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Scottish Slang Word Definition
a dinnieken I dont know
ABC Minors Saturday mornin' movies for weans at ABC cinemas. Show consisted of a shite children's film, usually wi Hayley Mills in it, some cartoons, an a crap serial like "Attack o' the unconvincing robots".
Ye went tae fling sooked jooblies at the screen an generally run aboot tae see if the man wid pit ye oot.
If ye goat pit oot yer pals wid let ye back in through the fire exit.
Act it Deliberately behaving in an obtuse manner. Trying it on.
'Twelve pints isnae enuff tae get ye pished so dinnae act it.'
Aff Off
Come oan, get aff! Ye aff yer heid?
Aff Off or from, depending on usage.
ExamplesYer aff yer heid - You're madAh goat it aff the broo - I got it from those nice people at the Employment Exchange
ah'ament I'm not
ah'mno I am not
ah'murnie I am not
Alba The Gaelic name for Scotland
Alba Gu Brath Scotland Forever
am'fair peched to pech i.e. breathe noisily
Amur I am.
"Am gaun to ra shoaps" (I'm going to the shops)
"No yur no" (No you're not)
"Amur so" (I am too)
Amurny "I am not". Used for denial of any allegation directed at oneself.
e.g. "You're pished!" would provoke the response "naw amurny!"
Used commonly in the Lower Reaches of the Clyde, possibly other areas
An then yer arse fell aff. A term used when someone is bullshitting.
ane As in "I Lo'e Na A Laddie But Ane
Arab Mild nuisance, troublemaker
ExampleYer an arab. Bugger aff.
Supporter of Dundee United
Arse bandit Pejorative term for a homosexual
Atspish That is not so good. Quite frankly, I'm dissappointed.
Auld Old - Get aff yer erse ya auld weegie bampot
Auldjin Anybody older than 40.
Away an bile yer heid Get lost, shut up. Away an bile yer heid ya numpty,ye dinnae ken whit yer talkin aboot.
Awfy Peely-Wally Sick, ill - "Ye're lookin' awfy peely-wally, son".
awroonrihooses To go up and down to every house in the district....usually used when one is seeking Wheryubeen?-Where have you been? Ah'vbeen- I have been awrronrihooseslookingfur ye - I looling every where for you....
Aye Yes or always, depending on usageExamplesAye, ah'm coming oot - Yes, I'm coming outHe's aye gaun oot - He's always going out
Aye ma Auntie Shortening of Aye Ma Aunt Fannie.
A refined version of awa tae fuck yer talkin pish.
Aye right No, not likely (I don't believe it, or I won't actually do it)


Scottish slang Word Definition
Ba'-heid noun: similar in meaning to Heid-the ba'. One with an over-inflated opinion of their own importance.
pronounced Baw Heed
may also be used adjectivally: Ba'heidit
Example: Heh! You! Ba'-heid! Yer mate's near as ba'-heidit as you r!
Back a (ten) Phrase meaning meeting time (I'll meetcha the back a' ten) I will meet you at either 5 mins to 10, 10 o'clock or 5 mins after.
Back green The common drying area (whether grassed or not) behind a tenement
Baffies Slippers, house shoes
Bahookie freezer A bum freezer. A jacket or jersey that's too short
bairn child
Bajin A bad one.'See that Sean, thas a bajin, he's oanly chibbed tha' puur Mrs Wummin ferrer pension'Badness personified, as in Rank Bajin, the dastardly criminal genius against whom Lobey Dosser is pitted in the comic strips.
balloon Noun: One with an exaggerated opinion of their own importance. Similar to heid-the-ba' and ba'-heid. Sometimes used more generally for a fool, but especially one who is an extremely confident fool.

Example: Ignore him, wi his big BMW an his swimmin pool. He's a big balloon.

Baltic Freezing. Really, very bloody cold.
Bam Aberdonian abusive term for non-educated delinquent.
Bampot A mildly unhinged person.
Banger To describe someone that's mentally challenged
"check the nick a that banger over there"
can also be used when enquiring on how your pal got on with his new girlfriend.
"Did ye banger?"
Bar-L A term for Glasgow's Barlinnie Prison otherwise known as the big hoose or the Riddrie Hilton.
Barkit ADJ. Popular term in Dundee, indicating the general 'unwashedness' of a person viz; "Awa an hae a wash, yi barkit wee minker".
Barnie A bit of bother, a scuffle.
Barras, the Glasgow street market. From 'Barrows'
Barry Splendid, good, wonderful
Bauchle A wee fat wifie.
baw bag scrotum
baw hair a hairsbreadth. He missed me by a baw hair
Baw juggler Someone who is a total tit and goes out of their way to piss everyone off with dumb ass remarks; their friends don't even like them.
Bawbag A useless personHaw, see you Vogts, yerr a bawbag ya choob
Bawherr A tiny amount (literally a scrotal hair)

"Ah'm only a bawherr away fae pannin your stupit melt in ya gomeril"

Bawjaws One who jaws baws.
Baws TesticlesPronunciationBozz
Beedy Sharp or citrus like taste
Beelin A boil or very angry plook!
Beelin (2) Boiling, angry."Ah never goat ma check fae the broo, ah'm fuckin beelin, so ah um"
Beezer Cracker, excellent!
Beid To Stay with"I beidit wit ma pal maw" "I stayed with my friend mother"
bellywasher Pint of beer.

"it was decided to abandon the meeting of the education committee and adjourn to the Rubbadub for a few bellywashers"

belter Something that is very good.....or someone who is not all there..

eg her tits are belters

or look of the state of that belter hes pished himself.

Belter, Belters Something that is very good \"that\'s a pure fuckin belter by the way\"

can be used as a plural as well \"her tits are belters\"

ben in or through as in:"huv ye seen ma glessies?!"aye thir ben the kitchen"
Berries 1) Great, brilliant - as in : "Thon wis the berries!"
2) Annual holiday in Blairgowrie - the berry picking season. Minkers from all over Scotland gather together to pick the berries and get pished a lot.
Berryhuckle a round (of drinks)

From Spoonerised rhyming slang..... Huckleberry (hound) = round

bertie-auld rhyming slang for cold/cauld
Besom Originally a broomstick, now means a cheeky hussy, loose woman, or hing oot. As in "Yi gallus wee besom, eh'll skelp yir erse!"
Bidie in Partner in co-habiting unmarried relationship.
Bile Boil

as in "awa an bile yer heid"

Bin howker A person who 'howks' (takes) rubbish out of bins for further personal use. A term of abuse.
Bing Heap of shale and other mining detritus, common feature at one time of the landscapes of West Fife, West Lothian and Lanarkshire. Who can say in their heart of hearts that they have not gasped at the magnificence of one of these industrial mountains, steaming slightly even in the pouring rain? Now sadly being landscaped, used as road-fill, turned into golf courses and otherwise diminished. A sad loss to Scotland's industrial landscape...... not.
Hollywood crooner who hung about with Bob Hope (see separate entry) and slid down golf clubs.
bint A fanciable women
Birl Verb: to twirl or spin, particularly to the point of dizziness
Example: The wean wis birlin roon an roon oan the swivel chair, but she startit tae boak.

Ma heid's birlin wi aw this information fae this new Glossary

bits boots or smart shoeseg. "a goat these bits af the back o a lorry"
Blether Gossip, chat extensively
Bletherer Chatterbox, talkative person
Bletherskite Someone talking rubbish, in the listener's opinion.
Blootered DrunkPronunciationBlue Turd
blootert drunk, pished, steamin
Bluenose Noun1) On the West Coast - a Hun2)On the East Coast - A Dundee FC Supporter
Boaby Penis... As in
Boak To throw up, be sickSee Tony Blair, every time I see his coupon, ah wantae boak
Bob Hope Marijuana (Rhyming Slang)
Bog Toilet, bathroom.
Boggin Useless, no good, smelly

A never seen entity always hiding in dark places. Used to scare children.A type of scooter/cart made with a roller skate a plank of wood and an orange box mounted vertically at the front. It had a strap across the top for a handlebar.,

Bogie Snot in yer nose,usually runny an nae very nice.
Bolt Run away...

"As in "Theres the pigs man Bolt"

boo tae a goose describtion of a mild mannered person. ie:"aw him? naw
Bool marbles
Example 'She talks wi a bool in her mooth' ie posh!

Or the game of grass bowls

Bothy A wee shepherds hut or roughly built holiday cottage.
Bowfin Adjective: Smelly, dirty like mingin with the emphasis on the smelly.

Ah wisht ah'd washed ma jumper efter ah wis sick oan it last week. It's pure bowfin noo, so it is..

Brammer Excellence, usually associated with an individual.Haw, yerr takin me oot for a bevvy are ye. See you, yerr a brammer, by the way
brassic to be without money...
Braw Good
Breeks Pants, under or otherwise.

I was caught with my breeks doon, I was fair affronted!

Breenge To go, to sojourn. "Ah'm gonny breenge up the barras the morra, so am ur, tae get some new white sports soacks."
Brian Donlevy (pint of) heavy (rhyming slang)
Broo Unemployment Exchange
Bubbly-jock NounTurkey
buckie buckshee
Buckie Buckfast - tonic wine drunk by neds
Buckled Adj meaning drunk to the extent that one's legs don't function as they should.
Bufty Derogatory name for a gay person (male only)
bufty derotatory name for a gay person (male only)
bum, bum yer chat
  1. to boast, brag
  2. person who does so
Bumfel Hummock or ruck in cloth or other soft material. "Oh look ma carpets aw bumfeled"
Bumpin yer gums Talking too much Away an stoap bumpin yer gums ya bletherin auld skite.
Bunker The work top in the kitchen usually next to the sink.
bunker The work top in the kitchen usually next to the sink.
Bunnet (1) A hat, particularly a flat cap as worn by industrial workers in grainy films aboot when Scotland hud industries that made stuff an' didny jist assemble things.
Bunnet (2) The Glans, or head of the penis.

"Aw doactur, Ah've rubbed oven cleaner oan mah tadger instead o' KY jeely, an noo mah bunnet's giein' me pure Gyp. It's loupin', so it is!"

Burglar's dug Dug usually seen in company of Neds. Choose from a variety of wean eatin monsters and nippy wee bastarts:


broon an black Bull Terriers (pick a breed, thir aw the same)
Thae hideously ugly white an pink wans wi the pointy noses
Jack Russels (sorry tae youse wans thit huv thum but here thir Ned's dugs)
Big Doberman lookin things wi broon herr that look like some specialist breed an OBVIOUSLY came fae stolen puppies.

