The Singing Kettle

The Singing Kettle

Not strictly "Bad Pop", unless the pre-school marketplace counts. But the pish that these guys turn out is embarrassing.

It is sub-Krankies "Scottishness" delivering anthemic songs like "A Sailor Went to Sea, to see what he could see, see, see", churned out with all the panache of primary seven nativity plays.

Why and how they ever became as "popular" as they have is completely beyond FirstFoot.

The cultural equivalent of McGonagall for the under fives.

Ugh, FirstFoot is having problems maintaining a sense of balance as the waves of nausea sweep over.

There is no way we are going to write about the history, background, successes and the like of The Singing Kettle. It's just too painful.

FirstFoot urges all Scottish parents to avoid them. Don't take your children to see them. If we all ignore them for long enough, they'll go away.


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