Scottish slang word Definition
Kailyard Vegetable patch or kitchen garden.
Sentimental depiction of Scottish life.
Keech Rubbish, detritus, crap, verbal or written. Excretia, human or otherwise.
Keek Meaning-- a sly look at something (like through a keyhole.
Dinnae think ah didnae see ye keekin oot fae behind them curtains.
Keeker Black eye
Keelie Young, urban, working-class male. Usually derogatory.
Keepie-uppie The art of keeping a football off the ground by juggling it with the feet, shoulders, head and chest.
Kelly Dundonian word for sherbit!
Ken Know, understandExampleAh ken whit ah wid dae. (I know what I would do)
Ken (2) Verb: to know, understand

Used by carrot-crunchers*, bumpkins** and a few teuchters*** who are insufficiently edumacated to realise that despite all best efforts to bring Scots kicking and screaming into the twentieth, never mind the twenty-first century, there are some usages that should be quitely euthanased.

  • Those living South of Shawlands in Glasgow
  • Anyone from East of Baillieston (in Glasgow)
  • Anyone from North of Springburn (yes, in Glasgow)
Kenspeckle Familiar, well-known.
Kerfuffle A commotion or fuss.There wiz a right kerfuffle when he wiz papped ootae the pichurs fur playin wi his tadger
Kerry oot 'Take away' usually food or drink.
Kettle-biler NounA description applied to the men of Dundee. Due to high male unemployment, and the easy availability of women's jobs (cheaper labour) in the mills, many men stayed at home whilst the women worked. They would have the kettle boiled for the wife coming home for her tea - and sufficient of them did this for the name to have stuck!
Keys noun: a call for truce, pax, used by children in games.
Must be accompanied by hands loosely clenched with both thumbs pointing up.

Example: At's no ferr! Ye canny tig me, cause ah hud ma keys oot!

killy-coad or killy-buckie piggy back
Kleip To tell on someone"The wee basters kleiped on me!""Ya wee kleip
Knobdobber A tosser of the highest order

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