Scottish slang word Definition
Jacksey Noun: also Jacksy, Jaxy (make up your own) - arse, specifically sphincter. Probably not just Scottish, also used in England.

Example: Ah decided no tae audition fur the New Bay City Rollers, cause fur wan, ah didny see how ah wid need a medical. Two, ah don't hink at wee baldy bugger wis a real doctor. Three, he seemed awfy interestit in mah jacksie.

Jag an injection from the doctor
Jaggy spikey object that is rough to the touch.
Jaggy Bunnet Crown of thorns as worn by Jesus (© Billy Connolly) To be held in a head lock where the school bully rubs his knuckles across the top of your heid very hard
jaggy nettles poison ivy
Jakey noun: Indigent or homeless person prone to over-imbibe budget-priced beverages with high alcoholic content

Example: See that auld jakey?. He' jist papped his empty Superlager can oantae the verandah.

Jam sandwich A polis car
Jambo NounSupporter of Heart of Midlothian Football Club (Embra Huns). Also known as Scumbos.
Jammy bastard A lucky person
Jauries 1 Marbles2 testicles."Big Gordon hid hud enough o the smarmy wee nyaff an suddenly turnt roon an gied him a right sore yin in the jauries" From "Life at No 11, Living next door to an unbearable patronising git" by Sarah Brown.
JAWBOX Sink or in the posh hooses Wash hand basinHe washes his face in the jawbox {used in Dumbarton}
Jeeked To be extremely tired " Ah cannae run anymore, am jeeked!"
Jeely Jam
Jeely Piece A jam sandwich
Jeg Slang term used in reference to bottles of carbonated soft drinks, in particular Irn Bru. Fancy gittin iz a boattle a' jeg fae the tally man?"
Jeg Slang term used in reference to bottles of carbonated soft drinks
Jelly Temazepam;

"How dae ye start a parade in Paisley?"
"Ye roll a Jelly up the street."

Jessy, Jessie To act like a wimp/big girls blouse. Stoap acting like a big jessy or ah'll hit ye wi that hauf brick again
Jiggered Anything from exhausted to being confounded Ah'm that jiggered ah could'nae get a stonner if a Senga wi big diddies wis tae gie me a gammy
Jilldee Get a move on or hurry up
Jimmies Gym shoes, plimsoles
Jimmy Pish, (rhyming slag from Jimmy Riddle or Jimmy Riss)
Jings Well, well. ( used extensively by the Broons and oor Wullie, so it must be a wurd)
Jings Well
Jink Dance about

The floor of the sauna was hot so I had to jink about to get to a seat.

Jobby Ancient word now only used by Billy Connoly as a euphemism for shite.
Jobby jabber Wurds used tae describe the act of shuvin yir dobber up sumdies bum.
Jook Dodge (Mibbe 'Jook' is not correct spelling please feel free to sort oot!)

I saw Senga so I had to jook up a close, I stiil owe her for the fish suppers.

Jook (2) Or "Juke"
The front of yer jumper or t-shirt.

"Tam goat caught shoapliftin in JJB Sports. He hud three hoodies an a perra adidas trackies up his jook"

Also used by the stupidly polite as a euphemism for arse. "See you, you can jist... jist... Stuff it up your jook!"
CJ swerrs he heard a wummin fae Cardonald shoutin' "Right up your jook" while singin alang wi "The Wild Rover".

Jookies The "Duke o' Argylls". Rhyming slang for the piles.
Jotters To be fired, dismissed, sent off.Ah gave him his jotters because he was a eejit</>
Jubbly (or Joobly) Tetrahedral lump of orange coloured ice encased in waxed cardboard. Sooked by weans until white then used as a missile at the ABC minors on a Saturday morning.
Jube Jube Also Jujube

Noun: sweetmeat (Ok, a sweetie... alright - for you Murcans - candy)

As far as the writer is aware, this is a hardish, jelly covered with

sugar. You may of course, know differently. Please feel free to bombard

the forum with corrections pointing out all the things that I got

wrong...I promise to give each and every one the same amount of

attention, so please feel free to post your thoughts...

Apparently this was originally taken from the name of a fruiting tree the

Jujube.. see links:

The Jujube

These may originally have been medicinal sweets, and the non-medicianl teeth-rotting attributes just gradually took precedence over the medicinality of the confection.

As far as I know, (but I may be mistaken) no-one still makes jujube/jube-jubes as such... Does any one know of a manufacturer in Scotland?

There may also be a sweetie still being made in the States called Jujubes. But some people think they should be called Joojoobeees. (how crazy is that?)

See this link:

US Joojoobeees

The author of this site talks about Candian jujbes, but doesn't say what they are.

The best thing about the word jubejube / jujube is the marvellous

expression it gives us:

Any futile exercise; anything which involves an inordinate amount of work

for very little return.

Like feedin' jujubes tae an elephant

Judas Carry-ootRhyming slang - Judas Iscariot = carry oot
Juke To cut in front of someone in a queue
Jupe or jupin Highland expression, to skive offAh wis jupin skweel an got caught by the beak sae noo ah'm grounded fur life.

jeggy bottle

a barrs glass bottle

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