Burroo Unemployment Exchange
Buster Mibee this wis jist local tae Perth. In the middle forties, Watson's Fish & Chips sold a buster. It wis a wee poke ow chips we peas ahnd cost a thripny bit. Gie's a buster afore ah bust yerr
Bytheway The sole surname in use in Glesga."Ma name's Jimmy Bytheway."


Scottish slang word Definition
Cannae Can not, can't.

Ah cannae git the matches tae light!
Ye cannae come in here wi'oot a tie, pal

Canny Shrewd cautious or crafty
Capercaillie A game bird, looks kinna like a humungous grouse ur partridge!

Also the name o a Scottish band....

caramel toilet (rhyming slang "caramel log")

"Ah'm away tae the caramel fur a Gladys"

Cargo Carry out of alcoholic drinks Get me a cargo furr a swally the night</>
Catch a canter Hanging onto the back of a horse drawn waggon or dray without the drayman seeing you.
Cauld ColdIt wiz caulder than a witches tit
chanty wrassler a useless dishonest person
Chap or Chappit To mash as in 'chappit tatties n neeps ur traditionally served wi haggis'


Chap - to knock as in 'someone is chappin at the door'

Chav Edinburgh variant of Ned.
chaynge no idea
Cheb Breast

"awe aye that lassies got bloody huge chebs"

Chib Noun: A non-projectile weapon. May be blunt or sharp, can include razors, lead pipes, bits of wood with nails hammered in, Stanley knives, etc... . Possibly the main feature that these will have in common is that a chib is something which has been adopted for use as a weapon, possibly with ingenious modifications, rather than something originally designed for that purpose. So a survivalist knife with a 10-inch blade wi the wee jaggy bits (What ur they fur anyway?) is probably not a chib.

A crossbow or catapult is similarly not a chib. A Star Trek phaser is not a chib.

Probably connected to the word shiv.
Prounced Tchib

A chibbing is an attack from such an implement.

Verb: To employ a chib - usually against another human being, but often against a ned. One who has been subjected to attack with a chib is said to have been chibbed.

Examples: Hey, did ye see that pigeon chibbin that seagull wi the Irn Bru boattle?
Ah'm no sayin it's a rough pub, but if the chucker-oot frisks ye an disnae fun a chib, he gies ye wan!

chillax a combonation between chill and relax
china pal...close friend. I come from Glasgow and know this word well but have never seen it in any dictionary.
Choob Tube. Stupid Person. Idiot.

"Yer such a choob, of course yer tadger wid get inflamed is ye rubbed it hard wi nettles"

Chookter Country bumpkin
Chore to steal. "It wis choried", "gaun oot on the chore"
chuckter pronounced: chookter (or there abouts)means a yokel or non-townser
Chuffed Pleased (usually with oneself)See Dischuffed
Chunty The toilet or a potty
Chuter Country local, farm person similar to N.Irish Cultchy
civer/siver A drain in the road into which chukie stanes, wee lone star models and other objects go, never to be seen again.
Clabbydoo Rarely come by seafood delicacy, apparently you can still buy them at the Barras, a large horse mussel.
Clam up Shut yer trap / be quiet / shut yer puss
"Aw gonnae clam up, Jimmy, yer gien' us a sore heid."
clap mister can i clap yer dog? (as you know pat yer dog) but in england they think you are crazy!
Clatty Adj-- meaning dirty,unkempt as in-- He could dae wae a guid wash, that clatty auld bastart.
Claw baw An insult..meaning somebody spends most of their time with their hands down their pants.
clipe to tell or snitch on someone
Clishmaclaiver Chatter, idle talk
Clock VerbTo notice, or observe, as in:Eh clocked whit yir daein, yi bastirt
Clootie dumplin A boiled pudding rich with dried fruits.
Close Noun An alleyway, a passage at the rear of houses.

The passageway leading into a tenement building. May also be referred to on the east coast as a 'closie'.

Clout To slap or hit.

Eh'll gie u a right clout, pal.

Cludgie Toilet
Clype To inform on. A person who informs on others. A grass. A yopper
Coagie A working-class resident of Dundee.

A supporter of Dundee F.C.

Coarn Doag The ubiquitous Dundee steak - corned beef!
Coaxy A piggy back carry.
Collie-buckie A piggy back"C'moan, Hen, I'll gie ye a wee collie-buckie."
Contermashious Contrary
Coo Cow, but not as an insult.
coo prenounceation of Cow in scotland.
Corbie A crow
Corriejukit Left or wrong handed
coup Rubbish dump"This bedrooms like a coup"
Coupin' Hurting like hell.See efter Senga larrup'd ma tadger, it wisnae hauf coupin
Coupon Face
Cow The worst, the VERY WORST insult you can give a Scots woman is to call her a cow. All other sweary words pale into insignificance beside this most-powerful of derogatory terms.

"Please Miss Magrit-Anne said a bad word"
"What did she say Condoleeza?, you can spell it out if you don't want to swear."
"She said ah wis a fuckin C.O.W. Miss."

True story as telt tae CJ by his maw, only the names huv been chinged fur comedy purposes.

Cowp Noun - rubbish dump."Clean your room up, it looks like a bloody cowp in here"Verb - spill, fall over, tip. "Did you cowp mah pint, ya bastard?"
Crabbit Adj- meaning grumpy. As in--- 'See yon Fitty,she kin be a crabbit auld bitch at times."
Crabbit cross or angry

'See her, she's a crabbit owd beezum'

Crakin nice
Cratur Whisky, scotch.
Creeping Jesus The sage of Govan
Crivens Goodness me! (much loved by the Broons)
Cromulent Adjective: Sensible, well-known, respectable; appropriate.

Example: D'ye hink ye should huv went doon yersel tae cash in yer Lottery Ticket?
Naw, naw, Wee Fly Man McCreadie's a perfectly cromulent fella

We are indebted to Mr Og, a citizen of the Unites States of Apple-pie for this contribution

Cry Called or named.

'They cry him "wee greetin bugger" when he disnae get 'is ain way.'

Cuddy Noun: a horse; maybe also a donkey; probably even wee ponies.
Wean:Maw, Maw! Ah want a shot oan wan a they cuddies!
Maw:Them's no cuddies, son. Thon's a herd ah sheep. They can brek yer airm wi a single flap ah thur wings...
Cuddy lug A smart clout around the ear."Any mair ay yer cheek an' ye'll get a cuddy lug, ye wee bugger!"
Cundy Noun A drain or gutter. From the French 'conduit'.
Cunty Baws Affectionate term often used when greeting ones friends.
'Awrite c*nty baws'
cuntybuggeryfucktoleybumshite the ultimate scottish swear word.....


Scottish slang word Definition
Dae Day Do Dae ah huvv tae lamp yer coupon?"
Daftie A harmless idiot Dinnae bother aboot him, he's jist a daftie
Dale 'Diving dale' = diving board at a swimming pool. Possibly from an old word for plank (of wood)
dancer used in different ways...Ya dancer-term of glee or exultation..... Tap dancer- three stairs up in a tenement or top floor in a prison..(also called Fredastair or Freda
De'il Satan The dei'l will get ye if ye tell lies!
Dead (2) Adjective or Adverb: Very, extremely, superlatively.

For some reason always prounced Ded, never Deed.

Example:Oor Sadie hus went tae the Uni -she's dead clever so she is...

Deid Deed. DeadSee you pal, yerr deid
derry to blame another
Dicht Wipe."Awa' an' dicht yer neb ye snottery bastard ye"
Diddie (also Diddy) Twit, confused person, bit of a (see Bampot)
Also a breast.
ExampleSee thon: he's a right diddie so he is.
Didgie Glasgow variant of 'midgie' (midden)
Didnae Did not."It wisnae me miss, ah didnae stick his heid doon the cludge, honest."
Dighted ADJ. Not having all the lights on, being eleven pence three farthings short of a shilling. A daftie. As in "Yon cunt's dighted".
Dinger, Go one's...... Verb: To Go yer dinger means to become extremely excited or angry about something, usually involving raised voices, possibly the throwing of everyday household objects, slammed doors and the like..

Example: When mah maw got hame an fun me in hur bed wi the postie an the lassie fae Gregg's the Bakers - she went her dinger

Pronunciation: Ding(like a bell).... er - never dinjer

NOTE: to the best knowledge of the writer, "Dinger" is never used in any other context, but always in conjunction with "To go"

Dingy to ignore.

"dinnae dingy me ya wee boot"
"ah texted him but he just dingyed me"

Dingy to ignore as in "dinnae dingy me ya wee boot"or "ah texted him but he just dingyed me"
Dinnae Don't."Dinnae gie me a gammy then, ah didnae want wan anyhow"
Dischuffed Not pleased. Usually about someone or something else.See Chuffed
Dobber A tube, a bampot, a half-erect penis
dobber Idiot
Dog To have unauthorised absence from schoolAs in " You wuz doggin today"
Dogs Baws Excellent, top quality
Dokey A penis as in "Sook mah dokey"
Dook Meaning- to dip into as in Dookin a bit of rhubarb into a poke of sugar (see poke.)
Dookin fur chips Similar to well skelped erse but usually related to men who drink loads and have red noses "he's been dooking fur chips"
Doolally To appear visibly upset or mentally unhinged:Ah jist saw yir maw an she's goin' doolally!
Doon-the-Watter Sentimental term to describe the phenomenon of tens of thousands of Glaswegians packing an armada of Caledonian Steam Packet Company pleasure boats, gettin totally shitfaced on the voyage (hence the expressions "Steamboats" and "Steamin" drunk), and wrecking Millport, Rothesay, and Dunoon.
Doss In edinburgh this means rubbish, however in perth it means brilliant
double nugget Two pound coin
Drap Drop
A wee drap o' the cratur.
Dreel NounDrill, row, or furrow. Used a lot at the Berries (see entry) as in:"Haw, Jimmy, yir awa' thi wrang dreel!"
Dreep v.To disembark oneself from a high place (wall, roof etc.), holding on, hands on edge, then letting go and landing feet first(hopefully) on ground.

n.A rather tall gangly miserable chap

Dreich ADJ.Description of the usual Scottish weather viz:Damp, dreary, overcast, drizzling, threatening to pish doon, looks like it will stay like this for weeks.......
Droofin Needing a alcoholic beverage?
Usually said by neds on a friday night

"awwh am droofin mahn"

Drookit Soaked to the skin.
Ah'll need tae get hame an dry aff,that rains got me drookit.
Druthy Thirsty
Dry boak Intense form of scunner
Dry Yer Eyes Instruction to another to cease and desist from whining and complaining. Often unrelated to any real tears.. This is really a feckin cheeky thing to say, so make sure you are standing well away of the person to whom you say it...

