Scottish slang word Definition
Gadgie Noun An old tinker word meaning a person from a town. Nowadays tends to be used to describe persons from the Central Belt - having implications similar to 'schemie' with regard to dress sense, intellect and big dug ownership. Used a lot by neeps.
Gallus ADJ. Bold, daring, rash, wild, unmanageable, impish, mischievous, cheeky. As in "Yi gallus wee besom, eh'll skelp yir erse!"
Gallusses Braces fur haudin up yir troosers !!
Galoot An idiot.
Yah big galoot ye, yuv let the aligator oot.
Gaun Going - He's gaun doon the broo - He has gone down to see those nice people at the employment exchange
Gaun yersel Lit. Go on yourself.
Proceed alone in a bold or audacious manner.

When Archie Gemmell passed the second Dutch defender half of Scotland leapt out of their armchairs shouting, "Gaun yersel wee man!"

Geggy Your mouth. Originally a travelling side-show or playlet. Hence 'penny geggie' and thereafter 'shut yer geggie!' (be quiet!)

Wid ye shut yer geggy, it doesn't half spout a load of keech!

Gemmy A wee hard man,a ned
geroot ahm locked in the shitehoose an cannae geroot
Gettae Go away
Gettin' aff at Paisley Coitus interruptus.

Paisley Gilmour Street is the penultimate station on many train routes from the Clyde coast.

Gies Give us

Gies a kick of your ball Farquar

Gigot pint (of beer) (from rhyming slang gigot joint)

"Breenge up the Hedley an get us a coupla gigots o' Brian Donlevy"

Ginger A carbonated drink such as coke, pepsi etc.
Ginger (2) A slate (rhyming slang from ginger beer)
Ginger (3) Irn BruMostly used by Neds
Gingy Ginger bootle - when ye used tae get 20p if you took Irn Bru bottles back to the shop or the van - takin the gingies tae the van (or shop)...Gingy merchant - a person who collected gingies and took then to the van (or shop)
Girn To moan or to pull a face
Gladys A Jobby (Rhyming slang from Gladys Knight)
Glaikit ADJ. Stupid, foolish, thoughtless, vacant. As in "Awa, yi glaikit bastirt!" Often used of gadgies, minkers and schemies.
Glasgae one-step A dance done when Blootered on Vino Collapso or Buckfast. Place one foot firmly on the floor and gyrate the other foot roond it, touching with the toes as if the water is hot. Eventually place other foot firmly on the floor and repeat - until you eventually get hame.
Glasgow kiss Headbutt
Glass cheque Noun- used to describe empty bottles returned to a shop/van to get the deposit back---Heh big Mary must be skint there she goes doon tae the van wae the glass cheque.
glaur fifeism for muck e.gAh tripped ower an' got sleggered in glaur
Glesca Kiss Noun A headbutt.
Gliff Fright, startle.

'Ooh, ah didnae see you lurkin err, you didnae hauf gie me a gliff'

Gob Spit, deposit saliva or green ectoplasm

"Shut yer gob or ah'll batter yerr coupon"

Gob Shite Talking a load of rubbish
Gobble Picturesque if indelicate Glasgow term for fellatio.

"Gonny gie's a gobble hen"
"Rub mah tits furst, ah'm no' a cow ye know!"

Gochle To spit. A globule of saliva.
Gollach Earwig
Gomeril A tube, stupit person.
Goosed fucked, no' workin'
Gormless Without gorm, a clueless incompetent.See thae eejits up in the Parly, thurr gormless tae a man
Goupin' Not very nice.As in 'This mince pie is goupin
goupin' sare or hurtin'i.e. ma' fit wis goupin( different to the one you have
Gowk Fool. My proud mother on birth of wee brother - "Hullo Auntie Jean, The bairn was born yesterday, April the 1st"
Elderly Auntie Jean - "Oh my goad yoov goat a gowk!"

Sounds of quiet sobbong from Ma

Gowpin Not very nice.

"This mince pie is goupin an it's only ten days past the sell by. Dae ye want it furr yerr tea or will ah gie it tae the wean?"

Grand canyon A generous and loose-fitting female sex-passage, resulting in an experience like "throwing a sausage up a close"
Green An expanse of grass, sometimes behind the tenement where the clothes would be hung to dry.
Green Dug An expanse of grass that has been turned over, so as to be renewed.
Greet(ing) Cry(ing), moan(ing)Aye she's a right greetin bugger, they cry her moaning minnie
Greyfriars Bobby See Jobby
Gub Mouth. Similar to the Sassenach "gob", equally inexplicable."Shut yer gub ya bawheid"
Gubbed Beaten, defeated, thrashed.Wizzit no a shame seein Ingerlund gettin gubbed by Brazil
Guddling Messing about in the water, playing. e.g. if a child is playing in a muddy puddle or the bath with some toys with no real pupose to the game they are said to be guddling.
Also a technique for catching fish in burns using only your hands.
Guddling Messing about in the water
Guiser NounSomeone dressed up for door-to-door muggings. Usually carries a neep with a candle in it - hence the expression he's goat a heid like a guiser's neep...
Gutties Noun Rubber soled sports shoes, plimsolls.


My mum says 'Gads' all the time if something is disgusting. It's an Ayrshire term. e.g. if she saw someone pickin their nose, she'd say 'gads'.

New meaning for geggie

Geggie is a go cart made from scrap like pram wheels. Used in campsie and kilsyth in the 1960s

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