David Jenkins

David Jenkins

David Jenkins - 1949 - ?

Olympic medal winner, convict & enrepreneur

David Jenkins had it all. He attended the prestigious Edinburgh Academy private school and went on to enjoy a hugely successful athletics career.

Christ, he stills holds the Scottish 400 metres record, set in 1975. A triple Olympian, he was European 400 metres Champion in 1971 at the age of nineteen, and won a silver medal at the 1972 Olympic games in the 4 x 400m relay.

Good looking, well spoken, articulate, intelligent, world-class fast, educated; truly a star.

And so it seemed until 1988, some 10 years after his athletics career had finished. Then the sheen truly dropped off the golden wonder. In December 1988, an American court found him guilty of smuggling more than $70m worth of steroids across the border from Mexico into the United States and sentenced him to a seven-year stretch at the Mojave Desert prison.

The steroids were for sale to American athletes to illegally enhance their performance. For a while it was a lucrative career for Jenkins who enjoyed an expensive lifestyle. But when the shit hit the fan, the gloss also came off Jenkins' athletics career. In court he admitted to using steroids to boost his performance while he was an athlete. Because he was never caught, he hangs on to his medals.

So, justice was done. Jenkins, as an ex-public schoolboy, probably knew how to serve time in an institution. Keep your nose clean and do what's necessary to survive. Whatever he did while inside, it was effective. He was released after serving nine months.

And you can't keep a good boy down. Jenkins bounced back quickly. In 1993, he formulated and marketed a pure whey protein supplement - Designer Protein. It was an enormous success and now Jenkins heads a company, Next Nutrition, which is one of the largest manufacturers of supplements for athletes and body builders in North America. He is a multi-millionaire and lives in the most exclusive suburb of San Diego.

All's well that ends well?………….not quite.

"It makes sense that so many drug dealers would make good supplement manufacturers. Running steroids was a business, and it required great business skills. They also knew their market. We never thought we'd make even more money selling legal supplements than we did selling black market drugs!"

So said Dan Duchaine, Jenkins' right-hand man at Next Nutrition. And Dan knew. Dan was an interesting character. Like Jenkins he had served time. He had coached major Olympic athletes in passing drug testing and assisted top Mr. Olympia competitors to pass steroid testing with blocking agents. As late as 1997 he was on probation for steroid related offences. He's dead now, at the young age of 48. Kidney failure.

Dan was the guy who formulated Ultimate Orange for Next Nutrition.

"Ultimate Orange is a special blend of five herbs that will give you a workout intensity like never before. It has a 4-stage release carbohydrate complex that enters the bloodstream over 7 times faster than regular carbs and helps you sustain higher energy levels for longer"

Ultimate Orange also contains Ephedrine. Ephedrine is a banned performance enhancing substance. Ephedrine has been linked with deaths and serious illness in athletes. Ultimate Orange was linked in the press to the death of American footballer Rashidi Wheeler.

There is no law suit against Mr. Jenkins or his company but the legal vultures are hovering and in the US, that usually spells trouble.

With thanks to Kelly Young, our Murcan friend from Washington, for his assistance in preparing this article.

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