Example: Aw did wee diddums turn oot tae be HIV-positive? Ach, dry yer eyes!

Dub Puddle
Dubble Nuggit An affluent gadgies slider (see slider). Ice cream between two thick wafers containing chocolate and rich fondant (not unlike that which is to be found in a Tunnocks Teacake). Similar to an Oyster.
Dubble Nuggit An affluent gadgies slider (see slider). Ice cream between two thick wafers containing chocolate and rich fondant (not unlike that which is to be found in a Tunnocks Teacake). Similar to an Oyster.
Dubs Dubs (in Aberdeen
Dug Hammer Instrument fur killin dugs, sizes vary according to breed. Ah prefer a Stanley Claw Hammer masel. Wan size fits aw!
dump a small bottle of beer
Dunderheid Person of unsound mind.
Dunt A thump, blow.

At wis a helluva dunt ah goat when ah walked intae thon door.

Dunt, double Noun: when weekly-paid employees receive 2 weeks' pay at once - for example at holiday time.

Example: She'll murder me.. that wis me wi a double dunt. An ah went tae the Boundary Bar an tanned it............. Ach well is that mah round again? Spud ! Can ah tap a ten-spot aff ye tae pay-day?

Dwam DaydreamWizz ah in a wee dwam, or urr English goalies really shite?


Scottish slang word Definition
eat the breed idiot
Eat-the-Breid noun: Mildly abusive term for one with a healthy appetite; also one who appears unduly enthusiastic

pronounced: Eet the breed

Edgy To keep lookout " Haw! heid-banger, keep edgy fur ma maw"
Eeejit A fool, an idiot
Eh Means yes, used in dundee all the time

Eh i ken = Yes I know

Ell - Oh 2 Look Out.
"You keep the Ell-Oh while ah batter this cunt's melt in an knock his moby"
Ell-Oh noun: Contraction of Leg-Opener
Any brand of very strong lager - But properly applied specifically to Carlsberg Special Brew or Tennent's Super Lager.

Example:Wanst she's goat a few ay they Ell-Ohs in hur, she goes pure aff her heid

Emma Well-spoken (see booley mooth) young lady, as in "Emma Watsonian"
Errapolis The constabulary is approaching.Usually followed by "Ah'm gettin the fuck ootae here"
Erse Arse, bum
Ersed BotheredGonnae get us a beer fae the fridge?" "Naw.. Ah cannae be ersed"


Scottish slang word Definition
Fa or Far Where as in 'Farnhellrwe' Aberdonian
Fag Cigarette (gies a fag)
Fair Affronted Embarrassed
I didn't have a ticket for the alligator when the man came round. I was fair affronted!
Fankle Noun: Any complex tangle in string, or wool or cable.
Example: Ah wis gonny take the wean fishin, but the nylon's in a pure fankle an ah canny be arsed tae take it aw oot.
Fanny The female pudenda. A stupid or clumsy person, EG "Watch wherr yer pointin yer submarine ya fanny, this is Skye"
Fanny batter Excretion from a hot or expectant female. "A had tae wipe ma fanny batter on the curtains afore he'd shag me."
Fannybawz A glasgow male who's demeanor displays an abnormal level of female characteristics
Haw fannybawz, stoap greetin aboot gettin dumped and get yer wine doon ye
Fannyboz A male with testicles also displaying characteristics of having a fanny
fartin aboot Mucking about
Fash VerbUpset, worry"Dinna fash yirsel!"
Feartie-cat NounCoward
fenian A Glasgow Celtic FC Supporter
Ferfochen North East expression - Tired, exhausted. "Ach, av been in the gairden a' day, am fair ferfochen"
Fernent In front of.
  1. Quite or very - "Ah'm ferr puggled efter hoofin' a' the wey hame fae the toon"
  2. Fair - Travelling attaction, with waltzers, chair-o-planes and umbrellas. Usually attended by large gangs of wee neds and sengas. A wonderful place, where after spending vast amounts of money trying to hurl a table-tennis ball into a goldfish bowl, one can "win" a dead goldfish in a plastic bag of blue water.
  3. The traditional start of the summer holidays. Half of Glasgow jets of to the Costa Del Shite, the other half descends on Largs in the pishin' rain.
Ferry-louper NounIncomer to the Scottish islands (Non-PC - a settler)
Fisty Cuffs To start a fight
Fit Fit's he deein-what's he doing. Used a lot in Aberdeen.
Fit Like How are you as in "Fit like" "nae bad yerself"
Flange The female genitalia ie, She had a flange like a bucket of worms !
Fleg A fright, a start. (to get a fleg)
Foonered Full. Stuffed. Can't eat another crumb.
Alternatively, in South Ayrshire, it means cold.
foonert Noticed you had foonered as full up
Foosty Damp, dank
Footer v. meddle, fidget, tinker
Forkytaily Alternative term for an earwig.
Fou Drunk, intoxicated
fuckult to be absolutlely worn out/ or possibly even drunk beyond walking
Fud The female genitalia, herry pie.
Full Bhoona All, as much as possible, maximum effortAh gie'd it the full bhoona, by the way
Furrit Forward
Furry boots Toon The affectionate name by which Aberdeen is known to the rest of Scotland.
From the way that Aberdonians phrase the question to outsider 'where are you from?'... which is in their inimitable accent pronounced something like 'Furryboots ur you fae?'


Scottish slang word Definition
Gadgie Noun An old tinker word meaning a person from a town. Nowadays tends to be used to describe persons from the Central Belt - having implications similar to 'schemie' with regard to dress sense, intellect and big dug ownership. Used a lot by neeps.
Gallus ADJ. Bold, daring, rash, wild, unmanageable, impish, mischievous, cheeky. As in "Yi gallus wee besom, eh'll skelp yir erse!"
Gallusses Braces fur haudin up yir troosers !!
Galoot An idiot.
Yah big galoot ye, yuv let the aligator oot.
Gaun Going - He's gaun doon the broo - He has gone down to see those nice people at the employment exchange
Gaun yersel Lit. Go on yourself.
Proceed alone in a bold or audacious manner.

When Archie Gemmell passed the second Dutch defender half of Scotland leapt out of their armchairs shouting, "Gaun yersel wee man!"

Geggy Your mouth. Originally a travelling side-show or playlet. Hence 'penny geggie' and thereafter 'shut yer geggie!' (be quiet!)

Wid ye shut yer geggy, it doesn't half spout a load of keech!

Gemmy A wee hard man,a ned
geroot ahm locked in the shitehoose an cannae geroot
Gettae Go away
Gettin' aff at Paisley Coitus interruptus.

Paisley Gilmour Street is the penultimate station on many train routes from the Clyde coast.

Gies Give us

Gies a kick of your ball Farquar

Gigot pint (of beer) (from rhyming slang gigot joint)

"Breenge up the Hedley an get us a coupla gigots o' Brian Donlevy"

Ginger A carbonated drink such as coke, pepsi etc.
Ginger (2) A slate (rhyming slang from ginger beer)
Ginger (3) Irn BruMostly used by Neds
Gingy Ginger bootle - when ye used tae get 20p if you took Irn Bru bottles back to the shop or the van - takin the gingies tae the van (or shop)...Gingy merchant - a person who collected gingies and took then to the van (or shop)
Girn To moan or to pull a face
Gladys A Jobby (Rhyming slang from Gladys Knight)
Glaikit ADJ. Stupid, foolish, thoughtless, vacant. As in "Awa, yi glaikit bastirt!" Often used of gadgies, minkers and schemies.
Glasgae one-step A dance done when Blootered on Vino Collapso or Buckfast. Place one foot firmly on the floor and gyrate the other foot roond it, touching with the toes as if the water is hot. Eventually place other foot firmly on the floor and repeat - until you eventually get hame.
Glasgow kiss Headbutt
Glass cheque Noun- used to describe empty bottles returned to a shop/van to get the deposit back---Heh big Mary must be skint there she goes doon tae the van wae the glass cheque.
glaur fifeism for muck e.gAh tripped ower an' got sleggered in glaur
Glesca Kiss Noun A headbutt.
Gliff Fright, startle.

'Ooh, ah didnae see you lurkin err, you didnae hauf gie me a gliff'

Gob Spit, deposit saliva or green ectoplasm

"Shut yer gob or ah'll batter yerr coupon"

Gob Shite Talking a load of rubbish
Gobble Picturesque if indelicate Glasgow term for fellatio.

"Gonny gie's a gobble hen"
"Rub mah tits furst, ah'm no' a cow ye know!"

Gochle To spit. A globule of saliva.
Gollach Earwig
Gomeril A tube, stupit person.
Goosed fucked, no' workin'
Gormless Without gorm, a clueless incompetent.See thae eejits up in the Parly, thurr gormless tae a man
Goupin' Not very nice.As in 'This mince pie is goupin
goupin' sare or hurtin'i.e. ma' fit wis goupin( different to the one you have
Gowk Fool. My proud mother on birth of wee brother - "Hullo Auntie Jean, The bairn was born yesterday, April the 1st"
Elderly Auntie Jean - "Oh my goad yoov goat a gowk!"

Sounds of quiet sobbong from Ma

Gowpin Not very nice.

"This mince pie is goupin an it's only ten days past the sell by. Dae ye want it furr yerr tea or will ah gie it tae the wean?"

Grand canyon A generous and loose-fitting female sex-passage, resulting in an experience like "throwing a sausage up a close"
Green An expanse of grass, sometimes behind the tenement where the clothes would be hung to dry.
Green Dug An expanse of grass that has been turned over, so as to be renewed.
Greet(ing) Cry(ing), moan(ing)Aye she's a right greetin bugger, they cry her moaning minnie
Greyfriars Bobby See Jobby
Gub Mouth. Similar to the Sassenach "gob", equally inexplicable."Shut yer gub ya bawheid"
Gubbed Beaten, defeated, thrashed.Wizzit no a shame seein Ingerlund gettin gubbed by Brazil
Guddling Messing about in the water, playing. e.g. if a child is playing in a muddy puddle or the bath with some toys with no real pupose to the game they are said to be guddling.
Also a technique for catching fish in burns using only your hands.
Guddling Messing about in the water
Guiser NounSomeone dressed up for door-to-door muggings. Usually carries a neep with a candle in it - hence the expression he's goat a heid like a guiser's neep...
Gutties Noun Rubber soled sports shoes, plimsolls.


