Scottish slang word Definition
Oan On

Any more of you cheek and I will stickone oan ye, get out of my way so I can get the aligator back where it belongs.

oan tour a young team on tour in another area eg: young shawz on tour 2004
Oobit a dirty, dishevelled child ....in fact so dirty and dishevelled as to be beyond words.
Ooss Noun: may be spelled oose?
Ye know if you look under a bed, you see that (if you live in a normal home and not, say a Clean Room in a microchip wafer processing plant) the dust has all clumped together in big gangs, and formed like dust-and-fluff-monsters?

That's Ooss - pronounced, ermm oooosss...
Also any sort of fluff or lint - particularly from a woolen jumper.

Also loose packed detritus foud in the navel. Belly button fluff.

Oxter Noun An armpit. As in "S'mibbe Feb'ry, bit it's aye Augist in alow yir oxters"

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