Scottish slang word Definition
sand shoes gym shoes or plimsols
Saor Alba Free Scotland
Sapple To wash an item of clothing by hand
Sassenach An English person
ExampleYon sassenach has a coupon like a tumshie
Scaffie Street sweeper (probably now called a tarmacadam executive or something). From the word Scavenger.
Scaffy Cheap and tacky
Schemie Noun A person who inhabits a large housing scheme in the Central Belt. Identifiable by lack of intellect, dress sense and money. Always wears trackie bottoms, an Old Firm top, back to front baseball cap and is usually being dragged around by large doag. AKA Gadgie, minker, midgie raker.
Scooby noun: inkling, clueRhyming slang from "Scooby Doo"= "Clue"

Example: Naw ah don't know wherr yer purse is. Huvny a scooby

Scooper A person who drives around aimlessly trying to impress young girls and listens to dance music.Playing the music loud enough so that people look at them.(Inverurie Phrase)
Scorrie Herring gull, one of the big bastard eens. (Caithness)
Scramble After a wedding on the West of Scotland, the happy couple would throw money (small change) out of the departing wedding car. The kids aw got doon furr a scramble to pick up as much money as they could.
Scran & Scoop Scran means food, used alot in and around fife.

<1>Scoop is drink, or going for a drink. i.e going for some scoop, from falkirk.<1>

Scratcher Bed (also may be described as 'pit'). Derived from the days when bedlice were common and constant sleeping companions.
screwtap a bottle of beer
Scrieve To write
Scud (1) Verb: to strike a glancing blow, similar to skite and indeed skelp.
During Gulf War I, the Iraqi military deployed SCUD missiles, which always sounded much less deadly to most Glaswegians.

(2)Noun:Scud, in the... unclothed, naked, nude
Also : scuddy and bare(berr) scud.

Example: (1) The big polis scudded me wan oan the chin
(2) When hur man came in the door, Big Tam went oot the windae an ran doon the street in the scud

Scudder geting a red face when you are embarrased!

A got a right scudder when she wiz gie'in me a gammy an ma maw caught us.

Scuddie mag Same as nood book
scullery kitchen
Scunner Verb: to sicken, disgust, to bore to the point of annoyance.
Example: Wid thon Peruvian Nose Flute music no jist scunner ye?

Noun: That which sickens, disgusts or bores.... also the state of being scunnered

Example: See you, ye're nuhhin bit a wee scunner!
Example: Since the New Year, ah've took a right scunner tae the drink....

Scunner 2 The shuddering near-retch spasm of the throat when confronted by something particularly distasteful. Falls just short of a "Dry Boak".

Imagine the first time you saw Les Dennis.

That's a scunner.

Scuppered Infeasably drunk - incapable. [Greenock]
Scurrie Noun: a Seagull - but only in the North East. Most other places just call them erm.. seagulls...
Glasgow Pigeon: Haw, you! Ya big seagull ye! At's mah bit ah chip paper!
Seagull: Awa' an shite! An ahm nae a seagull. Ah'm a scurrie! Ah'm a Furrybootian seagull!!
Glasgow pigeon: (says nuhhin bit jist batters the scurrie ower the napper wi an Irn Bru boaatle.) Welcome tae Glesga!!! Haw Haw!
Senga A young glaswegian female Ned, usually with spiral perm in a high ponytail, held up with a terry-towelling bobble. As in Neds and Sengas.
Sesh Having a bevvy.

"Ah'm gon for an all-day sesh. If am no back before Tuesday put the buckets oot"

Shag To have sex with.See that Senga wi the big diddies? She wid shag ye for a fish supper, so she would.
Shareen A wummins parts
(from rhyming slang)
shattered tired

<1>\"i\'m absolutely shattered\"<1>

Sheep Shaggers Supporters of Aberdeen FC
Sheltr belter Lassie who partakes of sex at bus stops.
Shillpit Thin, weedy, a bauchle of bones.He is a shillpit we nyaff he looks like a pipe cleaner.
Shitey Cloot Ahm no sayin he's got a drink problem - but he'd sup whiskey through a "shitey cloot" so he would.
Shitey Cloot Literally means "shitty cloth"
Shocker As in \" it\'s a bit of a shocker\" or \"it\'s a shocker\"

Meaning it\'s a big shock or suprise

Shooftie as in 'Ah'll just huv a wee shooftie tae see if there's embdi in next door'...

A wee look, a glance etc.

