Scottish slang word Definition
Radge Adj. Crazy person, madman
Verb. To do something crazy
radgy/rajjy Horny or dying fur a shag"when a went oot wi big Maggie i wis feelin right rajjy"
Raj Crazy
Rammy A fight, conflict, disturbanceThere wis a right rammy efter ra gemm
rammy an empty ginger boatle worth 20p
redd-up to clean up ..as in'ye'd better redd up yer room afore yir maw gets in'
Reek Smell, stinkEdinburgh - Auld ReekieThe Old Town of Edinburgh had open sewers and the stench was awful. Hence Auld Reekie - Old Smelly
reek smoke (Lang may yer lum reek = long may your chimney smoke
Rerr Rare
RICKLE A BONES Very thin or skinny.He wis nothing but a wee rickle a bones
Rift A belch, or burpAh rifted a cracker an' woke up the dug
Ring the anus, arsehole. As in, "ah ett three kebabs last night na noo mah ring's pure loupin'.

Also ringpiece.

Roaster Stupid person, often abbreviated as in "Aye he's a warm wan right enough"
Romper suit Thermals, long johns, baby grow
Rowie A form of morning roll made with butter, salt and lard. Favoured by neeps everywhere. Also known as a 'butterie' in the Aberdeen area.
Rummel Rumble, annoy.

I am gonny rummle those bast*rds, they are nippin ma heid.

Rummell Discover

Fuck! Wuv been rummelled!

Rupart Rhubarb

Harvestin the Big Rupart is a big income boost fur jakies roon aboot Feegie park.

Their gied machetes tae cut the rupart, annthir peyed piece work.

The fermer's goat tae staun oan a trailer wi a shotgun tae adjudicate in disputes atween the squads as tae who owns whit bundla rupart.
Efter work they aw adjourn fur a wee alfresco cocktail o' buckie an MD2020.

Rupert Derogatory term for the (invariably) English officer in a Scots regiment.

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