Scottish slang word Definition
Hackit Ugly, usually femaleSee her, she's pure hackit, so she is
Haddie A person/group of people who are hopeless at something.

eg - Football team played like a bunch of haddies

Hame HomeExampleHame is wherr the hert is
Hampden The score.Usually asked as a question (What\'s the Hampden?),rhyming slang and shortened from The Hampden Roar.Can mean either the result (of a game) or the situation.
Hanker A snotter, bogie, especially of the large green variety.

"Aw don't greet hen, it's only a picture"
"Gie's a lenna yer hanky"
"AH canny"

"How no?"
"Thur a big hanker in it"

Hashet Noun Large plate or bowl, of the sort used for making steak pehs and similar. From the French for 'plate', 'assiette'.
Haud HoldHaud oan a meenit, or ah'll panel yerr coupon
Haud yer wheesht Be quiet!
Haver VerbTo blether keech, at great length. As in:Shut yir puss, yi haverin bastirt.
Haw maws testicles (rhyming slang)
"Ah know ye're fae a broken home, an ye've goat a drug habit, an ye're a victim o' society, an ye've got low self esteem. Noo pit the video doon an get oota mah hoose afore ah take this cleaver tae yer haw maws ya wee burglin' bastart"
Haws Insuperably enjoyable or beautiful."Draught MacEwans is the haws"."White puddin suppers is the haws".
Hedley Bar (rhyming from Hedley Lamarr in Mel Brooks' "Blazing Saddles")
Hee Haw Nothing, zero, emptyExampleTony Blair kens hee haw aboot hee haw
Heid Bummer Noun: The boss; the person in charge; the head honcho; top banana ; big dog ; chief ; el jefe ; the man ; High Heid Yin; top of the food chain etc etc etc.

Note - there are only ever Heid Bummers - there are never any subordinate bummers, or even just bummers. Only Heid Bummers. Come to think of it... picture the following conversation:

Caller: Hello, ah'd like tae speak tae the Top Banana.

Receptionist: Eh'm sorry but the Top Banana is in a meeting.. May eh put ye through to the Assistant Banana?

That just doesn't happen either.

Example: Wummin 1: hallo, Missis Mac , how's your wee Shagger gettin oan?
Mrs Mac: Oh rerr, at's him the Heid Bummer at the Parly noo...
Wummin 1: Aye, but ah hear the jannies at Bute Hoose ur gunnin fur him...

Heid-the-ba The person in charge.

If you need a refund you must consult heid-the-ba, he is in charge. He is a bit of a numpty but who in management isnt?

Heidy Headmaster

If you dont behave I will report you to the heidy.

Heifer A gangly clumsy teenage lassie
Hen Word to describe someone you affectionatly know (female only). (Aye, ok then hen)
Hen word to describe someone you affectionatly know (female only). (Aye
Henerine don't know?
Herry Noun: A streetwise young lady, lacking in refinement, probably somewhere in her teenage years. Often possessed of a less-than-delicate voice, and rather unsubtle vocabulary. May be used to denote one who is over-eager to explore the possibilities of indiscriminate precocious sexual experimentation.

Sometimes spelled "hairy"
Example: Young Lady: Naw, ah'm no gettin inty nae threesome wi you an yer mate! Whit dae ye hink am ur? A wee herry? Wan at a time... wan at a time, Awright? Fuck's sake!.....

Herry Pie The female genitalia, minge, fud.
Het noun: the one most recently "tug" in a game of Tig, or Hide-and-Seek, "It" Tig! You're Het!
Hickey A love biteHaw gonnae no dae hickeys oan ma tits, ma da'll see them
Hidie To play hide and seek.
High Heid Yins A term for upper management " Ah cannae dae nuthin aboot that hen,ye'll huv tae talk tae the high heid yins upstairs.
Hilda vomit (rhyming slang from Hilda Gronk)
"Ah wis gonny go in furra Chic Murray last night but thir wis a big Hilda on the pavement ootside the kebab shoap. Pit me right aff so it did...So ah jist went fur a pizza.
hing aff us leave me alone
Hing oot (noun) Lady of easy virtue, a hoor.

(Verb) Of a gentleman, to engage in sexual congress........"Ah wid hing oot thon wee Wendy tae the Sanitary pull't me aff!"

Hingin A young lady of the age of sexual consent but unfit for the purpose
Hingy Under the weather. In the early stages of getting a cold or other illness. " He's no well...he's a bit hingy."
Hirple Verb: To limp, walk with uneven gait.
Example:Ma feet's fuckin killin me wi these new shoes! Ah wis hirplin aboot the dancin aw night!
Hizer Pronounced - high-zer.

A clothes pole (Arbroath)

translation, "Hey wee man gonnay get ra hizer tae keep ra sheets fae draggin onra grund"

Hoaching covered by a mass of living things, infested. Ah was in the toon and it was hoaching wi celtic supporters
Hochle To cough up phlegm, especially thick green mucus from the throat.

"Ah wis sittin oan the bus yesterday when ah sudenly noticed they'd done away wi the signs that used tae say "No Spitting".So ah thoat since it wisny forbidden ah wid hochle up a big greener an hing it oan the windae.The wummin in the windae seat started complainin like fuck. Ye'd huv thoat ah'd called HUR a cow or somethin'! Then the Driver pit me aff."

Hogbeast An unattractive woman."Did ye see the burd wi Paul oan Seturday what a fuckin hogbeast, you could play a roond a golf oan er erse."
Hoorin' Chasing women of easy virtue. "Are ye aff oot hoorin' it the nicht agin?"As an adjective in Fife. "Ah missed the hoorin' bus an' had tae walk hame"
hooter Nose
Houghmagandy NounThe act of sexual congress.
Howff Public house, usually of the spit and sawdust variety.
Howfin Smelly, Stinking"Man yer feet are howfin'"
Howlin SmellyWho drapped that? It's howlin!!
Hoy To throw, or to throw out/away
as in:

Are ye gonnae eat this parritch frae yisterda, or will a jist hoy et ?

Huckle VerbTo make the acquaintance of the local constabulary viz:"Erwis a wee bit stushie in the closie last nicht an ah goat huckled."
Hudgie Pronounced like budgie meaning a free lift hanging on for dear life at the rear of a vehicle(usually an ice cream van)whilst the driver was totally oblivious to your presence.
Humbaw Another glasgow word for fellatio but is used as a witty retort....gies a humbaw,ya dobber.
Humdinger Noun: That which is exceptional; worthy of note; but not necessarily in a good way... often used of people whose behaviour is at odds with reality, or of things which are significantly different from normal.

pronounced HUMM DING ER

Example: Huv ye met her Maw? She's pure mental. A real humdinger!.
Did ye read that Beewardrobe's latest? At's a real humdinger

Humph Convex shape below ones shoulders.
Humphey Backit A person with a humph, or hankering after one.

If I do any more lino laying I will get humphy-backit and no mistake.

Hun A supporter of Glasgow Rangers football club
Hunners A number generally more than 10.Ah've told you hunners ae times, dinnae pick yer nose wi yer fork
Hurl Lift, ride

I got a hurl on the back of the ginger lorry.


Maw, he hurled a stane at me, the bastard.


Scottish slang word Definition
Ile Oil As in: "Ah'm werrin nothin but baby ile hen, could be yer lucky night!"
Iled up Drunk, pished
Invershnecky Another name for Inverness
Irn Bru A carbonated drink frequently used as a hangover cure
Isnae Is not - Tony Blair isnae a numpty, he's a eejit
It's a snell day cold or snowy day


Scottish slang word Definition
Jacksey Noun: also Jacksy, Jaxy (make up your own) - arse, specifically sphincter. Probably not just Scottish, also used in England.

Example: Ah decided no tae audition fur the New Bay City Rollers, cause fur wan, ah didny see how ah wid need a medical. Two, ah don't hink at wee baldy bugger wis a real doctor. Three, he seemed awfy interestit in mah jacksie.

Jag an injection from the doctor
Jaggy spikey object that is rough to the touch.
Jaggy Bunnet Crown of thorns as worn by Jesus (© Billy Connolly) To be held in a head lock where the school bully rubs his knuckles across the top of your heid very hard
jaggy nettles poison ivy
Jakey noun: Indigent or homeless person prone to over-imbibe budget-priced beverages with high alcoholic content

Example: See that auld jakey?. He' jist papped his empty Superlager can oantae the verandah.

Jam sandwich A polis car
Jambo NounSupporter of Heart of Midlothian Football Club (Embra Huns). Also known as Scumbos.
Jammy bastard A lucky person
Jauries 1 Marbles2 testicles."Big Gordon hid hud enough o the smarmy wee nyaff an suddenly turnt roon an gied him a right sore yin in the jauries" From "Life at No 11, Living next door to an unbearable patronising git" by Sarah Brown.
JAWBOX Sink or in the posh hooses Wash hand basinHe washes his face in the jawbox {used in Dumbarton}
Jeeked To be extremely tired " Ah cannae run anymore, am jeeked!"
Jeely Jam
Jeely Piece A jam sandwich
Jeg Slang term used in reference to bottles of carbonated soft drinks, in particular Irn Bru. Fancy gittin iz a boattle a' jeg fae the tally man?"
Jeg Slang term used in reference to bottles of carbonated soft drinks
Jelly Temazepam;

"How dae ye start a parade in Paisley?"
"Ye roll a Jelly up the street."

Jessy, Jessie To act like a wimp/big girls blouse. Stoap acting like a big jessy or ah'll hit ye wi that hauf brick again
Jiggered Anything from exhausted to being confounded Ah'm that jiggered ah could'nae get a stonner if a Senga wi big diddies wis tae gie me a gammy
Jilldee Get a move on or hurry up
Jimmies Gym shoes, plimsoles
Jimmy Pish, (rhyming slag from Jimmy Riddle or Jimmy Riss)
Jings Well, well. ( used extensively by the Broons and oor Wullie, so it must be a wurd)
Jings Well
Jink Dance about

The floor of the sauna was hot so I had to jink about to get to a seat.

Jobby Ancient word now only used by Billy Connoly as a euphemism for shite.
Jobby jabber Wurds used tae describe the act of shuvin yir dobber up sumdies bum.
Jook Dodge (Mibbe 'Jook' is not correct spelling please feel free to sort oot!)

