Scottish slang word Definition
Laldy To give it Laldy means to do anything with great gusto or to get laid in to someone big style whether physically or verbally.Ye shooda seen big Effie it the karaoke,she wiz geein it laldy aw night.
Left footer A Catholic - old belief that Catholics used their left foot when digging with a spade, and Protestants, their right.
Lerra Leather, As in "Ah jist looked so cool in mah latex shirt an mah lerra thong."
Liftit Arrested."Ah goat liftit fur wavin mah tadger at the polis"
Lilian Pish (Rhyming slang, from Lilian Gish)
Lobey Lobby - common entry-way to Glasgow tenement, often not locked. One of Glasgow's famous fictional sons, Lobey Dosser, gets his name from the use of these for shelter by the homeless.See Bajin for info on Mr Dosser's arch-enemy
Loon Noun: boy, as in young male person.
Loupin Leaping, jumping, stinging, painful
Lous'd Finished work, as in freed from harness (see yokit)
Lug Ear - I have a pain in my ear'Ah've goat a sair lug'
Lum Chimney
Lumber To make acquaitance with a member of the oposite sex and spend time with them or possibly date them.
As in lucky bastard Franko got a lumber last night.

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