Shoogle To shake,
shoogling, shaking.
Shoogly Wobbly
Stick a beer mat unner the leg ae that table Shuggie ,it's awfy shoogly
Also a nickname for the old Glesga street trams which used to shoogle along the tram lines.
Shoosh be quiet
Shoot the craw Leave hurriedly. Scarper
Shuch The crack of your backside as in "Ma shuch is ferr sweatin' the day"Origin is FIFE
Simmet A vest of the old fashioned kind (underwear) Is it no aboot time you chinged that simmet, it's bowfin so it is.
Single fish Rhyming slang for going fur a pish
" gawn fur a single fish"
single fish rhyming slang for going fur a pish" gawn fur a single fish"
Singul End A small residence, normally in a tenement.

She has a singul-end in Possil, it a right wee palace. Shes a stuck up cow but.

Authenticity; 'singul' needs to flow, say 'sing' followed by 'ul', not 'sing' followed by 'gull'.

Sit nice Command given to sportwear-clad toddlers by custodial relatives when said toddlers are not "sitting nice"

"Right Keighleigh-Anne sit nice, here's the man comin tae pit ye aff" and...

"Sit nice Darren or ah'll smack yer wee cunt in"

Sitooter Conservatory

"We'll hae oor fly cup in the sitooter"

Siver Street drain in the gully. Where one loses the car keys when blootered
Skelf NounSplinterFuxache, ah've goat a skelf in ma erse!
Skelly Cross-eyed.
Skelp A gid slap or wallop, usually delivered with an open hand. As in "Yi gallus wee besom, eh'll skelp yir erse!"
Skelp 1 To hit

Away ye go ya wee bastard or I will give you a skelp, it will be sore mind!

Skelp 2 To consume with vigour.

I had tae skelp that pint doon, I was spitting feathers.

Skenker Person of low repute. Particularly used in Dundee & environs.
Skiddle What you're doing when you've got your hands in the washing-up bowl but you're not really doing anything constructive. To footer in a watery setting.
Skite Deliver a glancing blow viz: "Eh'll skite meh hand aff yir puss if yir nae cerfill"
Skitters A runny shit, diarrheaAh've goat the skitters and ah dinnae want tae keech ma breeks
Skive Not doing any work when all around you are at least pretending to, Bludge

Skiver - one who skives, skiving - the art of not doing any work, ie First Foot subscribers.

Skoosh Noun: (also scoosh, possibly even squouche, who knows?)
1. fizzy pop (see ginger), carbonated soft drink
2. something very easy, simple pimple.
Example: 1. Gies a slug ay yer skoosh, ya stingy aul bugger, ye!

2. At wis dead easy! A pure skoosh!
Also skoosh case - that which is deemed very easy

Skud Slang word used by neds meaning cider
Slag Cow, hairie

"See that slag fae East Shields she's happy wi onywan as lang as it's got a zip".

Slagging Verb
Slag (not to be confused with Slag).

Abusing or running someone doon usually behind their backs.

Something no tae be done tae their faces if they huv a chib in their hauns or if they look like CJ's neighbours.

Slaister Mess.. see slitter
slang addition ye's hivnae pit in the word "boaby" in yur site. Ah hope ye's ken wit it means! If no
Slate a ginger (rhyming slang from Slate Roof)
Slater A wood louse.
slecher a clumsy person.......as in 'och ye wee slecher...yiv drapped it a' doon yer shirt!'
slecherered covered in something/messed up
Sleekit Sly
Slever / Slaver / Slabber To drool (ie at the sight of food)
Sliced sausage aka 'square' sausage or Larne sausage...

Spicey sausage mix which comes in slices rather than the traditional 'hot dog' sausage shape. Spicier than traditional sausages, and another key ingredient tae a traditional big 'fry up'... Oh an a staple at some caifs... as in 'ye cannae beat a roll on sossidge'....

Slider Ice cream in between two wafers, as opposed to a pokey hat. In the posh version the lower wafer was a big thick bastirt covered in chocolate and filled with sticky gunk.
Slitter To make a mess. To dribble food on your clothes.
"Ach, whit a big slitter you are!" or "I slittered doon my shirt."
Slug Noun: A drink from (usually) a bottle, usually refers to one distinct gulp. Often used of skoosh or ginger. Seldom used of water, or alcoholic beverages, for some reason. In the writer's humble (Hah!) opinion, this may have originated from cowboy films where a "slug of red-eye" was standard fare in the Old West taverns as depicted on the Silver Screen.

Example: Haw! Ya greedy bastart! That's you hud three slugs ay mah ginger! Take wan merr an ah'll burst ye!

