Scottish slang word Definition
eat the breed idiot
Eat-the-Breid noun: Mildly abusive term for one with a healthy appetite; also one who appears unduly enthusiastic

pronounced: Eet the breed

Edgy To keep lookout " Haw! heid-banger, keep edgy fur ma maw"
Eeejit A fool, an idiot
Eh Means yes, used in dundee all the time

Eh i ken = Yes I know

Ell - Oh 2 Look Out.
"You keep the Ell-Oh while ah batter this cunt's melt in an knock his moby"
Ell-Oh noun: Contraction of Leg-Opener
Any brand of very strong lager - But properly applied specifically to Carlsberg Special Brew or Tennent's Super Lager.

Example:Wanst she's goat a few ay they Ell-Ohs in hur, she goes pure aff her heid

Emma Well-spoken (see booley mooth) young lady, as in "Emma Watsonian"
Errapolis The constabulary is approaching.Usually followed by "Ah'm gettin the fuck ootae here"
Erse Arse, bum
Ersed BotheredGonnae get us a beer fae the fridge?" "Naw.. Ah cannae be ersed"

Letter E

On the letter E, you have put 'eh' as meaning 'yes'. I am from scotland, and 'eh' means 'what'. AYE means yes, thank you very much.

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