Scottish slang word Definition
Pan To break or disfigure "You keep edgy fur the polis, while ah pan the windaes in!"or" Your gettin yir face panned in"
Pap To put something on something else.

If you dont shut up I will pap this tin of turpentine over your heidBreast, usually applied in pairs.See that wee burd? She's goat some set a paps oan her

Parton Crab (Fife)'whit are you lookin' at, ye wee parton-face?'
Pass remarkable Have too much to say about something or someone
paukit inadequately small...as in 'yon mannies hoose wis paukit!...smlr to pokey

Breathe noisily, when out of breath.



noun: Dandelion Taraxacum officinale

Peelly wally Unwell, extremely pale and tired - usually referred to children when unwell
Peely-Wally Meaning- pale,wan,peeky. "Yer awfy peely-wally lookin the day wis the tally man roon at your hoose?"
Peep Very low flame for cooking
Peevers children's game of Hopscotch
Peh A Dundee term fur a pie, usually ae ra mutton variety, usually drippin' wae grease an therfur ideal fur pappin' at fowk at fitba' matches.
Pelter Panic. "She's in a richt pelter the day, the tally man's due."
Peltin The act of coupultation.

"Were you peltin at the weekend there?"

pettit A 'pettit' lip - this is the Scots pronunciation of 'petted' i.e. a petted lip
Pettit lip Probably bastardised from "pout".

To extend the lower lip excessively implying discontent, or when sulking. A technique most commonly adopted by children.

Pit away that pettit lip afore ah gie ye a skelp oan the erse!

Pie eater Person of stinted intellect or low social expectation.

First use attributed to staff in the carpet franchise in the Grandfare at the corner of Argyle Street and Oswald Street (now demolished) in the late 1970's.
It was used to describe clients who came in with pies in their hands and started feeling the £2000+ chinese rugs with fingers running with mutton fat.The expression spread through the carpet trade and soon to other sections of non-food retail, finally becoming universal in the 1980's.

Piece Sandwich
piece poke a bag containing your piece(s)
Pish (verb)To urinate

(noun) Urine, as in "Ah never made it tae the pisher in time an noo mah kegs is aw pish"

(descriptive) Boggin' crap, shitey, something of little value Eg "Thon Budweiser is pure Pish so it is"

Pished Drunk, intoxicatedExampleThe Eejit wiz blootered ootae his coupon (The idiot was drunk out of his face)
Pishflaps <1>Vaginal lips- Ma pishflaps were awfa itchy the other day when a had a shave<1>
Pit 1. Verb: To put or pap as in -Pit yon ower yonder.2.Noun: Bed or scratcher as in -Eh'm awa tae meh pit.
Plamph (N) One who takes part in the, odd, practice of wearing someone elses undergarments ,on their head, and giving the gusset a damn good sniff.
Pletty Peculiarly Dundee word for the open air landing running along the back of a tenement from the stairwell. Ideal for al fresco congregating, overlooking the back green and commenting on the state of the neighbours' washing.
Plook Spots

'He's goat a face fu o plooks'...

Plooter Play with, fiddle with."Ah telt thay weans tae stoap plooterin in the mud"
Plottie An allotment (for growing vegetables)
plug Term used by 'old folk' passed 30 meaning to miss school or "Dog it" as younguns like to say.
Pockle Swindle, cheat.

He was at the pockle with the books.

He had a wee pockle at the cards.

Poke Meaning 1.To prod or point.-Dinnae poke yer finger at me pal.
2.A short version of pokey-hat(ice cream cone)
3.A loose woman.- She's a right poke that yin.
4.The sexual act- Ah'd love tae poke that big blonde yin so a wid.
poke paper bag
Pokey Hat An old fashioned name for an ice cream cone."If ye don't shut yer greetin face ye'll no get a pokey hat when the van comes."
POLLIS The police
Poof (1) Totally unacceptable term for a gay man
(2) Jimmy Hill
Poor oot Similar to scramble, best man or groom chucks money from the car when leaving the wedding
Pooroo Must be east coast version of a scramble.
Puggled Adj in the old sense meaning tired,out of breath --Ah'm ferr puggled efter climbin' yon stairs. Modern meaning-- drunk,pissed.
Puggy Fruit machine. Derived from an old word for 'monkey' and originally applied to an organ-grinder's instrument ('puggy machine'). Thence used for fruit machines but now applied to bank machines. 'Ah'd buy a round but the puggy's f***ed'
Purvey The suppliers of the funeral repast. Ra Co-Op did a fine purvey for Old Joe's funeral.
Puss Noun: Face, fizzog, coupon. Pronounced 'pus'. As in: "Eh'll gie yi the affiest dab in the puss".



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