Scottish slang word Definition
Hackit Ugly, usually femaleSee her, she's pure hackit, so she is
Haddie A person/group of people who are hopeless at something.

eg - Football team played like a bunch of haddies

Hame HomeExampleHame is wherr the hert is
Hampden The score.Usually asked as a question (What\'s the Hampden?),rhyming slang and shortened from The Hampden Roar.Can mean either the result (of a game) or the situation.
Hanker A snotter, bogie, especially of the large green variety.

"Aw don't greet hen, it's only a picture"
"Gie's a lenna yer hanky"
"AH canny"

"How no?"
"Thur a big hanker in it"

Hashet Noun Large plate or bowl, of the sort used for making steak pehs and similar. From the French for 'plate', 'assiette'.
Haud HoldHaud oan a meenit, or ah'll panel yerr coupon
Haud yer wheesht Be quiet!
Haver VerbTo blether keech, at great length. As in:Shut yir puss, yi haverin bastirt.
Haw maws testicles (rhyming slang)
"Ah know ye're fae a broken home, an ye've goat a drug habit, an ye're a victim o' society, an ye've got low self esteem. Noo pit the video doon an get oota mah hoose afore ah take this cleaver tae yer haw maws ya wee burglin' bastart"
Haws Insuperably enjoyable or beautiful."Draught MacEwans is the haws"."White puddin suppers is the haws".
Hedley Bar (rhyming from Hedley Lamarr in Mel Brooks' "Blazing Saddles")
Hee Haw Nothing, zero, emptyExampleTony Blair kens hee haw aboot hee haw
Heid Bummer Noun: The boss; the person in charge; the head honcho; top banana ; big dog ; chief ; el jefe ; the man ; High Heid Yin; top of the food chain etc etc etc.

Note - there are only ever Heid Bummers - there are never any subordinate bummers, or even just bummers. Only Heid Bummers. Come to think of it... picture the following conversation:

Caller: Hello, ah'd like tae speak tae the Top Banana.

Receptionist: Eh'm sorry but the Top Banana is in a meeting.. May eh put ye through to the Assistant Banana?

That just doesn't happen either.

Example: Wummin 1: hallo, Missis Mac , how's your wee Shagger gettin oan?
Mrs Mac: Oh rerr, at's him the Heid Bummer at the Parly noo...
Wummin 1: Aye, but ah hear the jannies at Bute Hoose ur gunnin fur him...

Heid-the-ba The person in charge.

If you need a refund you must consult heid-the-ba, he is in charge. He is a bit of a numpty but who in management isnt?

Heidy Headmaster

If you dont behave I will report you to the heidy.

Heifer A gangly clumsy teenage lassie
Hen Word to describe someone you affectionatly know (female only). (Aye, ok then hen)
Hen word to describe someone you affectionatly know (female only). (Aye
Henerine don't know?
Herry Noun: A streetwise young lady, lacking in refinement, probably somewhere in her teenage years. Often possessed of a less-than-delicate voice, and rather unsubtle vocabulary. May be used to denote one who is over-eager to explore the possibilities of indiscriminate precocious sexual experimentation.

Sometimes spelled "hairy"
Example: Young Lady: Naw, ah'm no gettin inty nae threesome wi you an yer mate! Whit dae ye hink am ur? A wee herry? Wan at a time... wan at a time, Awright? Fuck's sake!.....

Herry Pie The female genitalia, minge, fud.
Het noun: the one most recently "tug" in a game of Tig, or Hide-and-Seek, "It" Tig! You're Het!
Hickey A love biteHaw gonnae no dae hickeys oan ma tits, ma da'll see them
Hidie To play hide and seek.
High Heid Yins A term for upper management " Ah cannae dae nuthin aboot that hen,ye'll huv tae talk tae the high heid yins upstairs.
Hilda vomit (rhyming slang from Hilda Gronk)
"Ah wis gonny go in furra Chic Murray last night but thir wis a big Hilda on the pavement ootside the kebab shoap. Pit me right aff so it did...So ah jist went fur a pizza.
hing aff us leave me alone
Hing oot (noun) Lady of easy virtue, a hoor.

(Verb) Of a gentleman, to engage in sexual congress........"Ah wid hing oot thon wee Wendy tae the Sanitary pull't me aff!"

Hingin A young lady of the age of sexual consent but unfit for the purpose
Hingy Under the weather. In the early stages of getting a cold or other illness. " He's no well...he's a bit hingy."
Hirple Verb: To limp, walk with uneven gait.
Example:Ma feet's fuckin killin me wi these new shoes! Ah wis hirplin aboot the dancin aw night!
Hizer Pronounced - high-zer.

A clothes pole (Arbroath)

translation, "Hey wee man gonnay get ra hizer tae keep ra sheets fae draggin onra grund"

Hoaching covered by a mass of living things, infested. Ah was in the toon and it was hoaching wi celtic supporters
Hochle To cough up phlegm, especially thick green mucus from the throat.

"Ah wis sittin oan the bus yesterday when ah sudenly noticed they'd done away wi the signs that used tae say "No Spitting".So ah thoat since it wisny forbidden ah wid hochle up a big greener an hing it oan the windae.The wummin in the windae seat started complainin like fuck. Ye'd huv thoat ah'd called HUR a cow or somethin'! Then the Driver pit me aff."

Hogbeast An unattractive woman."Did ye see the burd wi Paul oan Seturday what a fuckin hogbeast, you could play a roond a golf oan er erse."
Hoorin' Chasing women of easy virtue. "Are ye aff oot hoorin' it the nicht agin?"As an adjective in Fife. "Ah missed the hoorin' bus an' had tae walk hame"
hooter Nose
Houghmagandy NounThe act of sexual congress.
Howff Public house, usually of the spit and sawdust variety.
Howfin Smelly, Stinking"Man yer feet are howfin'"
Howlin SmellyWho drapped that? It's howlin!!
Hoy To throw, or to throw out/away
as in:

Are ye gonnae eat this parritch frae yisterda, or will a jist hoy et ?

Huckle VerbTo make the acquaintance of the local constabulary viz:"Erwis a wee bit stushie in the closie last nicht an ah goat huckled."
Hudgie Pronounced like budgie meaning a free lift hanging on for dear life at the rear of a vehicle(usually an ice cream van)whilst the driver was totally oblivious to your presence.
Humbaw Another glasgow word for fellatio but is used as a witty retort....gies a humbaw,ya dobber.
Humdinger Noun: That which is exceptional; worthy of note; but not necessarily in a good way... often used of people whose behaviour is at odds with reality, or of things which are significantly different from normal.

pronounced HUMM DING ER

Example: Huv ye met her Maw? She's pure mental. A real humdinger!.
Did ye read that Beewardrobe's latest? At's a real humdinger

Humph Convex shape below ones shoulders.
Humphey Backit A person with a humph, or hankering after one.

If I do any more lino laying I will get humphy-backit and no mistake.

Hun A supporter of Glasgow Rangers football club
Hunners A number generally more than 10.Ah've told you hunners ae times, dinnae pick yer nose wi yer fork
Hurl Lift, ride

I got a hurl on the back of the ginger lorry.


Maw, he hurled a stane at me, the bastard.


Hello how are you?

Or "Wot's happenin" What are you doing today?

The question can be taken rhetorically as in just a hello or you can also answer. It's an ice breaker.

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