Scottish slang word Definition
Tanned To do, done
I`m pished. I`ve tanned 10 cans of Tennants Supar.
Tapsalteerie ADJ.Topsy-turvy, or erse-aboot-face if yi prefer...
Tatters Ripped to pieces

eg I hid a Gladys this mornin' and it's left me airse in tatters

Tattie bogle Scarecrow
Tea Time Around 3-5 o'clock. (I'll see ya aroond tea-time, hen)
Tefano I haven't a clue ! Fucked tefano.
Teuchter Anyone living outside the central belt of Scotland.
The man Anybody in authority, generally when sayer is mentally sub-standard.

(In the park) Get your breeks pulled up, the mans coming!!
(On the train) Get your ticket oot, the mans coming!!

The Slosh A Glasgow dance
Thingmie Article of uncertain nomenclature, or person whose name has temporarily escaped the speaker.

"Jim, gonnae ask thingmie tae pass up the thingmie fer hittin' the thingmies in wi'"

Translated as, "James, can you ask the new apprentice to pass me the hammer"

Thole Put up with, endureAh suppose wu'll jist huvv tae thole thae buggers in the Parly
thon to get as in "get me thon paper oor ma wee darlin"
Thrawn Stubborn, obstinate
Tick (it) In Fife (and elsewhere?) verb: to truant; to take an unauthorised absence from all or part of the school day. If there is no noun object for the verb, you must use the pronoun 'it'.


Pupil A: "Were yous ticking it yisterday?".

Pupil B: "Aye, aw day - an wir tickin French an English this afternoon"

Pronouns is it? Adverbs next ah expect, eh no?

Tickie A small amount (opposite of wheen)Dae yi want Irn Bru in yir whisky? - Jist a tickie!
Tig noun: Children's game - elsewhere called "Tag"

see Het

Tim A supporter of Glasgow Celtic football club
tim empty -- it's a tim hoose the nicht
To keep stum (or stume) To keep something to yourself, to keep a secret, not talking
tod mag mens pornographic magazine
Toerag A scamp, scallywag, mild form of bastirt. (from forces slang "Tuareg"-an Arab)
Toley A jobby,a keech.Heh guess whit,wee Shuggy did a big toley in his keks at school the day. The hale class wis mingin so it wis.
Optional rhyming slang is English Goalie
Toley supper Humorous name for a black pudding supper, so called because of the obvious visual similarity between a black pudding fried in batter and a toley (q.v.)
Tom Kite or Tam Kite or Going to meet the golfer - have a shit. Rhyming slang Tam Kite = Shite.
tool Someone who's annoyed you

"Whit ye dain that fur ya wee tool"

Tottie scones or Tattie scones.

Flattish scones, made with flour and mashed potatoes, and without which no Scottish fried breakfast wid be complete!

Totty or toaty Wee, small
Trauchled Trudge, trudged.

To trudge - "ah trauchled up the road wi ma heavy bags in ma haunds"

Tricket Happy...ie "Ahm fair tricket wie at"
Tube A fool, one of limited sagacity

Pronounced tchoob


Away ya tube, ye've goat two odd shoes oan!!

Tug An instance of arrest by the constabulary.

I had a wee tug last night, let me off with a warning not to be so inconsiderate to the feline race in future.

Tumshie Turnip. Large, orange variety which may be called a rutabaga by sum ither nations.....!

Also used as a derogatory term as in 'See him, he's a richt tumshie-heid'....

Turkish delight Rhyming slang for shite as is a Barry WhiteChrist ah'll huv tae find a bog, ah'm burstn fur a turkish.
Tush Cloots the sanitary towel that women wear on there monthlys.
ie. a need to go an get some tush cloots cause am due on
twanger over protective male of his partner ie A NED also referred to as a joy boy

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