

Wingnut Person with unfortunately large, sticky-out ears.
Wino One who likes a drinkie or 10 of the old vino. An alcoholic.
Wisnae Was not."See if it wisnae fur Tony Blair, ah'd huvv voted Tory."
Wopper White lie. to tell a wopper is to lie
Wreck the Hoose Juice <1>Buckfast Tonic Wine, also known as a \"Boatil i whit the fuck ur yoo lookin it\"<1>

<1>See Glesga Twostep<1>

Wulk From 'whelk' but usually applied to periwinkles. Sold in bags, at 'the Barras'
Wulkie Noun: a somersault; a head-over-heels type manouevre. Also metaphorically used when someone has lost their temper.
Verb: to tummle yer wulkies - to perform a somersault, (actually since it's usually small children performing this activity, it's more like a forward roll rather than a full somersault, but still, they're only weans..what do you expect?)

Originally "Wilkie", after Inspector Archibald Wilkie of Glasgow Police (1874-1931), who was a renowned gymnast, British Champion 1902-1911 and 1913-14. Wilkie was particularly famous for his mat exercises, apparently...

Example: Ah used tae love watchin that Olga Korbut... she could fair Tummle hur wulkies that

wee lassie,. eh?
Example: When Big Sadie fun her man in bed wi Luigi fae the chippy, she understandably done a pure wulkie

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