Scottish slang word Definition
Fa or Far Where as in 'Farnhellrwe' Aberdonian
Fag Cigarette (gies a fag)
Fair Affronted Embarrassed
I didn't have a ticket for the alligator when the man came round. I was fair affronted!
Fankle Noun: Any complex tangle in string, or wool or cable.
Example: Ah wis gonny take the wean fishin, but the nylon's in a pure fankle an ah canny be arsed tae take it aw oot.
Fanny The female pudenda. A stupid or clumsy person, EG "Watch wherr yer pointin yer submarine ya fanny, this is Skye"
Fanny batter Excretion from a hot or expectant female. "A had tae wipe ma fanny batter on the curtains afore he'd shag me."
Fannybawz A glasgow male who's demeanor displays an abnormal level of female characteristics
Haw fannybawz, stoap greetin aboot gettin dumped and get yer wine doon ye
Fannyboz A male with testicles also displaying characteristics of having a fanny
fartin aboot Mucking about
Fash VerbUpset, worry"Dinna fash yirsel!"
Feartie-cat NounCoward
fenian A Glasgow Celtic FC Supporter
Ferfochen North East expression - Tired, exhausted. "Ach, av been in the gairden a' day, am fair ferfochen"
Fernent In front of.
  1. Quite or very - "Ah'm ferr puggled efter hoofin' a' the wey hame fae the toon"
  2. Fair - Travelling attaction, with waltzers, chair-o-planes and umbrellas. Usually attended by large gangs of wee neds and sengas. A wonderful place, where after spending vast amounts of money trying to hurl a table-tennis ball into a goldfish bowl, one can "win" a dead goldfish in a plastic bag of blue water.
  3. The traditional start of the summer holidays. Half of Glasgow jets of to the Costa Del Shite, the other half descends on Largs in the pishin' rain.
Ferry-louper NounIncomer to the Scottish islands (Non-PC - a settler)
Fisty Cuffs To start a fight
Fit Fit's he deein-what's he doing. Used a lot in Aberdeen.
Fit Like How are you as in "Fit like" "nae bad yerself"
Flange The female genitalia ie, She had a flange like a bucket of worms !
Fleg A fright, a start. (to get a fleg)
Foonered Full. Stuffed. Can't eat another crumb.
Alternatively, in South Ayrshire, it means cold.
foonert Noticed you had foonered as full up
Foosty Damp, dank
Footer v. meddle, fidget, tinker
Forkytaily Alternative term for an earwig.
Fou Drunk, intoxicated
fuckult to be absolutlely worn out/ or possibly even drunk beyond walking
Fud The female genitalia, herry pie.
Full Bhoona All, as much as possible, maximum effortAh gie'd it the full bhoona, by the way
Furrit Forward
Furry boots Toon The affectionate name by which Aberdeen is known to the rest of Scotland.
From the way that Aberdonians phrase the question to outsider 'where are you from?'... which is in their inimitable accent pronounced something like 'Furryboots ur you fae?'

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