Smeekit Drunk, intoxicated.
smeekit drunk
snadger noun: snadger--->cigarette snadgers< plural used as a word for a fag code for a ciigy in front of parents"ye goat any snadgers"
Snaw Ba Snow Ball
Snell Sharp, cold. "It's a snell wind "
snell sharp
Snib Door lock. To put the snib on would mean to lock or unlock the door.
Snotter Phlegm, especially green nasal phlegm.

"Whit dis an Elephant keep in its trunk? ----- A four fit long snotter!"

Sook To suck

"When the weans hud sooked aw the orange colour oot thur jooblies they papped the ice at the backs o' the heids o' the weans in front."

Sook (2) Ingratiate. Someone who sucks up. "Yurra wee sook, so ye are"
Sooth moother Recent immigrant, esp to Shetland where the ferry approach to Lerwick is through the south mouth (sic) of the harbour
Soothmoother Person who talks with an English accent, whether genuine or 'pretendy'...
Spangle Someone who is not quite the full shilling or slightly simple.
Spangy To jump from the roof of one building on to another.
Sparey To take a sparey..to go mental..to fly off the handle
Spaver I\'ve only heard this in Dundee. Meaning : Flies (as in trousers)
"Ye might hae telt me ma spaver wis open"
Speug Spyug
spiflicate No idea; but it is what our parents were always going to do to us as weans.
Splootered To spill usually liquid from ones mouth.

"Ach av missed ma mooth and splootered aw doon ma shirt."

spool camera film" huv ye goat yer spool fae yer hoalidays dun yit aggie?"
Spunkfarter A gentleman who prefers to be taken from behind;

One who prefers oysters to snails; an uphill gardener.

Stank noun: Drain, usually in the street; the metal grating over the drain.
Dead useful for playing bools.

Originally a pool of stagnant water - it's in a Burns poem but I can't remember which one...

Example: Ya bastart! Ah jist drapped ma car keys doon the stank!
or "Away ye go, back tae the stank ye wr spawned in ya dirty mawkit cow!"

Steamin' Drunk, pished, blootert
Stoat BounceWho wiz stoatin' the ba' agin ma door? He stoatit him right in the gub
Stoat the ba' Of men, engaging in a relationship with a girl of (dangerously) much younger years,

"Ye shoulda seen thon young schoolie Andra wis in wi' last night. He'll be gettin the jail fur stoat the ba'."

Stoatir Particularly attractive female
Stocious Pished, fou, iled up, drunk, moroculous, steamin, blootert, buckled.
Stonner Erection, Stiffy. Pronounced - Stonn-erHere Maw, Oor Petes goat a stonner
Stookie Plaster cast for a broken limb etc..


'to stand there, jist like a stookie' - frozen, statue-like

Stoor Meaning-dust as in the Billy Connolly song- we've goat tae hose the lavvie doon an coont the tumblers an wipe the stoor fae aff the morra pies.
Stoorie meaning dusty.
Stooshie A little bit of trouble.

There was a wee stooshie at the pub when I had a lingering look at the wife of Creeping Jesus

Store Dug Lazy, as in "Get aff yer erse, yer lyin' aroond the hoose like a store dug".
Store Dug Lazy
Stove Smash
Stovies A dish of left over meat,(or sausages, or corned beef) with tatties n ingings (potatoes and onions).

Most faimlies huv their ain recipe... Appears tae be mair popular onra East coast than the West.

Stowed oot Full, crammed to the brimful.
Stramash A bit of bother, a scuffle.

In recent times only used by (the late, talentless) Jimmy Sanderson and (possibly also deid) Arthur Montford, to describe a messy, almost game-winning/losing tangle of limbs in either goalmouth of the local sports stadium.

Strive In Inverness (at least in the 40s and 50s)
Sumph A dullard, no very bright.look at yon sumph he couldn'y find his erse in a bath wi twa hands.
Swally (noun) alcoholic drink, bevy,

eg "Ye gaun oot furra swally the night CJ?" "Naw ah've goat a big ironin' tae dae, an then ah've goat tae wax mah back"

(verb), to swallow

Eg "Ye're gonny get a landslide victory an keep aw the Tories policies an implemeent some worse wans yersels?? How'r ye gonny get the voters tae swally that?"

Swatch To have a look at.

"Geeza a swatch at yer ...", usually followed by a reference to certain female genitalia

Swedger A type of confection in demand when hungry at lunchtime.

'Gonna gezze wan oa yir swedgers we man , am starvin!'

Swick verb: to cheat
noun: a person who cheats

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