Scottish Slang Word Definition
a dinnieken I dont know
ABC Minors Saturday mornin' movies for weans at ABC cinemas. Show consisted of a shite children's film, usually wi Hayley Mills in it, some cartoons, an a crap serial like "Attack o' the unconvincing robots".
Ye went tae fling sooked jooblies at the screen an generally run aboot tae see if the man wid pit ye oot.
If ye goat pit oot yer pals wid let ye back in through the fire exit.
Act it Deliberately behaving in an obtuse manner. Trying it on.
'Twelve pints isnae enuff tae get ye pished so dinnae act it.'
Aff Off
Come oan, get aff! Ye aff yer heid?
Aff Off or from, depending on usage.
ExamplesYer aff yer heid - You're madAh goat it aff the broo - I got it from those nice people at the Employment Exchange
ah'ament I'm not
ah'mno I am not
ah'murnie I am not
Alba The Gaelic name for Scotland
Alba Gu Brath Scotland Forever
am'fair peched to pech i.e. breathe noisily
Amur I am.
"Am gaun to ra shoaps" (I'm going to the shops)
"No yur no" (No you're not)
"Amur so" (I am too)
Amurny "I am not". Used for denial of any allegation directed at oneself.
e.g. "You're pished!" would provoke the response "naw amurny!"
Used commonly in the Lower Reaches of the Clyde, possibly other areas
An then yer arse fell aff. A term used when someone is bullshitting.
ane As in "I Lo'e Na A Laddie But Ane
Arab Mild nuisance, troublemaker
ExampleYer an arab. Bugger aff.
Supporter of Dundee United
Arse bandit Pejorative term for a homosexual
Atspish That is not so good. Quite frankly, I'm dissappointed.
Auld Old - Get aff yer erse ya auld weegie bampot
Auldjin Anybody older than 40.
Away an bile yer heid Get lost, shut up. Away an bile yer heid ya numpty,ye dinnae ken whit yer talkin aboot.
Awfy Peely-Wally Sick, ill - "Ye're lookin' awfy peely-wally, son".
awroonrihooses To go up and down to every house in the district....usually used when one is seeking another....ie. Wheryubeen?-Where have you been? Ah'vbeen- I have been awrronrihooseslookingfur ye - I looling every where for you....
Aye Yes or always, depending on usageExamplesAye, ah'm coming oot - Yes, I'm coming outHe's aye gaun oot - He's always going out
Aye ma Auntie Shortening of Aye Ma Aunt Fannie.
A refined version of awa tae fuck yer talkin pish.
Aye right No, not likely (I don't believe it, or I won't actually do it)

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