I saw Senga so I had to jook up a close, I stiil owe her for the fish suppers.

Jook (2) Or "Juke"
The front of yer jumper or t-shirt.

"Tam goat caught shoapliftin in JJB Sports. He hud three hoodies an a perra adidas trackies up his jook"

Also used by the stupidly polite as a euphemism for arse. "See you, you can jist... jist... Stuff it up your jook!"
CJ swerrs he heard a wummin fae Cardonald shoutin' "Right up your jook" while singin alang wi "The Wild Rover".

Jookies The "Duke o' Argylls". Rhyming slang for the piles.
Jotters To be fired, dismissed, sent off.Ah gave him his jotters because he was a eejit</>
Jubbly (or Joobly) Tetrahedral lump of orange coloured ice encased in waxed cardboard. Sooked by weans until white then used as a missile at the ABC minors on a Saturday morning.
Jube Jube Also Jujube

Noun: sweetmeat (Ok, a sweetie... alright - for you Murcans - candy)

As far as the writer is aware, this is a hardish, jelly covered with

sugar. You may of course, know differently. Please feel free to bombard

the forum with corrections pointing out all the things that I got

wrong...I promise to give each and every one the same amount of

attention, so please feel free to post your thoughts...

Apparently this was originally taken from the name of a fruiting tree the

Jujube.. see links:

The Jujube

These may originally have been medicinal sweets, and the non-medicianl teeth-rotting attributes just gradually took precedence over the medicinality of the confection.

As far as I know, (but I may be mistaken) no-one still makes jujube/jube-jubes as such... Does any one know of a manufacturer in Scotland?

There may also be a sweetie still being made in the States called Jujubes. But some people think they should be called Joojoobeees. (how crazy is that?)

See this link:

US Joojoobeees

The author of this site talks about Candian jujbes, but doesn't say what they are.

The best thing about the word jubejube / jujube is the marvellous

expression it gives us:

Any futile exercise; anything which involves an inordinate amount of work

for very little return.

Like feedin' jujubes tae an elephant

Judas Carry-ootRhyming slang - Judas Iscariot = carry oot
Juke To cut in front of someone in a queue
Jupe or jupin Highland expression, to skive offAh wis jupin skweel an got caught by the beak sae noo ah'm grounded fur life.


Scottish slang word Definition
Kailyard Vegetable patch or kitchen garden.
Sentimental depiction of Scottish life.
Keech Rubbish, detritus, crap, verbal or written. Excretia, human or otherwise.
Keek Meaning-- a sly look at something (like through a keyhole.
Dinnae think ah didnae see ye keekin oot fae behind them curtains.
Keeker Black eye
Keelie Young, urban, working-class male. Usually derogatory.
Keepie-uppie The art of keeping a football off the ground by juggling it with the feet, shoulders, head and chest.
Kelly Dundonian word for sherbit!
Ken Know, understandExampleAh ken whit ah wid dae. (I know what I would do)
Ken (2) Verb: to know, understand

Used by carrot-crunchers*, bumpkins** and a few teuchters*** who are insufficiently edumacated to realise that despite all best efforts to bring Scots kicking and screaming into the twentieth, never mind the twenty-first century, there are some usages that should be quitely euthanased.

  • Those living South of Shawlands in Glasgow
  • Anyone from East of Baillieston (in Glasgow)
  • Anyone from North of Springburn (yes, in Glasgow)
Kenspeckle Familiar, well-known.
Kerfuffle A commotion or fuss.There wiz a right kerfuffle when he wiz papped ootae the pichurs fur playin wi his tadger
Kerry oot 'Take away' usually food or drink.
Kettle-biler NounA description applied to the men of Dundee. Due to high male unemployment, and the easy availability of women's jobs (cheaper labour) in the mills, many men stayed at home whilst the women worked. They would have the kettle boiled for the wife coming home for her tea - and sufficient of them did this for the name to have stuck!
Keys noun: a call for truce, pax, used by children in games.
Must be accompanied by hands loosely clenched with both thumbs pointing up.

Example: At's no ferr! Ye canny tig me, cause ah hud ma keys oot!

killy-coad or killy-buckie piggy back
Kleip To tell on someone"The wee basters kleiped on me!""Ya wee kleip
Knobdobber A tosser of the highest order


Scottish slang word Definition
Laldy To give it Laldy means to do anything with great gusto or to get laid in to someone big style whether physically or verbally.Ye shooda seen big Effie it the karaoke,she wiz geein it laldy aw night.
Left footer A Catholic - old belief that Catholics used their left foot when digging with a spade, and Protestants, their right.
Lerra Leather, As in "Ah jist looked so cool in mah latex shirt an mah lerra thong."
Liftit Arrested."Ah goat liftit fur wavin mah tadger at the polis"
Lilian Pish (Rhyming slang, from Lilian Gish)
Lobey Lobby - common entry-way to Glasgow tenement, often not locked. One of Glasgow's famous fictional sons, Lobey Dosser, gets his name from the use of these for shelter by the homeless.See Bajin for info on Mr Dosser's arch-enemy
Loon Noun: boy, as in young male person.
Loupin Leaping, jumping, stinging, painful
Lous'd Finished work, as in freed from harness (see yokit)
Lug Ear - I have a pain in my ear'Ah've goat a sair lug'
Lum Chimney
Lumber To make acquaitance with a member of the oposite sex and spend time with them or possibly date them.
As in lucky bastard Franko got a lumber last night.


Scottish slang word Definition
Mad rocket A person who is crazy
Madbit Female who regularly indulges in acts of infidelity without inhibitions.
maddy noun:1 A sudden fit of rage or fury - may involve physical harm to bystanders;
One prone to such seizures of anger.;
2 A sudden compulsion to furious activity.

Verb: to take a maddy - to fall into the grip of an atack of rage OR to become seized by a compulsion to furious activity.

Example : When mah maw came hame an fun oot ah hudny washed the dishes, she took a pure maddy an smashed aw the teacups.
Ah wis that fed up wi that anaglypta, ah took a maddy and stripped aw the wa's.

malet as in he cant get a hat tae fit his malet
Malinky thinWest coast children's song "skinny malinky longlegs, big banana feet, went tae the piktures and fell throo the seat"
Malki Beat Up, Kick The Shit Out OfSet Phasers Tae Malki
Mangle Mechanical device for winging excess watter oot o' the washin', common in homes prior to the advent of spin cycles in modern washing machines.
Manky Clatty, boggin.

"Away ye go an wash ya manky bastart"

Mars Bar Scar, usually found on the facial features. Franko got chibbed by the Tongs and noo has a big mars bar across his face
Maw Mother eg Maw Broon, the most famous of them all.
Maw <1>Mum<1>
Mawkit Filthy. "Your simmit (sic) is puir mawkit, so it is."
Melt That which is battered in when somebody "batters your melt in"
Mental Crazy, unbalanced

Watch oot fer him, he's pure mental.

Merkin A pubic hair wig. (honest!)
Messages Shopping, usually food
Midden The waste disposal area or bin.

"When ah catch ye ah'm gony stick mah truncheon up yer arse!"

COOEE, am hiding in the midden!!

Bit of a dirty wee person

See her, shes nuthin but a wee midden!

Midge Man The chap that emptied the bins.

Better get the aligator droppings put out, the midge man is due.

Midgie Terrifying, tiny, blood-sucking, wee bastard of an insect that chews lumps out of folk, mostly on the West coast
Midgie Midden, slag heap, Cumbernauld
Midgie raker Noun A manky, mingin, barkit, bastirt gadgie. Believed to derive from their delightful habit of browsing through refuse collection centres for items to eat, wear, or engage in sexual congress with. Often confused with Weegie.
Mince nonsense,rubbish
His heid's full ae mince.
That telly program wiz pure mince,byraway.
Mind Remember

Mind and dont come back without some food for the Aligator

Minge Female Genitalia
Mingin Smelly, horrible
Minker NounSee Gadgie, Schemie and Midgie raker.
Mither Mother
Mixter maxter All mixed up
Mockit Adjective: Filthy, dirty, unwashed

Example:When the wean came hame efter playin fitba, his claes wis pure mockit.

Mooch To be nosey. Inquisitive.To borrow or scroungeExampleYon bampots oan the mooch (That waster is scrounging)
Moosh Face He aye looks as if he's got a peanut fur a moosh.
Morns Mornin Tomorow morning.

Cant it wait till the morns mornin? I've had enough of you and that aligator!

Moroculous Extremely drunk.
Moroculous Guttert, drunk, foo, stocious, dugless badder'd
mortal (pronounced - mortul) Quite profoundly drunk, any traits worthy of a higher being having long departed.
muckin' aboot messing around (annuf of yer muckin' aboot
Muckle A bit on the large side.

I had a muckle piece and cheese, it wiz braw.

mumpty upset or crabbit."cheer up ya mumpty cunt"
muppet somebody who is not too bright
Mush See Moosh


Scottish slang word Definition
Napper Yer heid or head.
Nat king Sexual congress (Rhyming from Nat King Cole)

"Gie me anura wanna thae viagra sandwiches, Ah'm oan mah Nat King the night"

naw no
neane not anyExample "How many are going out?""Neane are goin' out"
Neb Nose, beak, pointy end. As in "Keep thon cruise missile shiny lads. Wan wee speck o' dust oan its neb an it'll mebbe miss its target completely an hit a hoaspital or somethin'"
Ned Non-Educated Delinquent (acronym - so now yese know)
Irritating wanker in a shell suit or Gap hoody. Often accompanied by a burglar's dug. A "Slack Jawed Cunt"
Neebs Another Fife expression, meaning neighbour or friend.
Neep Noun Tumshie or turnip. Also used to define persons of a rural persuasion, generally by a gadgie...
Nice, The Noun?Adjective? Adverb ( No idea)

Means roughly "how cute!", or "isn't that endearing and charming?"

Used usually in conjunction with "Uch!...", or " Aww..."
Example: "Uch, the nice!......" or "Awwwwww, the nice....!"

Nippin Nagging

Away you go and stop nippin my heid.

noggin as in a fight you
nood book Soft-core gentlemans magazine. Often found torn up under hedges.
Nookie Badge Love bite or "hickey"

Yer only werrin that high collar tae hide yer nookie badges ya durty cow!

Nooks and Crannies Wee places tae hide

Small places that cannot be reached easily!

Nugget Similar to daftie, an idiot or one of unsound mind.

