Scottish slang word Definition
Napper Yer heid or head.
Nat king Sexual congress (Rhyming from Nat King Cole)

"Gie me anura wanna thae viagra sandwiches, Ah'm oan mah Nat King the night"

naw no
neane not anyExample "How many are going out?""Neane are goin' out"
Neb Nose, beak, pointy end. As in "Keep thon cruise missile shiny lads. Wan wee speck o' dust oan its neb an it'll mebbe miss its target completely an hit a hoaspital or somethin'"
Ned Non-Educated Delinquent (acronym - so now yese know)
Irritating wanker in a shell suit or Gap hoody. Often accompanied by a burglar's dug. A "Slack Jawed Cunt"
Neebs Another Fife expression, meaning neighbour or friend.
Neep Noun Tumshie or turnip. Also used to define persons of a rural persuasion, generally by a gadgie...
Nice, The Noun?Adjective? Adverb ( No idea)

Means roughly "how cute!", or "isn't that endearing and charming?"

Used usually in conjunction with "Uch!...", or " Aww..."
Example: "Uch, the nice!......" or "Awwwwww, the nice....!"

Nippin Nagging

Away you go and stop nippin my heid.

noggin as in a fight you
nood book Soft-core gentlemans magazine. Often found torn up under hedges.
Nookie Badge Love bite or "hickey"

Yer only werrin that high collar tae hide yer nookie badges ya durty cow!

Nooks and Crannies Wee places tae hide

Small places that cannot be reached easily!

Nugget Similar to daftie, an idiot or one of unsound mind.

"e.g. Whit ye talkin boot ya nugget...."

numptie moron
Numpty Numb tea. A useless individual.See that John Swinney? He's a right numpty, see that Jack McConnel? He's a real numpty.
Nyaff knee aff. Annoying wee bugger, especially applicable to a politician. See you ya wee nyaff if ye dinnae bugger aff yer gettin' a bash in yer moosh

you're wrong ''Eh'' doesnt

you're wrong ''Eh'' doesnt mean ''Yes'' no one say's it like that, people say ''Aye a ken'' or ''Ehh...aye a ken'' its more a thinking of something kind of word like 'Emmm...lemme think'' OR it can be pronounced ''Ey?'' wich can mean more than one thing ''Eh'' can mean ''What?'' like ''Ay? what did ye say?'' or. ''here you ken wae that is eh?'',,, its more of a question word lool....or a Hmmmmm kinda noice, it doesnt mean ''Aye'' or ''Yes'' Loool my god -_- learn to ask someone scottish befor putting these up and btw ''a dinneken'' isnt one word... its ''a dinny ken'' =/

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