Scottish slang word Definition
Dae Day Do Dae ah huvv tae lamp yer coupon?"
Daftie A harmless idiot Dinnae bother aboot him, he's jist a daftie
Dale 'Diving dale' = diving board at a swimming pool. Possibly from an old word for plank (of wood)
dancer used in different ways...Ya dancer-term of glee or exultation..... Tap dancer- three stairs up in a tenement or top floor in a prison..(also called Fredastair or Freda
De'il Satan The dei'l will get ye if ye tell lies!
Dead (2) Adjective or Adverb: Very, extremely, superlatively.

For some reason always prounced Ded, never Deed.

Example:Oor Sadie hus went tae the Uni -she's dead clever so she is...

Deid Deed. DeadSee you pal, yerr deid
derry to blame another
Dicht Wipe."Awa' an' dicht yer neb ye snottery bastard ye"
Diddie (also Diddy) Twit, confused person, bit of a (see Bampot)
Also a breast.
ExampleSee thon: he's a right diddie so he is.
Didgie Glasgow variant of 'midgie' (midden)
Didnae Did not."It wisnae me miss, ah didnae stick his heid doon the cludge, honest."
Dighted ADJ. Not having all the lights on, being eleven pence three farthings short of a shilling. A daftie. As in "Yon cunt's dighted".
Dinger, Go one's...... Verb: To Go yer dinger means to become extremely excited or angry about something, usually involving raised voices, possibly the throwing of everyday household objects, slammed doors and the like..

Example: When mah maw got hame an fun me in hur bed wi the postie an the lassie fae Gregg's the Bakers - she went her dinger

Pronunciation: Ding(like a bell).... er - never dinjer

NOTE: to the best knowledge of the writer, "Dinger" is never used in any other context, but always in conjunction with "To go"

Dingy to ignore.

"dinnae dingy me ya wee boot"
"ah texted him but he just dingyed me"

Dingy to ignore as in "dinnae dingy me ya wee boot"or "ah texted him but he just dingyed me"
Dinnae Don't."Dinnae gie me a gammy then, ah didnae want wan anyhow"
Dischuffed Not pleased. Usually about someone or something else.See Chuffed
Dobber A tube, a bampot, a half-erect penis
dobber Idiot
Dog To have unauthorised absence from schoolAs in " You wuz doggin today"
Dogs Baws Excellent, top quality
Dokey A penis as in "Sook mah dokey"
Dook Meaning- to dip into as in Dookin a bit of rhubarb into a poke of sugar (see poke.)
Dookin fur chips Similar to well skelped erse but usually related to men who drink loads and have red noses "he's been dooking fur chips"
Doolally To appear visibly upset or mentally unhinged:Ah jist saw yir maw an she's goin' doolally!
Doon-the-Watter Sentimental term to describe the phenomenon of tens of thousands of Glaswegians packing an armada of Caledonian Steam Packet Company pleasure boats, gettin totally shitfaced on the voyage (hence the expressions "Steamboats" and "Steamin" drunk), and wrecking Millport, Rothesay, and Dunoon.
Doss In edinburgh this means rubbish, however in perth it means brilliant
double nugget Two pound coin
Drap Drop
A wee drap o' the cratur.
Dreel NounDrill, row, or furrow. Used a lot at the Berries (see entry) as in:"Haw, Jimmy, yir awa' thi wrang dreel!"
Dreep v.To disembark oneself from a high place (wall, roof etc.), holding on, hands on edge, then letting go and landing feet first(hopefully) on ground.

n.A rather tall gangly miserable chap

Dreich ADJ.Description of the usual Scottish weather viz:Damp, dreary, overcast, drizzling, threatening to pish doon, looks like it will stay like this for weeks.......
Droofin Needing a alcoholic beverage?
Usually said by neds on a friday night

"awwh am droofin mahn"

Drookit Soaked to the skin.
Ah'll need tae get hame an dry aff,that rains got me drookit.
Druthy Thirsty
Dry boak Intense form of scunner
Dry Yer Eyes Instruction to another to cease and desist from whining and complaining. Often unrelated to any real tears.. This is really a feckin cheeky thing to say, so make sure you are standing well away of the person to whom you say it...

Example: Aw did wee diddums turn oot tae be HIV-positive? Ach, dry yer eyes!

Dub Puddle
Dubble Nuggit An affluent gadgies slider (see slider). Ice cream between two thick wafers containing chocolate and rich fondant (not unlike that which is to be found in a Tunnocks Teacake). Similar to an Oyster.
Dubble Nuggit An affluent gadgies slider (see slider). Ice cream between two thick wafers containing chocolate and rich fondant (not unlike that which is to be found in a Tunnocks Teacake). Similar to an Oyster.
Dubs Dubs (in Aberdeen
Dug Hammer Instrument fur killin dugs, sizes vary according to breed. Ah prefer a Stanley Claw Hammer masel. Wan size fits aw!
dump a small bottle of beer
Dunderheid Person of unsound mind.
Dunt A thump, blow.

At wis a helluva dunt ah goat when ah walked intae thon door.

Dunt, double Noun: when weekly-paid employees receive 2 weeks' pay at once - for example at holiday time.

Example: She'll murder me.. that wis me wi a double dunt. An ah went tae the Boundary Bar an tanned it............. Ach well is that mah round again? Spud ! Can ah tap a ten-spot aff ye tae pay-day?

Dwam DaydreamWizz ah in a wee dwam, or urr English goalies really shite?


Dinna-do not know.

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