Scottish slang word Definition
Cannae Can not, can't.

Ah cannae git the matches tae light!
Ye cannae come in here wi'oot a tie, pal

Canny Shrewd cautious or crafty
Capercaillie A game bird, looks kinna like a humungous grouse ur partridge!

Also the name o a Scottish band....

caramel toilet (rhyming slang "caramel log")

"Ah'm away tae the caramel fur a Gladys"

Cargo Carry out of alcoholic drinks Get me a cargo furr a swally the night</>
Catch a canter Hanging onto the back of a horse drawn waggon or dray without the drayman seeing you.
Cauld ColdIt wiz caulder than a witches tit
chanty wrassler a useless dishonest person
Chap or Chappit To mash as in 'chappit tatties n neeps ur traditionally served wi haggis'


Chap - to knock as in 'someone is chappin at the door'

Chav Edinburgh variant of Ned.
chaynge no idea
Cheb Breast

"awe aye that lassies got bloody huge chebs"

Chib Noun: A non-projectile weapon. May be blunt or sharp, can include razors, lead pipes, bits of wood with nails hammered in, Stanley knives, etc... . Possibly the main feature that these will have in common is that a chib is something which has been adopted for use as a weapon, possibly with ingenious modifications, rather than something originally designed for that purpose. So a survivalist knife with a 10-inch blade wi the wee jaggy bits (What ur they fur anyway?) is probably not a chib.

A crossbow or catapult is similarly not a chib. A Star Trek phaser is not a chib.

Probably connected to the word shiv.
Prounced Tchib

A chibbing is an attack from such an implement.

Verb: To employ a chib - usually against another human being, but often against a ned. One who has been subjected to attack with a chib is said to have been chibbed.

Examples: Hey, did ye see that pigeon chibbin that seagull wi the Irn Bru boattle?
Ah'm no sayin it's a rough pub, but if the chucker-oot frisks ye an disnae fun a chib, he gies ye wan!

chillax a combonation between chill and relax
china pal...close friend. I come from Glasgow and know this word well but have never seen it in any dictionary.
Choob Tube. Stupid Person. Idiot.

"Yer such a choob, of course yer tadger wid get inflamed is ye rubbed it hard wi nettles"

Chookter Country bumpkin
Chore to steal. "It wis choried", "gaun oot on the chore"
chuckter pronounced: chookter (or there abouts)means a yokel or non-townser
Chuffed Pleased (usually with oneself)See Dischuffed
Chunty The toilet or a potty
Chuter Country local, farm person similar to N.Irish Cultchy
civer/siver A drain in the road into which chukie stanes, wee lone star models and other objects go, never to be seen again.
Clabbydoo Rarely come by seafood delicacy, apparently you can still buy them at the Barras, a large horse mussel.
Clam up Shut yer trap / be quiet / shut yer puss
"Aw gonnae clam up, Jimmy, yer gien' us a sore heid."
clap mister can i clap yer dog? (as you know pat yer dog) but in england they think you are crazy!
Clatty Adj-- meaning dirty,unkempt as in-- He could dae wae a guid wash, that clatty auld bastart.
Claw baw An insult..meaning somebody spends most of their time with their hands down their pants.
clipe to tell or snitch on someone
Clishmaclaiver Chatter, idle talk
Clock VerbTo notice, or observe, as in:Eh clocked whit yir daein, yi bastirt
Clootie dumplin A boiled pudding rich with dried fruits.
Close Noun An alleyway, a passage at the rear of houses.

The passageway leading into a tenement building. May also be referred to on the east coast as a 'closie'.

Clout To slap or hit.

Eh'll gie u a right clout, pal.

Cludgie Toilet
Clype To inform on. A person who informs on others. A grass. A yopper
Coagie A working-class resident of Dundee.

A supporter of Dundee F.C.

Coarn Doag The ubiquitous Dundee steak - corned beef!
Coaxy A piggy back carry.
Collie-buckie A piggy back"C'moan, Hen, I'll gie ye a wee collie-buckie."
Contermashious Contrary
Coo Cow, but not as an insult.
coo prenounceation of Cow in scotland.
Corbie A crow
Corriejukit Left or wrong handed
coup Rubbish dump"This bedrooms like a coup"
Coupin' Hurting like hell.See efter Senga larrup'd ma tadger, it wisnae hauf coupin
Coupon Face
Cow The worst, the VERY WORST insult you can give a Scots woman is to call her a cow. All other sweary words pale into insignificance beside this most-powerful of derogatory terms.

"Please Miss Magrit-Anne said a bad word"
"What did she say Condoleeza?, you can spell it out if you don't want to swear."
"She said ah wis a fuckin C.O.W. Miss."

True story as telt tae CJ by his maw, only the names huv been chinged fur comedy purposes.

Cowp Noun - rubbish dump."Clean your room up, it looks like a bloody cowp in here"Verb - spill, fall over, tip. "Did you cowp mah pint, ya bastard?"
Crabbit Adj- meaning grumpy. As in--- 'See yon Fitty,she kin be a crabbit auld bitch at times."
Crabbit cross or angry

'See her, she's a crabbit owd beezum'

Crakin nice
Cratur Whisky, scotch.
Creeping Jesus The sage of Govan
Crivens Goodness me! (much loved by the Broons)
Cromulent Adjective: Sensible, well-known, respectable; appropriate.

Example: D'ye hink ye should huv went doon yersel tae cash in yer Lottery Ticket?
Naw, naw, Wee Fly Man McCreadie's a perfectly cromulent fella

We are indebted to Mr Og, a citizen of the Unites States of Apple-pie for this contribution

Cry Called or named.

'They cry him "wee greetin bugger" when he disnae get 'is ain way.'

Cuddy Noun: a horse; maybe also a donkey; probably even wee ponies.
Wean:Maw, Maw! Ah want a shot oan wan a they cuddies!
Maw:Them's no cuddies, son. Thon's a herd ah sheep. They can brek yer airm wi a single flap ah thur wings...
Cuddy lug A smart clout around the ear."Any mair ay yer cheek an' ye'll get a cuddy lug, ye wee bugger!"
Cundy Noun A drain or gutter. From the French 'conduit'.
Cunty Baws Affectionate term often used when greeting ones friends.
'Awrite c*nty baws'
cuntybuggeryfucktoleybumshite the ultimate scottish swear word.....


a bed pan. Guid line in the film RESTLESS NATIVES "go stick yer head in a chanti"


Ye say that yiv nae idea whit this means. Ah hink it's slang for loose coins/change. Some folk ca' it 'dross'

"Go tae the sweety van and get me a mixture, keep the chaynge"
or when the Sally Army comes intae the boozer oan a Friday night, ye say "Sorry, av nae chaynge" even though yir breeks are fawin doon wi the weight o dross in yir pokits.

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