Scottish slang word Definition
Mad rocket A person who is crazy
Madbit Female who regularly indulges in acts of infidelity without inhibitions.
maddy noun:1 A sudden fit of rage or fury - may involve physical harm to bystanders;
One prone to such seizures of anger.;
2 A sudden compulsion to furious activity.

Verb: to take a maddy - to fall into the grip of an atack of rage OR to become seized by a compulsion to furious activity.

Example : When mah maw came hame an fun oot ah hudny washed the dishes, she took a pure maddy an smashed aw the teacups.
Ah wis that fed up wi that anaglypta, ah took a maddy and stripped aw the wa's.

malet as in he cant get a hat tae fit his malet
Malinky thinWest coast children's song "skinny malinky longlegs, big banana feet, went tae the piktures and fell throo the seat"
Malki Beat Up, Kick The Shit Out OfSet Phasers Tae Malki
Mangle Mechanical device for winging excess watter oot o' the washin', common in homes prior to the advent of spin cycles in modern washing machines.
Manky Clatty, boggin.

"Away ye go an wash ya manky bastart"

Mars Bar Scar, usually found on the facial features. Franko got chibbed by the Tongs and noo has a big mars bar across his face
Maw Mother eg Maw Broon, the most famous of them all.
Maw <1>Mum<1>
Mawkit Filthy. "Your simmit (sic) is puir mawkit, so it is."
Melt That which is battered in when somebody "batters your melt in"
Mental Crazy, unbalanced

Watch oot fer him, he's pure mental.

Merkin A pubic hair wig. (honest!)
Messages Shopping, usually food
Midden The waste disposal area or bin.

"When ah catch ye ah'm gony stick mah truncheon up yer arse!"

COOEE, am hiding in the midden!!

Bit of a dirty wee person

See her, shes nuthin but a wee midden!

Midge Man The chap that emptied the bins.

Better get the aligator droppings put out, the midge man is due.

Midgie Terrifying, tiny, blood-sucking, wee bastard of an insect that chews lumps out of folk, mostly on the West coast
Midgie Midden, slag heap, Cumbernauld
Midgie raker Noun A manky, mingin, barkit, bastirt gadgie. Believed to derive from their delightful habit of browsing through refuse collection centres for items to eat, wear, or engage in sexual congress with. Often confused with Weegie.
Mince nonsense,rubbish
His heid's full ae mince.
That telly program wiz pure mince,byraway.
Mind Remember

Mind and dont come back without some food for the Aligator

Minge Female Genitalia
Mingin Smelly, horrible
Minker NounSee Gadgie, Schemie and Midgie raker.
Mither Mother
Mixter maxter All mixed up
Mockit Adjective: Filthy, dirty, unwashed

Example:When the wean came hame efter playin fitba, his claes wis pure mockit.

Mooch To be nosey. Inquisitive.To borrow or scroungeExampleYon bampots oan the mooch (That waster is scrounging)
Moosh Face He aye looks as if he's got a peanut fur a moosh.
Morns Mornin Tomorow morning.

Cant it wait till the morns mornin? I've had enough of you and that aligator!

Moroculous Extremely drunk.
Moroculous Guttert, drunk, foo, stocious, dugless badder'd
mortal (pronounced - mortul) Quite profoundly drunk, any traits worthy of a higher being having long departed.
muckin' aboot messing around (annuf of yer muckin' aboot
Muckle A bit on the large side.

I had a muckle piece and cheese, it wiz braw.

mumpty upset or crabbit."cheer up ya mumpty cunt"
muppet somebody who is not too bright
Mush See Moosh

is that yoo jist loused

are you just finished your work


walk like a poof

ur ye comin ben

will you come into the room

sine oot that cup

rinse out the cup

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