Scottish slang Word Definition
Ba'-heid noun: similar in meaning to Heid-the ba'. One with an over-inflated opinion of their own importance.
pronounced Baw Heed
may also be used adjectivally: Ba'heidit
Example: Heh! You! Ba'-heid! Yer mate's near as ba'-heidit as you r!
Back a (ten) Phrase meaning meeting time (I'll meetcha the back a' ten) I will meet you at either 5 mins to 10, 10 o'clock or 5 mins after.
Back green The common drying area (whether grassed or not) behind a tenement
Baffies Slippers, house shoes
Bahookie freezer A bum freezer. A jacket or jersey that's too short
bairn child
Bajin A bad one.'See that Sean, thas a bajin, he's oanly chibbed tha' puur Mrs Wummin ferrer pension'Badness personified, as in Rank Bajin, the dastardly criminal genius against whom Lobey Dosser is pitted in the comic strips.
balloon Noun: One with an exaggerated opinion of their own importance. Similar to heid-the-ba' and ba'-heid. Sometimes used more generally for a fool, but especially one who is an extremely confident fool.

Example: Ignore him, wi his big BMW an his swimmin pool. He's a big balloon.

Baltic Freezing. Really, very bloody cold.
Bam Aberdonian abusive term for non-educated delinquent.
Bampot A mildly unhinged person.
Banger To describe someone that's mentally challenged
"check the nick a that banger over there"
can also be used when enquiring on how your pal got on with his new girlfriend.
"Did ye banger?"
Bar-L A term for Glasgow's Barlinnie Prison otherwise known as the big hoose or the Riddrie Hilton.
Barkit ADJ. Popular term in Dundee, indicating the general 'unwashedness' of a person viz; "Awa an hae a wash, yi barkit wee minker".
Barnie A bit of bother, a scuffle.
Barras, the Glasgow street market. From 'Barrows'
Barry Splendid, good, wonderful
Bauchle A wee fat wifie.
baw bag scrotum
baw hair a hairsbreadth. He missed me by a baw hair
Baw juggler Someone who is a total tit and goes out of their way to piss everyone off with dumb ass remarks; their friends don't even like them.
Bawbag A useless personHaw, see you Vogts, yerr a bawbag ya choob
Bawherr A tiny amount (literally a scrotal hair)

"Ah'm only a bawherr away fae pannin your stupit melt in ya gomeril"

Bawjaws One who jaws baws.
Baws TesticlesPronunciationBozz
Beedy Sharp or citrus like taste
Beelin A boil or very angry plook!
Beelin (2) Boiling, angry."Ah never goat ma check fae the broo, ah'm fuckin beelin, so ah um"
Beezer Cracker, excellent!
Beid To Stay with"I beidit wit ma pal maw" "I stayed with my friend mother"
bellywasher Pint of beer.

"it was decided to abandon the meeting of the education committee and adjourn to the Rubbadub for a few bellywashers"

belter Something that is very good.....or someone who is not all there..

eg her tits are belters

or look of the state of that belter hes pished himself.

Belter, Belters Something that is very good \"that\'s a pure fuckin belter by the way\"

can be used as a plural as well \"her tits are belters\"

ben in or through as in:"huv ye seen ma glessies?!"aye thir ben the kitchen"
Berries 1) Great, brilliant - as in : "Thon wis the berries!"
2) Annual holiday in Blairgowrie - the berry picking season. Minkers from all over Scotland gather together to pick the berries and get pished a lot.
Berryhuckle a round (of drinks)

From Spoonerised rhyming slang..... Huckleberry (hound) = round

bertie-auld rhyming slang for cold/cauld
Besom Originally a broomstick, now means a cheeky hussy, loose woman, or hing oot. As in "Yi gallus wee besom, eh'll skelp yir erse!"
Bidie in Partner in co-habiting unmarried relationship.
Bile Boil

as in "awa an bile yer heid"

Bin howker A person who 'howks' (takes) rubbish out of bins for further personal use. A term of abuse.
Bing Heap of shale and other mining detritus, common feature at one time of the landscapes of West Fife, West Lothian and Lanarkshire. Who can say in their heart of hearts that they have not gasped at the magnificence of one of these industrial mountains, steaming slightly even in the pouring rain? Now sadly being landscaped, used as road-fill, turned into golf courses and otherwise diminished. A sad loss to Scotland's industrial landscape...... not.
Hollywood crooner who hung about with Bob Hope (see separate entry) and slid down golf clubs.
bint A fanciable women
Birl Verb: to twirl or spin, particularly to the point of dizziness
Example: The wean wis birlin roon an roon oan the swivel chair, but she startit tae boak.