"e.g. Whit ye talkin boot ya nugget...."

numptie moron
Numpty Numb tea. A useless individual.See that John Swinney? He's a right numpty, see that Jack McConnel? He's a real numpty.
Nyaff knee aff. Annoying wee bugger, especially applicable to a politician. See you ya wee nyaff if ye dinnae bugger aff yer gettin' a bash in yer moosh


Scottish slang word Definition
Oan On

Any more of you cheek and I will stickone oan ye, get out of my way so I can get the aligator back where it belongs.

oan tour a young team on tour in another area eg: young shawz on tour 2004
Oobit a dirty, dishevelled child fact so dirty and dishevelled as to be beyond words.
Ooss Noun: may be spelled oose?
Ye know if you look under a bed, you see that (if you live in a normal home and not, say a Clean Room in a microchip wafer processing plant) the dust has all clumped together in big gangs, and formed like dust-and-fluff-monsters?

That's Ooss - pronounced, ermm oooosss...
Also any sort of fluff or lint - particularly from a woolen jumper.

Also loose packed detritus foud in the navel. Belly button fluff.

Oxter Noun An armpit. As in "S'mibbe Feb'ry, bit it's aye Augist in alow yir oxters"


Scottish slang word Definition
Pan To break or disfigure "You keep edgy fur the polis, while ah pan the windaes in!"or" Your gettin yir face panned in"
Pap To put something on something else.

If you dont shut up I will pap this tin of turpentine over your heidBreast, usually applied in pairs.See that wee burd? She's goat some set a paps oan her

Parton Crab (Fife)'whit are you lookin' at, ye wee parton-face?'
Pass remarkable Have too much to say about something or someone
paukit inadequately in 'yon mannies hoose wis paukit!...smlr to pokey

Breathe noisily, when out of breath.



noun: Dandelion Taraxacum officinale

Peelly wally Unwell, extremely pale and tired - usually referred to children when unwell
Peely-Wally Meaning- pale,wan,peeky. "Yer awfy peely-wally lookin the day wis the tally man roon at your hoose?"
Peep Very low flame for cooking
Peevers children's game of Hopscotch
Peh A Dundee term fur a pie, usually ae ra mutton variety, usually drippin' wae grease an therfur ideal fur pappin' at fowk at fitba' matches.
Pelter Panic. "She's in a richt pelter the day, the tally man's due."
Peltin The act of coupultation.

"Were you peltin at the weekend there?"

pettit A 'pettit' lip - this is the Scots pronunciation of 'petted' i.e. a petted lip
Pettit lip Probably bastardised from "pout".

To extend the lower lip excessively implying discontent, or when sulking. A technique most commonly adopted by children.

Pit away that pettit lip afore ah gie ye a skelp oan the erse!

Pie eater Person of stinted intellect or low social expectation.

First use attributed to staff in the carpet franchise in the Grandfare at the corner of Argyle Street and Oswald Street (now demolished) in the late 1970's.
It was used to describe clients who came in with pies in their hands and started feeling the £2000+ chinese rugs with fingers running with mutton fat.The expression spread through the carpet trade and soon to other sections of non-food retail, finally becoming universal in the 1980's.

Piece Sandwich
piece poke a bag containing your piece(s)
Pish (verb)To urinate

(noun) Urine, as in "Ah never made it tae the pisher in time an noo mah kegs is aw pish"

(descriptive) Boggin' crap, shitey, something of little value Eg "Thon Budweiser is pure Pish so it is"

Pished Drunk, intoxicatedExampleThe Eejit wiz blootered ootae his coupon (The idiot was drunk out of his face)
Pishflaps <1>Vaginal lips- Ma pishflaps were awfa itchy the other day when a had a shave<1>
Pit 1. Verb: To put or pap as in -Pit yon ower yonder.2.Noun: Bed or scratcher as in -Eh'm awa tae meh pit.
Plamph (N) One who takes part in the, odd, practice of wearing someone elses undergarments ,on their head, and giving the gusset a damn good sniff.
Pletty Peculiarly Dundee word for the open air landing running along the back of a tenement from the stairwell. Ideal for al fresco congregating, overlooking the back green and commenting on the state of the neighbours' washing.
Plook Spots

'He's goat a face fu o plooks'...

Plooter Play with, fiddle with."Ah telt thay weans tae stoap plooterin in the mud"
Plottie An allotment (for growing vegetables)
plug Term used by 'old folk' passed 30 meaning to miss school or "Dog it" as younguns like to say.
Pockle Swindle, cheat.

He was at the pockle with the books.

He had a wee pockle at the cards.

Poke Meaning 1.To prod or point.-Dinnae poke yer finger at me pal.
2.A short version of pokey-hat(ice cream cone)
3.A loose woman.- She's a right poke that yin.
4.The sexual act- Ah'd love tae poke that big blonde yin so a wid.
poke paper bag
Pokey Hat An old fashioned name for an ice cream cone."If ye don't shut yer greetin face ye'll no get a pokey hat when the van comes."
POLLIS The police
Poof (1) Totally unacceptable term for a gay man
(2) Jimmy Hill
Poor oot Similar to scramble, best man or groom chucks money from the car when leaving the wedding
Pooroo Must be east coast version of a scramble.
Puggled Adj in the old sense meaning tired,out of breath --Ah'm ferr puggled efter climbin' yon stairs. Modern meaning-- drunk,pissed.
Puggy Fruit machine. Derived from an old word for 'monkey' and originally applied to an organ-grinder's instrument ('puggy machine'). Thence used for fruit machines but now applied to bank machines. 'Ah'd buy a round but the puggy's f***ed'
Purvey The suppliers of the funeral repast. Ra Co-Op did a fine purvey for Old Joe's funeral.
Puss Noun: Face, fizzog, coupon. Pronounced 'pus'. As in: "Eh'll gie yi the affiest dab in the puss".


Scottish slang word Definition
Quine A young girl, lassie
Quine (Especially in Aberdeen) A young girl


Scottish slang word Definition
Radge Adj. Crazy person, madman
Verb. To do something crazy
radgy/rajjy Horny or dying fur a shag"when a went oot wi big Maggie i wis feelin right rajjy"
Raj Crazy
Rammy A fight, conflict, disturbanceThere wis a right rammy efter ra gemm
rammy an empty ginger boatle worth 20p
redd-up to clean up in'ye'd better redd up yer room afore yir maw gets in'
Reek Smell, stinkEdinburgh - Auld ReekieThe Old Town of Edinburgh had open sewers and the stench was awful. Hence Auld Reekie - Old Smelly
reek smoke (Lang may yer lum reek = long may your chimney smoke
Rerr Rare
RICKLE A BONES Very thin or skinny.He wis nothing but a wee rickle a bones
Rift A belch, or burpAh rifted a cracker an' woke up the dug
Ring the anus, arsehole. As in, "ah ett three kebabs last night na noo mah ring's pure loupin'.

Also ringpiece.

Roaster Stupid person, often abbreviated as in "Aye he's a warm wan right enough"
Romper suit Thermals, long johns, baby grow
Rowie A form of morning roll made with butter, salt and lard. Favoured by neeps everywhere. Also known as a 'butterie' in the Aberdeen area.
Rummel Rumble, annoy.

I am gonny rummle those bast*rds, they are nippin ma heid.

Rummell Discover

Fuck! Wuv been rummelled!

Rupart Rhubarb

Harvestin the Big Rupart is a big income boost fur jakies roon aboot Feegie park.

Their gied machetes tae cut the rupart, annthir peyed piece work.

The fermer's goat tae staun oan a trailer wi a shotgun tae adjudicate in disputes atween the squads as tae who owns whit bundla rupart.
Efter work they aw adjourn fur a wee alfresco cocktail o' buckie an MD2020.

Rupert Derogatory term for the (invariably) English officer in a Scots regiment.


Scottish slang word Definition
sand shoes gym shoes or plimsols
Saor Alba Free Scotland
Sapple To wash an item of clothing by hand
Sassenach An English person
ExampleYon sassenach has a coupon like a tumshie
Scaffie Street sweeper (probably now called a tarmacadam executive or something). From the word Scavenger.
Scaffy Cheap and tacky
Schemie Noun A person who inhabits a large housing scheme in the Central Belt. Identifiable by lack of intellect, dress sense and money. Always wears trackie bottoms, an Old Firm top, back to front baseball cap and is usually being dragged around by large doag. AKA Gadgie, minker, midgie raker.
Scooby noun: inkling, clueRhyming slang from "Scooby Doo"= "Clue"

Example: Naw ah don't know wherr yer purse is. Huvny a scooby

Scooper A person who drives around aimlessly trying to impress young girls and listens to dance music.Playing the music loud enough so that people look at them.(Inverurie Phrase)
Scorrie Herring gull, one of the big bastard eens. (Caithness)
Scramble After a wedding on the West of Scotland, the happy couple would throw money (small change) out of the departing wedding car. The kids aw got doon furr a scramble to pick up as much money as they could.
Scran & Scoop Scran means food, used alot in and around fife.

<1>Scoop is drink, or going for a drink. i.e going for some scoop, from falkirk.<1>

Scratcher Bed (also may be described as 'pit'). Derived from the days when bedlice were common and constant sleeping companions.
screwtap a bottle of beer
Scrieve To write
Scud (1) Verb: to strike a glancing blow, similar to skite and indeed skelp.
During Gulf War I, the Iraqi military deployed SCUD missiles, which always sounded much less deadly to most Glaswegians.

(2)Noun:Scud, in the... unclothed, naked, nude
Also : scuddy and bare(berr) scud.

Example: (1) The big polis scudded me wan oan the chin
(2) When hur man came in the door, Big Tam went oot the windae an ran doon the street in the scud

Scudder geting a red face when you are embarrased!

A got a right scudder when she wiz gie'in me a gammy an ma maw caught us.

Scuddie mag Same as nood book
scullery kitchen
Scunner Verb: to sicken, disgust, to bore to the point of annoyance.
Example: Wid thon Peruvian Nose Flute music no jist scunner ye?

Noun: That which sickens, disgusts or bores.... also the state of being scunnered

Example: See you, ye're nuhhin bit a wee scunner!
Example: Since the New Year, ah've took a right scunner tae the drink....

Scunner 2 The shuddering near-retch spasm of the throat when confronted by something particularly distasteful. Falls just short of a "Dry Boak".

Imagine the first time you saw Les Dennis.

That's a scunner.

Scuppered Infeasably drunk - incapable. [Greenock]
Scurrie Noun: a Seagull - but only in the North East. Most other places just call them erm.. seagulls...
Glasgow Pigeon: Haw, you! Ya big seagull ye! At's mah bit ah chip paper!
Seagull: Awa' an shite! An ahm nae a seagull. Ah'm a scurrie! Ah'm a Furrybootian seagull!!
Glasgow pigeon: (says nuhhin bit jist batters the scurrie ower the napper wi an Irn Bru boaatle.) Welcome tae Glesga!!! Haw Haw!
Senga A young glaswegian female Ned, usually with spiral perm in a high ponytail, held up with a terry-towelling bobble. As in Neds and Sengas.
Sesh Having a bevvy.

"Ah'm gon for an all-day sesh. If am no back before Tuesday put the buckets oot"

Shag To have sex with.See that Senga wi the big diddies? She wid shag ye for a fish supper, so she would.
Shareen A wummins parts
(from rhyming slang)
shattered tired

<1>\"i\'m absolutely shattered\"<1>

Sheep Shaggers Supporters of Aberdeen FC
Sheltr belter Lassie who partakes of sex at bus stops.
Shillpit Thin, weedy, a bauchle of bones.He is a shillpit we nyaff he looks like a pipe cleaner.
Shitey Cloot Ahm no sayin he's got a drink problem - but he'd sup whiskey through a "shitey cloot" so he would.
Shitey Cloot Literally means "shitty cloth"
Shocker As in \" it\'s a bit of a shocker\" or \"it\'s a shocker\"

Meaning it\'s a big shock or suprise

Shooftie as in 'Ah'll just huv a wee shooftie tae see if there's embdi in next door'...

A wee look, a glance etc.

Shoogle To shake,
shoogling, shaking.
Shoogly Wobbly
Stick a beer mat unner the leg ae that table Shuggie ,it's awfy shoogly
Also a nickname for the old Glesga street trams which used to shoogle along the tram lines.
Shoosh be quiet
Shoot the craw Leave hurriedly. Scarper
Shuch The crack of your backside as in "Ma shuch is ferr sweatin' the day"Origin is FIFE
Simmet A vest of the old fashioned kind (underwear) Is it no aboot time you chinged that simmet, it's bowfin so it is.
Single fish Rhyming slang for going fur a pish
" gawn fur a single fish"
single fish rhyming slang for going fur a pish" gawn fur a single fish"
Singul End A small residence, normally in a tenement.

She has a singul-end in Possil, it a right wee palace. Shes a stuck up cow but.

Authenticity; 'singul' needs to flow, say 'sing' followed by 'ul', not 'sing' followed by 'gull'.

Sit nice Command given to sportwear-clad toddlers by custodial relatives when said toddlers are not "sitting nice"

"Right Keighleigh-Anne sit nice, here's the man comin tae pit ye aff" and...

"Sit nice Darren or ah'll smack yer wee cunt in"

Sitooter Conservatory

"We'll hae oor fly cup in the sitooter"

Siver Street drain in the gully. Where one loses the car keys when blootered
Skelf NounSplinterFuxache, ah've goat a skelf in ma erse!
Skelly Cross-eyed.
Skelp A gid slap or wallop, usually delivered with an open hand. As in "Yi gallus wee besom, eh'll skelp yir erse!"
Skelp 1 To hit

Away ye go ya wee bastard or I will give you a skelp, it will be sore mind!

Skelp 2 To consume with vigour.

I had tae skelp that pint doon, I was spitting feathers.

Skenker Person of low repute. Particularly used in Dundee & environs.
Skiddle What you're doing when you've got your hands in the washing-up bowl but you're not really doing anything constructive. To footer in a watery setting.
Skite Deliver a glancing blow viz: "Eh'll skite meh hand aff yir puss if yir nae cerfill"
Skitters A runny shit, diarrheaAh've goat the skitters and ah dinnae want tae keech ma breeks
Skive Not doing any work when all around you are at least pretending to, Bludge

Skiver - one who skives, skiving - the art of not doing any work, ie First Foot subscribers.

Skoosh Noun: (also scoosh, possibly even squouche, who knows?)
1. fizzy pop (see ginger), carbonated soft drink
2. something very easy, simple pimple.
Example: 1. Gies a slug ay yer skoosh, ya stingy aul bugger, ye!

2. At wis dead easy! A pure skoosh!
Also skoosh case - that which is deemed very easy

Skud Slang word used by neds meaning cider
Slag Cow, hairie

"See that slag fae East Shields she's happy wi onywan as lang as it's got a zip".

Slagging Verb
Slag (not to be confused with Slag).

Abusing or running someone doon usually behind their backs.

Something no tae be done tae their faces if they huv a chib in their hauns or if they look like CJ's neighbours.

Slaister Mess.. see slitter
slang addition ye's hivnae pit in the word "boaby" in yur site. Ah hope ye's ken wit it means! If no
Slate a ginger (rhyming slang from Slate Roof)
Slater A wood louse.
slecher a clumsy in 'och ye wee slecher...yiv drapped it a' doon yer shirt!'
slecherered covered in something/messed up
Sleekit Sly
Slever / Slaver / Slabber To drool (ie at the sight of food)
Sliced sausage aka 'square' sausage or Larne sausage...

Spicey sausage mix which comes in slices rather than the traditional 'hot dog' sausage shape. Spicier than traditional sausages, and another key ingredient tae a traditional big 'fry up'... Oh an a staple at some caifs... as in 'ye cannae beat a roll on sossidge'....

Slider Ice cream in between two wafers, as opposed to a pokey hat. In the posh version the lower wafer was a big thick bastirt covered in chocolate and filled with sticky gunk.
Slitter To make a mess. To dribble food on your clothes.
"Ach, whit a big slitter you are!" or "I slittered doon my shirt."
Slug Noun: A drink from (usually) a bottle, usually refers to one distinct gulp. Often used of skoosh or ginger. Seldom used of water, or alcoholic beverages, for some reason. In the writer's humble (Hah!) opinion, this may have originated from cowboy films where a "slug of red-eye" was standard fare in the Old West taverns as depicted on the Silver Screen.

Example: Haw! Ya greedy bastart! That's you hud three slugs ay mah ginger! Take wan merr an ah'll burst ye!

Smeekit Drunk, intoxicated.
smeekit drunk
snadger noun: snadger--->cigarette snadgers< plural used as a word for a fag code for a ciigy in front of parents"ye goat any snadgers"
Snaw Ba Snow Ball
Snell Sharp, cold. "It's a snell wind "
snell sharp
Snib Door lock. To put the snib on would mean to lock or unlock the door.
Snotter Phlegm, especially green nasal phlegm.

"Whit dis an Elephant keep in its trunk? ----- A four fit long snotter!"

Sook To suck

"When the weans hud sooked aw the orange colour oot thur jooblies they papped the ice at the backs o' the heids o' the weans in front."

Sook (2) Ingratiate. Someone who sucks up. "Yurra wee sook, so ye are"
Sooth moother Recent immigrant, esp to Shetland where the ferry approach to Lerwick is through the south mouth (sic) of the harbour
Soothmoother Person who talks with an English accent, whether genuine or 'pretendy'...
Spangle Someone who is not quite the full shilling or slightly simple.
Spangy To jump from the roof of one building on to another.
Sparey To take a go fly off the handle
Spaver I\'ve only heard this in Dundee. Meaning : Flies (as in trousers)
"Ye might hae telt me ma spaver wis open"
Speug Spyug
spiflicate No idea; but it is what our parents were always going to do to us as weans.
Splootered To spill usually liquid from ones mouth.

"Ach av missed ma mooth and splootered aw doon ma shirt."

spool camera film" huv ye goat yer spool fae yer hoalidays dun yit aggie?"
Spunkfarter A gentleman who prefers to be taken from behind;

One who prefers oysters to snails; an uphill gardener.

Stank noun: Drain, usually in the street; the metal grating over the drain.
Dead useful for playing bools.

Originally a pool of stagnant water - it's in a Burns poem but I can't remember which one...

Example: Ya bastart! Ah jist drapped ma car keys doon the stank!
or "Away ye go, back tae the stank ye wr spawned in ya dirty mawkit cow!"

Steamin' Drunk, pished, blootert
Stoat BounceWho wiz stoatin' the ba' agin ma door? He stoatit him right in the gub
Stoat the ba' Of men, engaging in a relationship with a girl of (dangerously) much younger years,

"Ye shoulda seen thon young schoolie Andra wis in wi' last night. He'll be gettin the jail fur stoat the ba'."

Stoatir Particularly attractive female
Stocious Pished, fou, iled up, drunk, moroculous, steamin, blootert, buckled.
Stonner Erection, Stiffy. Pronounced - Stonn-erHere Maw, Oor Petes goat a stonner
Stookie Plaster cast for a broken limb etc..


'to stand there, jist like a stookie' - frozen, statue-like

Stoor Meaning-dust as in the Billy Connolly song- we've goat tae hose the lavvie doon an coont the tumblers an wipe the stoor fae aff the morra pies.
Stoorie meaning dusty.
Stooshie A little bit of trouble.

There was a wee stooshie at the pub when I had a lingering look at the wife of Creeping Jesus

Store Dug Lazy, as in "Get aff yer erse, yer lyin' aroond the hoose like a store dug".
Store Dug Lazy
Stove Smash
Stovies A dish of left over meat,(or sausages, or corned beef) with tatties n ingings (potatoes and onions).

Most faimlies huv their ain recipe... Appears tae be mair popular onra East coast than the West.

Stowed oot Full, crammed to the brimful.
Stramash A bit of bother, a scuffle.

In recent times only used by (the late, talentless) Jimmy Sanderson and (possibly also deid) Arthur Montford, to describe a messy, almost game-winning/losing tangle of limbs in either goalmouth of the local sports stadium.

Strive In Inverness (at least in the 40s and 50s)
Sumph A dullard, no very bright.look at yon sumph he couldn'y find his erse in a bath wi twa hands.
Swally (noun) alcoholic drink, bevy,

eg "Ye gaun oot furra swally the night CJ?" "Naw ah've goat a big ironin' tae dae, an then ah've goat tae wax mah back"

(verb), to swallow

Eg "Ye're gonny get a landslide victory an keep aw the Tories policies an implemeent some worse wans yersels?? How'r ye gonny get the voters tae swally that?"

Swatch To have a look at.

"Geeza a swatch at yer ...", usually followed by a reference to certain female genitalia

Swedger A type of confection in demand when hungry at lunchtime.