Ma heid's birlin wi aw this information fae this new Glossary

bits boots or smart shoeseg. "a goat these bits af the back o a lorry"
Blether Gossip, chat extensively
Bletherer Chatterbox, talkative person
Bletherskite Someone talking rubbish, in the listener's opinion.
Blootered DrunkPronunciationBlue Turd
blootert drunk, pished, steamin
Bluenose Noun1) On the West Coast - a Hun2)On the East Coast - A Dundee FC Supporter
Boaby Penis... As in
Boak To throw up, be sickSee Tony Blair, every time I see his coupon, ah wantae boak
Bob Hope Marijuana (Rhyming Slang)
Bog Toilet, bathroom.
Boggin Useless, no good, smelly

A never seen entity always hiding in dark places. Used to scare children.A type of scooter/cart made with a roller skate a plank of wood and an orange box mounted vertically at the front. It had a strap across the top for a handlebar.,

Bogie Snot in yer nose,usually runny an nae very nice.
Bolt Run away...

"As in "Theres the pigs man Bolt"

boo tae a goose describtion of a mild mannered person. ie:"aw him? naw
Bool marbles
Example 'She talks wi a bool in her mooth' ie posh!

Or the game of grass bowls

Bothy A wee shepherds hut or roughly built holiday cottage.
Bowfin Adjective: Smelly, dirty like mingin with the emphasis on the smelly.

Ah wisht ah'd washed ma jumper efter ah wis sick oan it last week. It's pure bowfin noo, so it is..

Brammer Excellence, usually associated with an individual.Haw, yerr takin me oot for a bevvy are ye. See you, yerr a brammer, by the way
brassic to be without money...
Braw Good
Breeks Pants, under or otherwise.

I was caught with my breeks doon, I was fair affronted!

Breenge To go, to sojourn. "Ah'm gonny breenge up the barras the morra, so am ur, tae get some new white sports soacks."
Brian Donlevy (pint of) heavy (rhyming slang)
Broo Unemployment Exchange
Bubbly-jock NounTurkey
buckie buckshee
Buckie Buckfast - tonic wine drunk by neds
Buckled Adj meaning drunk to the extent that one's legs don't function as they should.
Bufty Derogatory name for a gay person (male only)
bufty derotatory name for a gay person (male only)
bum, bum yer chat
  1. to boast, brag
  2. person who does so
Bumfel Hummock or ruck in cloth or other soft material. "Oh look ma carpets aw bumfeled"
Bumpin yer gums Talking too much Away an stoap bumpin yer gums ya bletherin auld skite.
Bunker The work top in the kitchen usually next to the sink.
bunker The work top in the kitchen usually next to the sink.
Bunnet (1) A hat, particularly a flat cap as worn by industrial workers in grainy films aboot when Scotland hud industries that made stuff an' didny jist assemble things.
Bunnet (2) The Glans, or head of the penis.

"Aw doactur, Ah've rubbed oven cleaner oan mah tadger instead o' KY jeely, an noo mah bunnet's giein' me pure Gyp. It's loupin', so it is!"

Burglar's dug Dug usually seen in company of Neds. Choose from a variety of wean eatin monsters and nippy wee bastarts:


broon an black Bull Terriers (pick a breed, thir aw the same)
Thae hideously ugly white an pink wans wi the pointy noses
Jack Russels (sorry tae youse wans thit huv thum but here thir Ned's dugs)
Big Doberman lookin things wi broon herr that look like some specialist breed an OBVIOUSLY came fae stolen puppies.

Burroo Unemployment Exchange
Buster Mibee this wis jist local tae Perth. In the middle forties, Watson's Fish & Chips sold a buster. It wis a wee poke ow chips we peas ahnd cost a thripny bit. Gie's a buster afore ah bust yerr
Bytheway The sole surname in use in Glesga."Ma name's Jimmy Bytheway."


In Fife I've only ever heard 'breenge' used to mean lunge ie "He cawed me a wee fanny so ah made a breenge fur him". Almost always used with "make a", or "made a" as past tense. Never "breenged".

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