'Gonna gezze wan oa yir swedgers we man , am starvin!'

Swick verb: to cheat
noun: a person who cheats


Scottish slang word Definition
Tanned To do, done
I`m pished. I`ve tanned 10 cans of Tennants Supar.
Tapsalteerie ADJ.Topsy-turvy, or erse-aboot-face if yi prefer...
Tatters Ripped to pieces

eg I hid a Gladys this mornin' and it's left me airse in tatters

Tattie bogle Scarecrow
Tea Time Around 3-5 o'clock. (I'll see ya aroond tea-time, hen)
Tefano I haven't a clue ! Fucked tefano.
Teuchter Anyone living outside the central belt of Scotland.
The man Anybody in authority, generally when sayer is mentally sub-standard.

(In the park) Get your breeks pulled up, the mans coming!!
(On the train) Get your ticket oot, the mans coming!!

The Slosh A Glasgow dance
Thingmie Article of uncertain nomenclature, or person whose name has temporarily escaped the speaker.

"Jim, gonnae ask thingmie tae pass up the thingmie fer hittin' the thingmies in wi'"

Translated as, "James, can you ask the new apprentice to pass me the hammer"

Thole Put up with, endureAh suppose wu'll jist huvv tae thole thae buggers in the Parly
thon to get as in "get me thon paper oor ma wee darlin"
Thrawn Stubborn, obstinate
Tick (it) In Fife (and elsewhere?) verb: to truant; to take an unauthorised absence from all or part of the school day. If there is no noun object for the verb, you must use the pronoun 'it'.


Pupil A: "Were yous ticking it yisterday?".

Pupil B: "Aye, aw day - an wir tickin French an English this afternoon"

Pronouns is it? Adverbs next ah expect, eh no?

Tickie A small amount (opposite of wheen)Dae yi want Irn Bru in yir whisky? - Jist a tickie!
Tig noun: Children's game - elsewhere called "Tag"

see Het

Tim A supporter of Glasgow Celtic football club
tim empty -- it's a tim hoose the nicht
To keep stum (or stume) To keep something to yourself, to keep a secret, not talking
tod mag mens pornographic magazine
Toerag A scamp, scallywag, mild form of bastirt. (from forces slang "Tuareg"-an Arab)
Toley A jobby,a keech.Heh guess whit,wee Shuggy did a big toley in his keks at school the day. The hale class wis mingin so it wis.
Optional rhyming slang is English Goalie
Toley supper Humorous name for a black pudding supper, so called because of the obvious visual similarity between a black pudding fried in batter and a toley (q.v.)
Tom Kite or Tam Kite or Going to meet the golfer - have a shit. Rhyming slang Tam Kite = Shite.
tool Someone who's annoyed you

"Whit ye dain that fur ya wee tool"

Tottie scones or Tattie scones.

Flattish scones, made with flour and mashed potatoes, and without which no Scottish fried breakfast wid be complete!

Totty or toaty Wee, small
Trauchled Trudge, trudged.

To trudge - "ah trauchled up the road wi ma heavy bags in ma haunds"

Tricket "Ahm fair tricket wie at"
Tube A fool, one of limited sagacity

Pronounced tchoob


Away ya tube, ye've goat two odd shoes oan!!

Tug An instance of arrest by the constabulary.

I had a wee tug last night, let me off with a warning not to be so inconsiderate to the feline race in future.

Tumshie Turnip. Large, orange variety which may be called a rutabaga by sum ither nations.....!

Also used as a derogatory term as in 'See him, he's a richt tumshie-heid'....

Turkish delight Rhyming slang for shite as is a Barry WhiteChrist ah'll huv tae find a bog, ah'm burstn fur a turkish.
Tush Cloots the sanitary towel that women wear on there monthlys.
ie. a need to go an get some tush cloots cause am due on
twanger over protective male of his partner ie A NED also referred to as a joy boy


Scottish slang word Definition
URL whit yie feel like dayin when yie cannie get any kinda computur relaytied thingmy tae wurk. See also, BOAK.


Scottish slang word Definition
Varaflame arse, (rhyming slang "Varaflame lighter"

Also "Ronson"

"Did ye se the varaflame oan that?"

Varicose veins Children (Rhyming slang.)
"Huv ye goat varicose veins?"
"Aye, a wee boay an a wee lassie"
Vino Collapso A term for the various makes of cheap wine.
" Jesus christ, ma heid's nippin this moarnin,shoulda eased up oan the auld vino collapso last night"


Scottish slang word Definition
Wabbit Tired, worn out
Wallies Teethe.g. "Ah'll stoat yer wallies"(I'll punch you in the teeth)
Walloper n. The male member
n. A member of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party
Walloper A person who acts the goat
An individual who thinks they're funny but they're no.
Wally Dug An ornamental china canine figure, usually owned in pairs and placed at opposite ends of the mantelpiece. It is believed that the only known owner if this kind of twee shite was Maw Broon.
Wally Dugs False Teeth. Sometimes just known as "Wallies" Alludes to the material they were made from
Wanking Chariot Bed
wankpiece (noun) one's peniscommon glasweigan insult between friends
Wantae Want toAh wantae go tae ra gem
Wean A child - from "wee ane", where ane means one
Wean (2) No really a different definition - still means small child, but ah disagree wi the earlier derivation an until we agree a protocol fur modifyin entries, ah'll add anither one.

Wean - indicating a weaned child - no longer suckling.

Added by Scabby Doug 15/01/2002

Weegie Anyone residing west of the River Carron.
Weesint A small amount, a tickie [in common use in Ayrshire]"Gies a weesint mair."
Well skelped arse (of a face) Ruddy, rosy cheeked."Ah love thae skateboarders wi aw the metal an spiky herr an black claes wi skeletons, an tryin tae look right aff the wa', an here thiv aw goat wee fresh middle class faces wi cheeks like a well skelped arse"
wheech to do something at speed
Wheen A large amount (opposite of tickie)Fuxache, err's a wheen a fowk in here the night!
Wheesht Be quiet, stop talking/making a noiseHaud yer wheesht, ah'm oan the phone
Whirlypits, the The feeling, when lying in bed after consuming copious amounts of bevvy, that the whole world is spinning around your head.
White settler Incomer from outside Scotland who 'settles' in mainland Scotland. (Often perceived as a derogatory term). As in 'See Edimbra, it's ower run wi White Settlers'.
Winchin Courting, courtship.
Windae-hingin Leisure pursuit for ladies in tenements. The stance involves leaning out of the window, elbows on the sill, watching the world go buy. Also conversing with passers-by and other windae-hingers.

Thus Bud Neill's 'Mrs Tamson opens the Toonheid windae-hingin season'.

Windae-licker Feeble-minded, congenital idiot
Wine Buckfast, Four crown, Emva Cream, Eldorado, Lanliq, Old England, to name a few.
Wine bar Place frequented by wee yuppies an other delicate species, often called Torqil, Gregor, or Damian.

Do not confuse with wine SHOAP
That mistake could earn you dentures (Copyright Jack McLean Urban Voltaire)

Wine Shoap Emporium for the consumption of wine.

Natural habitat of a species of wee glasgow man that werrs a coat scarf an bunnet an highly polished shoes.

Wingnut Person with unfortunately large, sticky-out ears.
Wino One who likes a drinkie or 10 of the old vino. An alcoholic.
Wisnae Was not."See if it wisnae fur Tony Blair, ah'd huvv voted Tory."
Wopper White lie. to tell a wopper is to lie
Wreck the Hoose Juice <1>Buckfast Tonic Wine, also known as a \"Boatil i whit the fuck ur yoo lookin it\"<1>

<1>See Glesga Twostep<1>

Wulk From 'whelk' but usually applied to periwinkles. Sold in bags, at 'the Barras'
Wulkie Noun: a somersault; a head-over-heels type manouevre. Also metaphorically used when someone has lost their temper.
Verb: to tummle yer wulkies - to perform a somersault, (actually since it's usually small children performing this activity, it's more like a forward roll rather than a full somersault, but still, they're only weans..what do you expect?)

Originally "Wilkie", after Inspector Archibald Wilkie of Glasgow Police (1874-1931), who was a renowned gymnast, British Champion 1902-1911 and 1913-14. Wilkie was particularly famous for his mat exercises, apparently...

Example: Ah used tae love watchin that Olga Korbut... she could fair Tummle hur wulkies that

wee lassie,. eh?
Example: When Big Sadie fun her man in bed wi Luigi fae the chippy, she understandably done a pure wulkie


Scottish slang word Definition
X * ! ? + * Any sweary word which canny get pit intae a book suitable fur weans.Fur example Trainspotting. x*?/* x-%!* x@)+} x*?/* he x*?/* said An that wis me Clash whae pit it in 23rd Jan 2003. Bet ye cannae find any ither yins beginin wi X fur yonks.


Scottish slang word Definition
ya bam pot yae Silly
Ya Bas You Bastard.
ya pure mad dafty you really stupid idiot
Yahoorsur A Fife exclamation, usually at the start of any given sentence. A bit like the Weegie 'by the way, but' tagged on to the end of sentences. Doesn't actually mean anything, more like a verbal tic.
Yer Maw a common insult. can turn any question into an insult;

"where wur you las nigh'?"
"yer maw"
"you dae anyhing yesterday?"
"aye, yur maw"

Yer Maw cares. Meaning--Who gives a shit.
Yokit Started work (as in yoked up like an animal)
Yonks Years - ages - an awfy long time
Nah ah huvnae seen Raffy fur yonks he wis last seen round Saughton way no telling ony tales mind.
Yooz Everybody standing in front of you when you are drunk, you feel oppressed ...

What are yooz looking at? Never seen a daft wee keelie in a bunnet buckled before?

Yopper a clype
Yopper (2) A young person employed in the early 80's under Mrs Thatcher's Youth Opportunities Program, taken literally from the YOP acronym.Later replaced by YTSers (Youth Training Scheme, somehow a vast improvement on YOP), who were no smarter, only younger.
A modern equivalent of slave labour.


Scottish slang word Definition
Zarrafakt A term used when someone tells ye somethin. Meaning, Oh is that so.
Zipped baffies Extraordinary baffies - with the added bonus of a zip up the front, to aid in keeping them on. Worn primarily by auld duffers. A pipe is an optional extra.
Ziver Grating or drain cover (Fife).

As in "Kimberley's thrown ma Barbie doon the ziver".

Zoomer A person of an erratic or volatile disposition.